5 Best Leather iPhone 7 Cases
5 Best Leather iPhone 7 Cases
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iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Case
Apple Leather Case
European leather
Microfiber Lining
Fit Snugly
Case for iPhone 7
Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7
European leather
Microfiber Lining
Built-in, aluminum buttons
Jisoncase iPhone 7 Case Genuine Leather
Luxury Leather Coated
Ultra Slim Profile
Soft & Flexible Body
iPhone 7 Case, Snakehive Genuine Leather
Nubuck Leather
Precise Cut Outs
Rubberised TPU holder
iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 8 Case
Premium Leather
Anti-Scratch & Shockproof
Card slots

I think I should not explain in detail why a case for your iPhone 7 is a must-have thing. Such cases can protect your gadget from scratches, chips and other damage. They may also soften the impact if you fall. This device performs decorative functions, giving the smartphone an individual look. In other words, you won’t do without such a case for iPhone 7.

What are the perks of natural leather for iPhone cases? Leather is strong, durable and pleasant to the touch material. This material perfectly fits the whole smartphone. Such cases look luxurious and expensive.

Interesting fact: most iPhone 7 cases will also fit standard versions of iPhone 8 covers. It is especially real if you buy a genuine leather case that may fit the device’s parameters.

Pros of using genuine leather iPhone 7 cases:

  • Combined with the plastic back cover, it provides reliable protection for your smartphone;
  • Easy to clean – just wipe it periodically with a damp cloth to remove stains immediately;
  • Such cases won’t slide in your hands;
  • Stylish and premium look;

Major types of leather iPhone 7 covers:

  1. Full-cover cases – protection of the smartphone body from the external impact on all sides. Complete protection is provided by fully closed cases – they are more expensive and bulkier (including bookcase, flip-like case, shockproof and waterproof covers);
  2. Partial protection of individual sides of a leather iPhone 7 case – more often such cases protect the back and sides of the smartphone. Such a case can protect the iPhone 7 partially. These accessories are cheap and compact;

Pick a leather iPhone 7 case with a full-cover or partial protection case depends on the conditions and your daily tasks for using a smartphone (normal or extreme lifestyle, risk of a severe impact, moisture penetration, etc.). Not all cases provide complete device protection. It is worth finding the best balance between reliable gadget protection, on the one hand, and a reasonable price and size, on the other hand.

Top 5 best leather iPhone 7 cases:

  • This iPhone 7/iPhone 8 case is made of genuine European leather, with microfiber lining;
  • Case for iPhone 7 is another accessory made of premium European leather, with in-built magnetic buttons;
  • Jisoncase is a luxury case coated in leather, with the ultra-slim profile. The main perk – soft and flexible case’s body;
  • Snakehive is made of top-notch Nubuck leather, with precise cutouts, with the rubber TPU holder;
  • Hoofur is a protection case, with the special anti-scratch feature and shockproof option. It includes card slots;

If you don’t want to look for or make leather DIY cases for iPhone 7, pay attention to the original Apple’s covers of premium animal skin. I attached the video tutorial explaining how to pick the original cases for iPhone 7. Do you have a favorite brand of cases? Or do you make DIY smartphone cases? Please share your experience below this review.

Interesting Video: Apple Leather Cases for iPhone 7 Plus

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  1. iPhone 7 is the desire of everyone from the time Apple introduced this device to the world. However, it is not safe and stylish without a leather iPhone 7 case.

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