5 Best Leather Dog Harnesses
5 Best Leather Dog Harnesses
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Berry Pet
Beirui Leather Dog Harness Small Medium Large Dogs
Soft Genuine Leather
3 Adjustable Straps
Easy on and off
Dogs My Love
Brown Genuine Leather Dog Harness, Medium
Made of genuine leather
Strong and durable
4 straps are adjustable
Bestia EROS Black Big Dog Chest Plate Leather Harness. Padded
100 % genuine leather
Sturdy and durable
Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Harness
100 % genuine leather
Sturdy and durable
Bestia Bijou Genuine Leather Studded Dog Harness for Small to Medium Breeds
100% genuine leather
M size - 19.7 inch to 29.5 inch

How to choose a leather dog harness

A great dog harness will give you full control over your pet while you’re out on a walk and it will be comfortable for your four-legged friend, too. Today we’re running through some top tips on how to choose the perfect harness for you and your dog.

A harness wraps around your dog’s torso. That means it doesn’t place any pressure on the animal’s neck as a traditional collar does. There are plenty of reasons to try out a harness, but the most obvious one is security. A dog may wiggle out of a traditional collar, but it’s much harder to escape a fully adjustable harness.

There are two main types of dog harness. The first is known as a back clip harness. As the name suggests, you attach your lead to a clip on the top of the dog’s back. This is an excellent option if you have a dog with a sensitive throat. It’s also well suited to dogs that have already been taught not to pull. As there are no straps fastened around the dog’s neck, you can pull back on the lead in an emergency without harming your dog.

Next up is the front clip harness. Here, the clip for your lead is found at the center of your dog’s chest, so you’ll get more control over the direction your dog is walking in. That makes this style of harness a popular choice for dog trainers. If your dog does end up pulling, it will turn towards you. That’s good news if you’re out on a walk and you want to distract your pet from something that might spook it. But remember, a front clip harness can only do so much. If you want walkies to be hassle-free, you’ll need to train your dog to walk calmly at your side. You don’t want to weight a small dog down with a harness designed for big dogs, but equally, you don’t want a big dog breaking out of a harness that’s designed for smaller breeds.

Some harnesses arrived with a back clip and a front clip. Other alternatives such as The Perfect Fit have a modular design. We’ve had our hands on a range of popular dog harnesses for buyers on every budget. Take a look at our first look reviews to see which ones we recommend.

Video Tutorial: How to make a leather chest harness

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