5 Best Leather For Jackets
5 Best Leather For Jackets
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REED Leather HIDES - Cow Skins Various Colors & Sizes
Cow Leather
12x24 Inches
1.2 - 1.4 mm Thickness
Black Leather Hide
Black Leather Hide - Spanish Full Skin - Rustic Finish
AVG 26¨x 24¨
Thickness: 0.6-0.8 mm
Black Leather Hide
Black Leather Hide Scraps
10 sq ft
Cow Leather
15.6x19.6 inch
1/16" in thickness
The Tannery NYC
Black Cowhide Leather:
Cow Leather
12x12 Inches
1.1-1.3 mm

Video Tutorial: How a $5k Luxury Leather Jacket is Made

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  1. A genuine leather jacket is a fashion statement for sure, but it only as good as the leather you use. There are some good options link here. I personally do not see the need for a $5K luxury leather jacket, but a more affordable one is still nice to have.

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