5 Best Leather Sectional Sofas
5 Best Leather Sectional Sofas
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Homelegance Pecos 105 x 95
95x105x39H inch
Easy to clean
Easy to use reclining system
Homelegance Bastrop 88 Manual Double Reclining Sofa, Brown
88 inch
Manual reclining system
Seats for 3
Cortesi Home
Cortesi Home Contemporary Boston Genuine Leather Sectional Sofa
Genuine leather
Chrome finish legs
JM Furniture A761 Italian Leather Left Sectional in Coffee
Ratchet system
Italian Leather
6 adjustable cushions
Cortesi Home
Cortesi Home Contemporary Dallas Genuine Leather Sectional Sofa
80" by 98.5"
Brown genuine leather
Chrome finish legs

Video Tutorial: Lessons Learned: Buying and Owning L Sectional (Sofa)

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