5 Best Leather For Baseball Gloves
5 Best Leather For Baseball Gloves
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REED Leather HIDES - Cow Skins Various Colors & Sizes
Cow Leather
Approximately 0.8-1 mm
REED Leather HIDES - Whole Sheep Skin 7 to 10 SF
Whole Sheep Leather Skin
Antique Finish
7 to 10 SF Leather Hides
Memory Cross
Leather Scraps
2 inches to 24 inches
1/16" in thickness
Tandy Leather Factory
Tandy Leather
Cow Leather
4-6 Square Feet
2 to 2.8mm
Black Leather Hide
Black Leather Hide - Spanish Full Skin
Thickness: 0.6-0.8 mm
AVG 26¨x 24¨

Interesting Video: How Its Made – Leather Baseball Gloves

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  1. I saw that “How Its Made” episode on TV a few years ago I believe. Making a baseball glove is certainly not something I would ever try myself, but I appreciate all the effort that goes into them. I only buy mass produced ones and have no idea what leather components go into them.

  2. How hard would it be to make a custom baseball glove? I know they do so for professional players, but could an amateur make one for themselves? I would love to learn about that process and source my own leather for a baseball glove of my own. It’d be quite the project!

    1. Hello, It isn’t too hard. Just check the video “How Its Made – Leather Baseball Gloves”.

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