5 Best Leather Dining Room Chairs
5 Best Leather Dining Room Chairs
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Walker Edison
Walker Edison Furniture Company
Faux Leather
Set of 2
Roundhill Furniture
Roundhill Furniture Lotusville Vintage PU Leather Dining Chairs
PU Leather
Set of 2
Antique Brown
Dining Chairs Dining Room Chairs Parsons Chair Kitchen Chairs Set of 4
PU Leather
Set of 4
Leather Brown
Christopher Knight
Christopher Knight Home Taylor Bonded Leather Dining Chairs
Bonded Leather
Set of 2
Dark Grey
Armen Living
Armen Living Monte Dining Chair
Faux Leather
1 chair

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Modern trends are returning cozy and respectable furniture to the interior. Leather dining room chairs are not affordable for everyone, but they are durable, reliable, and easy to care for. Outwardly, they look solemn and elegant, stand out from other analogs. They have advantages and disadvantages.

Modern methods of manufacturing leather chairs allow products to acquire a creative look, not forgetting about original shapes and different colors. Due to a wide selection of models, they fit into any interior: classic, art, hi-tech, retro, and other stylistic trends. The high quality and practicality of this material allow the use of leather furniture in any room.

Leather dining room chairs are not afraid of temperature extremes, moisture, which is especially important if the chair is in the kitchen. Chairs with leatherette or eco-leather upholstery look no less impressive. They cost much less, but outwardly it is difficult to distinguish them from natural upholstery.
Depending on which room or office the chair will be located in, the design solution of the room, you can choose one or another model.

Each person has his own needs and preferences, from which he starts when choosing furniture. With this in mind, manufacturers produce two types of leather chairs:

  • hard, which has a long service life (planes are less prone to serious damage);
  • soft, the most comfortable, the durability of which depends on the material of the upholstery and filler (some fillers tend to lose elasticity).

If you still have doubts, you cannot choose favor of one or another manufacturer, we advise you to check out our top 5 best leather chairs for the dining room.

Walker Edison Furniture 18″ Industrial Faux Leather Kitchen Dining Chair– the best for 3 chair legs` sizes

Walker Edison Furniture CompanyA distinctive feature of these chairs is their size. The chairs are available in three colors and three sizes. You can find three different kitchen chairs: dining chair (18 inches), counter stool (26 inches), and barstool (30 inches).

A high-quality leather chair for the kitchen can serve the owners for decades without losing shape, flowers, or relevance. And even acquiring charm over time from light wear.


  • Set includes two dining room chairs;
  • Leather is easy to clean;
  • Supports up to 250 lbs;
  • Three sizes;
  • Minimalistic design;
  • Steel metal chair legs.


  • High price;
  • Synthetic leather upholstery.

A leather kitchen chair with synthetic leather and powder-coated steel metal legs looks nice and expensive. It speaks of the status and prestige of its owner and looks amazing in any interior.

Furniture Maxx Lotusville Vintage PU Leather Dining Chairs, Antique Brown, Set of 2– the best for handcrafted metal

Roundhill Furniture Lotusville Vintage PU Leather Dining ChairsYou will appreciate the dining room chairs with handcrafted metal, Vintage PU Leather in Antique brown color. The set includes two chairs at a nice price.

The leather from which the chairs are made does not absorb fluids so quickly. It is possible to remove traces of spilled wine or food without consequences if you do it quickly. Leather chairs are great if you have small children in the house – it is easier to remove stains from the skin than from fabric.


  • The Leather is upholstered over plastic molded seats;
  • An iron frame on chair`s legs;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Easy to remove stains;
  • Ease of cleaning.


  • Chairs are made in only one color;
  • High price compared to previous items.

The leather chairs are sleek and simple in design. This product is made in leather, has metal chair legs. The chairs are exclusive items in a beautiful antique brown color. Chairs have a pleasant smell, do not electrify, so your clothes will not stick to the seat of the chairs.

Parsons Chair Kitchen Chairs Set of 4 Dining Chairs – the best for 4 Dining Chairs in one set

Dining Chairs Dining Room Chairs Parsons Chair Kitchen Chairs Set of 4The chairs have a padded back, dirt-resistant, and wear-resistant thick seat upholstery. The set includes 4 chairs. The chair`s legs are made of rubber wood.

They have a regulator, which allows you to set the length of the legs regardless of the floor relief in the kitchen o dining room. The legs have special plastic nozzles to protect the floor from scratches. Even if you often move chairs from place to place, your floor will remain intact.


  • Padded back;
  • The material is resistant to the dirt;
  • Plastic caps on the legs of the chairs;
  • 4 chairs included.


  • Only 4 colors are available.

It takes about 20 minutes to assemble each dining chair. The kit includes all the necessary tools for assembly without special help. These chairs do not collect dust and pet hair. Cleaning consists of weekly wiping with a damp cloth, except in those rare cases when the furniture needs to be treated with special air conditioners.

Christopher Knight Home Taylor Bonded Leather Dining Chairs – the best for Smooth teal bonded leather

Christopher Knight Home Taylor Bonded Leather Dining ChairsLeather kitchen chairs look more respectable. They are easier to fit into a strict interior, and at the same time, modern technologies for dressing and dyeing leather allow you to choose from a large number of different colors and textures.

We can easily remove most of the dirt from the leather chair without leaving a trace, it does not take much time to clean it. And it is comfortable to sit on such a dining room leather chair.


  • Fire resistance: genuine leather does not catch fire when a spark hits it or near an open flame;
  • Smooth teal bonded leather;
  • The set includes two dining chairs;
  • Button tufted back;
  • Ease of care in case of accidental spilling of drinks, food on the surface of the upholstery;
  • Tensile strength (elastic).


  • It is difficult to dust off on button tufted back;
  • Not every type of felt-tip pen, pen, or marker can be removed from the surface: sometimes a trace remains, because far from everything can be washed, especially if the color of the upholstery is light.

Another advantage of leather upholstery is that it does not allow dust to pass through, while fabric chairs need to be periodically cleaned of it with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Armen Living Monte Dining Chair in Black Faux Leather and Black Powder Coat Finish– the best for sturdy wood construction

Armen Living Monte Dining ChairThis metal dining chair has a sturdy wooden structure that is upholstered in faux leather. The chair has an interesting design, a straight sports back.

So that the back of the seated person does not get tired, the height of the back of the chair is medium. The chair will be a good addition to the interior of a salt room, kitchen, or any other room.


  • Resistance to moisture, abrasion, and the formation of puffs on the surface of the material;
  • The density of the material (does not allow animal hair, dust, pollution);
  • No static electricity.


  • Tear resistance does not save the material from accidental scissor cuts, the systematic point of pets’ claws;
  • High price.

Moderately austere, but elegant and versatile leather dining room chair has a versatile design. They pack the chair in one box, it will take you only 10-15 minutes to assemble the structure.

Buyer’s guide

Material. The material in which the kitchen chairs will be made determines their durability and the style of your kitchen as a whole. The most durable are wood and metal. Less quality, but more affordable chairs are made of MDF, chipboard, and plastic.

When choosing a material, consider the overall design. After all, metallic chairs will not very well fit into an elegant classic dining area, just as massive wooden chairs will be superfluous in a minimalist modern kitchen.

Design and size. Having decided on the material, you need to think about the design. The size depends on the area of the room and the dimensions of the dining table. We advise you to choose chairs that will slide easily under it.

As for the shape, they can be with or without a back, with or without armrests, with a soft or hard seat. If you have small children, you can buy kitchen chairs made of wood with rounded corners for their safety. In any case, order those on which you feel comfortable sitting.

Comfort. Purchasing the dining room leather chairs pay attention to the model. It should harmoniously fit into the existing interior. It is important to take into account some nuances: you should carefully look at all the details in the room where the leather chairs will be located. The solid design of products plays an important role in the selection, but comfort should come first:

  • the back should rest, not feel the pressure of individual parts (it is preferable to choose models with back support);
  • the feeling of squeezing on the sides should not be a priori;
  • the seat should not be tight for crossing the legs;
  • the height of the back, the depth, width of the seat, and the degree of softness of the accessory play an important role in determining the convenience of a person’s position;

Quality. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material, the connecting seams, and the elasticity of the packing (it must be dense, withstanding a large weight).

Final words

We can call hairs one of the most versatile items of any interior because it is impossible to do without them, and not practical at all. Modifying their design over time, they allow you to feel the comfort both at home and at work. The rapid development of furniture production technologies has made it possible to translate into reality the most unusual models of chairs, which are already becoming an important design element of any space, ceasing to be just a necessity.

Today on the market there is a huge number of dining room chairs of various shapes, colors, and purposes. This gives each customer a wide choice and also allows you to choose the specified furniture to your liking.

Leather dining room chairs are used more frequently than chairs in other rooms. Criteria such as durability and ease of maintenance are best suited when choosing these interior elements. It is good if such models are made of materials that are easy to wash and clean.

Video Tutorial: How to recover fully upholstered dining chairs in a new fabric faux leather

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