5 Best Leather Halters
5 Best Leather Halters
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Intrepid International
Intrepid International Breakaway Leather Crown Padded Halter
Safety Leather Crown
Swivel Snap at Throat
Adjustable Chin
Perris Soft Padded Leather Halter
1" Double-Buckle Crown
Rolled Throat
Adjustable Chin
HORZE Largo Leather Halter
Snap hook at cheek
Rolled Throat
Adjustable cheek and nose
Tough 1
Tough 1 Royal King Braided Leather Halter, Brown
Solid brass fittings
Round throat latch
Adjustable nose
Gatsby Adjustable Padded Leather Halter
Double Buckle Crown
Rolled Throat
Adjustable Chin

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FAQ Leather Halters

How should you clean leather halters?

Here is a step-by-step guide for maintaining leather halters clean: 

1) Dismantle both pieces of the harness. For 1 part baking soda, use 3 parts of lukewarm water. Using a wet sponge to clean off both harness and buckle. Dirt serves as sandpaper under the buckles, so be thorough. When scraping dirt, perform a full safety search. For repetitive wear, all tension points should be inspected. The bridle and rein billets are typically the pieces that wear out in the most way due to the interaction with the acid in the saliva. Look for torn loops or maintainers, split straps, cracked cloth, bent tongs, broken stitching, and worn buckles as well;

2) Natural leather dries out and to regain its flexibility you should use special products. Pick the product by a manufacturer trusted by both you and the harness creator. Keep it away from heavy oils and products manufactured from linseed. They would not encourage the leather to breathe, and the stitches may rust. A premium saddle soap can render the saddle more pliable if the leather does not require care and give you a fresh foundation to offer a good shine with harness paint. For a black harness, black saddle soap is truly the finest. Oakwood leather conditioner should be used on brown harnesses;

3) Meticulously polish all the brass buckles. Try performing a very awesome job. Give yourself a few attempts. The more elbow grease you bring into it today, the harder it will be to keep it eventually. For the brass polish you want best, do every nook and cranny and then buff up to a bright luster with a comfortable rag. Check out the polishing, do it again if the work isn’t perfect. For all the buckles, finish off with a thin layer of polish and leave on;

4) Sparingly apply black harness polish on the material, taking caution not to pack it through the stitching. This should be a finishing coating only. Polish paint penetration is so low that the shine is purely aesthetic and the leather’s pH degree should not be damaged or imbalanced. Buff briskly until glossy. When buffing, use some spray;

5) On the patent leather, apply some little soap and water on a wet sponge. Wipe all the remaining water clean. Using a spray liquid that is non-silicone to shine the patent. Never on the patent leather, select Armorall, Vaseline or brass finish. Never spray on a patent directly—always spray on a rag, then apply the product;

6) The last coats of brass polish you placed on the buckles have to be cleaned off and your harness packed until ready for usage. Hanging it up is truly the safest storage option, so as long as it is free from ammonia gases, you should cover it up and hold it in a trunk;

Are rope halters better than harnesses?

Handlers who use them claim they are better handled by the greater adjustability and tighter fit of rope halters and making the horses more receptive. Rope halters are quite lightweight, which is good, but on the delicate face of the horse, the knots that are placed in different positions and numbers are very hard and serious.

This is why rope halters should be properly positioned on the head of the horse. Otherwise, they can do more damage than good. Using a rope halter, horses can never be bound. The horse can snap until the halter does, if the horse steps back and panics! The halter places a heavy strain on the delicate poll that may inflict irreversible harm to the nerve.

How can you put a nameplate on a leather halter?

It is quite simple to put a nameplate on a leather halter without a special leather punch: 

  • Prepare a small drill bit if you don’t have a leather punch;
  • Decide where you want to add a nameplate on a leather halter;
  • Use a silver/white/yellow sharpie marker to mark the rivet holes on a dark leather halter. You will make the holes visible;
  • Drill through the marked hole points. Or use a punch;
  • Attach a plate. Use long rivets to attach the front piece of a plate. Short rivets will do for the second piece (if you have a two-piece nameplate);

 How can you soften a leather halter?

You can first take a leather halter out of the sun and water. Leather, or most of everything but a herb, is not a great thing to do. Then you can apply oil if the leather is dry. Most experts suggest Neatsfoot oil when it comes to maintenance of leather halters. Neatsfoot oil is produced from the shin and foot bones of animals. This oil is the best ingredient for doing so as leather requires conditioning and protection. It lubricates the leather, provides it with the shine it needs, softens and conditions the fabric.

By using vegetable oil that can be found in any kitchen, you can make maintenance less costly. This generally loosens up over time. What you have to do is not put on umpteen coats, because you’re going to have it so fluffy and it gets weak.

Is saddle soap bad for leather?

Well, not necessarily. Saddle soaps are highly affordable and very widely used, but are not usually the only option to maintain your saddle and tack of fine leather in top-notch shape. And such soaps are extremely alkaline and can harm the leather and darken it.

Does conditioning make a leather halter darker?

Any genuine leather piece can be securely coated with natural oils and act as a conditioner to become moist and smooth. The oils can also subtly darken your rug, giving the conditioned leather a darker color. This is for gradual darkening; only with leather dye will drastic color shifts happen.

The one downside of conditioning is that the leather darkens. Your brown leather halter won’t turn black, but the color may change to tan or a few shades deeper. Part of this may be avoided by making your halter dry longer; a day or two can get them back to their original shine.

Video Tutorial: Kentucky Farm Bureau Presents Bluegrass & Backroads: Quillin Leather and Tack

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  1. We recently adopted a horse for our daughter and the poor thing was given to us with an old beat up leather halter. We wanted to get him something new and fresh. I have been looking around online for a week now and these seem to be the best overall without spending too much. Thanks for the reviews and recommendations on these leather halters!

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