5 Best Leather Motorcycle Helmets
5 Best Leather Motorcycle Helmets
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Woljay Leather Motorcycle Vintage Half
DOT approved
Convenient chin strap
Size: Medium
HEROBIKER Synthetic Leather Motorcycle Helmet Retro Vintage
Synthetic leather
Quick release buckle system
Size: Medium
Novelty Leather Cover Eagle Motorcycle Helmet Black Low Profile
Low Profile Leather Helmet
Comfortable Liner
Metal Quick Release Buckle
Woljay Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Half Helmets Motorcycle
DOT certified
Size of helmet is 56cm
Convenient chin strap
Woljay Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Half Helmets Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Scooter Touring Helmet
DOT certified
Size is 56cm-62cm
Convenient chin strap

How to choose a properly fitting leather motorcycle helmet

You get helmets of various shell sizes, aerodynamics and port sizes. Then where do we start? Most manufacturers will offer size charts on their website. These sizing charts will typically relate hat sizes with helmet sizes. Then what is hat size? Hat size is simply the maximum circumference of your head and to measure it, you can use a measuring tape and put it across the forehead this way.

The measuring tape reads 57 centimeters. According to the manufacturer sizing chart, 57 centimeters translates into a size medium helmet and that should fit you well. The second most important aspect is that of the shape of your head. If you look at your head from the top, your head would resemble either an oval or round shape. Helmets also come in a variety of shapes, either oval or round, and you’ll have to wear one to see which one fits you comfortably.

The helmet should sit squarely on top of your head, and you should be able to squeeze in two fingers through the retention strap comfortably. Now let’s do a few tests. Rock your head sideways. You should be able to feel the skin of your cheeks moving along with the helmet when your head moves sideways. If that happens, it fits you well. Else, the helmet is large for you. Now rock your head forward. You should be able to feel the scalp moving along with the helmet, and if that happens, then you found a proper fit. Else, it is a large helmet for you.

Try and move the helmet of your head with the retention strap in place. It should not be possible for you to do that. We would recommend that you keep the helmet on for a few minutes just so that you identify whether your head has any pressure points from the helmet. Typical pressure points would be near the temples or near the forehead or the back of your head.

Take off the helmet and check if you have red marks anywhere on your forehead or any soreness anywhere over your head. If you do, then it means that the helmet is uncomfortable and you should avoid it. If not, then you have found a well-fitting helmet for you. Remember, a properly fitting helmet will go all that way in making you comfortable and saving your life.

Video Tutorial: PU leather vintage harley Style motorcycle helmet

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