5 Best Leather Work Boots
5 Best Leather Work Boots
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EVER BOOTS Tank Mens Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots
Rubber sole
Comfort Cushion Insole
Irish Setter
Irish Setter Mens 6 83605 Work Boot
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Skechers Work Boots
Skechers Mens Mariner Utility Boot
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Reinforced seam detail
KINGSHOW Mens 1366 Water Resistant Premium Work Boots
Nubuck Leather
Oil-Resistant Outsole
Water Resistant
Golden Fox
Golden Fox Work Boots 6 Mens Moc Toe Wedge Comfortable Boot
Synthetic sole
Water Repellent

In the following review, I’d like to share the results of my tests and research for 2 years. I used to buy the first work boots I saw online, but since I have this blog, I started to do thorough research. The outcome is here, so I hope you will find this guide useful.

Special work boots are made for performing professional duties. They are designed for employees of production enterprises. They serve to protect the legs from aggressive environments, weather conditions, adverse production factors such as vibration, mechanical damage, and the constant exposure to moisture.

The best material for work boots

Usually, boots are made of 100% leather, synthetic leather, rubber, rough fabric. Usually, the soles and heels for such footwear are made of rubber material, but it is considered dangerous for aggressive chemical environments because it can enter the active phase of interaction with substances. In addition, rubber is unacceptable in explosive environments – in such cases, it is necessary to use 100% leather boots for work with a water-repellent property.

After consulting a few experts who deal with the manufacture of homemade and factory-based work boots. They should be as comfortable as possible because often people who wear them usually spend a whole day on their feet. For instance, it is better if medical shoes are made of genuine cowhide leather with good perforation qualities to let feet breathe.

Of course, work boots should be selected taking into account the specifics of a person’s activity, but this kind of footwear must also have a strong, non-slip sole, comfortable shoe lining and water-resistant seams.

Top 5 leather boots for work: results of personal tests

  1. EVER BOOTS have a solid rubber sole, with a cozy cushion insole;
  2. Irish Setter footwear is made of 100% natural and durable leather, these boots are fully waterproof;
  3. Skechers boots are also made of 100% leather, with a nice rubber sole and reinforced seams;
  4. KINGSHOW pair is made of very soft and nubuck leather, with water-resistant and oil-resistant outsole;
  5. Golden Fox boots have synthetic but comfy soles, this footwear is completely water-repellent;

In addition, I attach the video of how to clean and maintain work boots in perfect condition. Please share your thoughts about picking and using work boots made of raw cowhide skin.

Video Tutorial: How to Clean and Condition Work Boots

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  1. I worked in construction for years and remember the day I first showed up in leather boots. They were life changing! I recommend anything made of genuine leather with a rubber sole. Waterproofing is nice as well for those wet days or rain showers that catch you unsuspecting outside. Invest in a good pair.

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