5 Best Leather Keychains
5 Best Leather Keychains
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Olivery Keychain
Olivery Leather Valet Key Chain
100% genuine grain leather
Eco-friendly zinc alloy
4 Detachable Key Rings
Mehr Enterprises
Mehr Key Chain - Leather Detachable Key Holder
100% genuine leather
With 3 key rings
AndyGo Key Ring
AndyGo men
3.5" full length
Genuine Leather
0.1" high x 1.25" wide
In packages of 2 pc
Custom Personalized Free Engraved Leather Keychain
Genuine Leather & Zinc Alloy
Size: about :9.2*2.8cm
One Line Free Engraving

How To Make A Leather Keychain

Start by first cutting out the leather you plan to use. You can use three millimeter-thick tanned leather for both pieces. You don’t have to use this thickness of leather. 1.6-3 millimeter-thick leather is sufficient.

Now, smooth down any rough edges with some sandpaper or a rotary sander. Punch several holes for either your rivets or screws in both pieces of leather.

Draw out your stitching grooves with the stitching groover on both pieces. For the exact measurement of the stitching grooves, you can download the PDF pattern. Using an edge beveler, bevel the edges of each piece.

Dampen the leather and stamp your logo into the center of each piece. After the leather dried, apply a little mink oil for protection and a natural-looking finish.

Next, apply a little leather contact cement on the back of each piece and glue together. You can either use a hand stitching diamond chisel or a regular stitching chisel to punch your stitching holes.

We then recommend using a stitching horse to hold the project during saddle stitching. If you don’t know how to saddle stitch, then we recommend for you to check out one of the many saddle-stitching videos available on YouTube.

Now apply either water or a slicking gum of your choice to the edges of the project before burnishing. You can either burnish the edges with a wood slicker or a professional edge burnisher.

Next, let’s attach the keyring and clasp with a screw or rivet. Both will work.

Now that we’re finished.

Video Tutorial: Making Leather Keychain

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  1. Thanks so much for putting this post together. I’ve been looking around the web for a page that just suggests a bunch of different leather keychains for a while. It seems that pretty much no one has created a collection of them. Thanks so much for your recommendation.

  2. I got a genuine leather keychain at a county fair a few years back. It still looks great! It has three key rings and holds everything I need. I have actually received compliments for it on a number of occasions. I’d certainly recommend trying to make your own though. Sounds like a neat, fun little project!

    1. Hello, Joanna! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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