5 Best Full Grain Leather Belts
5 Best Full Grain Leather Belts
4.7 (94%) 10 vote[s]
Mens 100% Italian Cow Leather Belt Men
100% Full Grain Leather
Waistline: 28"-43"
7 holes
Hanks Belts
Hanks Everyday - No Break Thick Leather Belt
100% Full Grain Leather
1.5" Wide
NPET Mens Leather Belt Full Grain Vintage Distressed Style Snap
100% Full Grain Leather
1 1/2" Wide
Prospero Comfort
Mens Casual Jean Belt Soft Top Grain Leather
100% Full Grain Leather
Waistline: 28"-44"
Thickness of belt is 2.8 MM
Main Street Forge
The Bootlegger Leather Belt
100% Full Grain Leather

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67.4% of users selected KEECOW, 15.2% selected Hanks Belts, 3.43% selected NPET, 4.41% selected Prospero Comfort and 9.56% selected Main Street Forge. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A leather belt is an important accessory for many men. It does not just hold their pants but makes a focus on their style and adds some seriousness and elegance to their overall look.
If you wear a belt made of full-grain leather, you are taken as an important individual. Such a type of leather adds much to the belt since it looks great and solid preserving all the natural appearance and characteristics of the animal’s hide. Moreover, it is quite durable and can be used for years.
So, let us consider some great options of full-grain leather belts discussed in this review.

Men’s 100% Italian Cow Leather Belt- A Stylish Accessory to Last Forever

Mens 100% Italian Cow Leather Belt MenThe belt is made of natural cow leather. It is very durable and heavy-duty.

The item is completed with a heavy-duty buckle with anti-scratch characteristics. The belt can be used during the lifetime. It also has a screw closure, 7 holes that help adjust the belt to the waist size from 28 to 43 inches. Each hole stands for one size.


The product is very functional in any style – from an everyday casual to a business and work one. You can give the belt as a useful gift to your beloved person.


  • The belt exceeds all expectations for its price and quality.
  • The buckle is quite sturdy and fits comfortably.
  • The craftsmanship is excellent.
  • The product comes well-packed in a smart travel box.
  • The spare snap for buckle attachment is added to the kit.


  • Sometimes, you may need to punch new holes and reassemble the belt.
  • Sizing is not always precise so be careful about it.

The belt is adjustable to the waist-line size of any person. Though, you need to be careful when buying it. Consult the Size Chart for more distinct specifications.

Hanks Everyday – ‘No Break’ Thick Leather Belt – A Product with the Lifetime Warranty

Hanks Everyday - No Break Thick Leather BeltThe belt is made of the solid, 12-oz, full-grain leather that is the most durable option you can choose. The buckle is easy to remove and replace by your favorite one.

The belt is heavy duty meaning that it will never split or crack. It will not break even if loaded with something heavy.
The leather piece is cut whole immediately from the hide. That is why it can never be torn out or worn on the holes. It does not bend, twist, or sag, either. Chicago screws used on the belt can be replaced easily.


This full-grain leather belt works best for everyday use and some difficult jobs. The belt looks very nice and solid, feels reliable, and lasts long. The great look is not lost with the years of use.


  • The belt is thick, stiff, and solid.
  • The general wearing feel is very secure.
  • The item is a great value for the price.
  • The company’s customer service is great and will never let you down.
  • You can change the buckle easily.


  • The dye coating inside the holes is missing so the leather here is of a peachy color.
  • The black paint coating on the buckle wears off in a few weeks.

This belt is made by experienced Amish craftsmen so it is of the highest possible quality. The full-grain leather is taken from the top layer of the hide so it is the toughest part. Remember to take care of the thing and it will be indestructible.

NPET Men’s Full Grain Leather Belt- Enjoy Your Wear with the Vintage Classic Design

NPET Mens Leather Belt Full Grain Vintage Distressed Style SnapThe belt is made of 100% full-grain cowhide leather from Argentina. You can see the natural marks on it such as vascular lines that are genuine features of any full-grain leather.

The piece is made in a distressed style giving it a vintage look. The buckle is easy to change due to its design. It has a non-slip villus base. The item is very durable and strong owing to its high-quality material. There are two options to choose from: with a buckle and without it. The piece of leather chosen for the belt is solid – it was not sewed or glued. It was polished and tempered by hand. The color is provided by natural dyes, without heavy metals or chemicals.
The product has smoothly rubbed edges that remind of suede. The pores can be seen on it that absorb water and sweat. The scars and scratches are not the problem of quality but the marks of its natural origin.


The belt is designed for wearing as a classical belt, an item for work and other occupations. It is appropriate for office workers, men and women, teenagers, and business people.
You can replace the buckle easily up to your taste. The style is suitable for a needle or plate buckle.
The belt can become a perfect gift for a family member, lover, or friend on different occasions, for example, Christmas or Thanksgiving, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other events. It can be worn with casual pants, slacks, jeans, or overalls. The gift box made of an environmentally-friendly material looks amazing.


  • The belt is well-made, of good quality, and fashionable.
  • The packaging is very nice and reliable.
  • The price matches the quality very well.
  • The snaps are robust and they feel sturdy and secure.
  • The leather is matte that provides a stylish vintage look.


  • The loop is held with staples so it slides freely along the belt and can be lost easily./li>
  • The inside is rather rough and it makes it harder to get in and off the loops.

Keep in mind that the belt can be a little smelly at first. Some aromatic solvents are added to reduce the order. However, if you put the item in a well-ventilated place, the smell will disappear in 2-3 days.
The manufacturer recommends to wear darker trousers with the belt since the natural dyes used for it can fade slightly.

Prospero Comfort Men’s Casual Super Soft Full Grain Belt- The Softest and Most Good-Quality Product for the Price

Mens Casual Jean Belt Soft Top Grain LeatherThis soft-touch belt is made in India of the 100% full-grain leather of the best quality. The thing is truly flexible and super soft to make wearing it very comfortable. However, it is thick enough to be durable and strong.

The workmanship is also perfect and the product is strengthened with the special heavy-duty roller buckle made of stainless steel.
The leather strap has the width of 38 mm (1.5 inches). It is 3.6 mm thick ensuring endurance and superb up-keep.
The design is also solid with the straight stitches and marks of natural leather on it. The leather, though very durable, is breathable enough to prevent moisture caused by a prolonged wear.


The belt has a single strap so it works well as an everyday accessory, an interesting addition to any casual wear, or an extra feature to be worn with a uniform or formal outfit. It can be worn with all kinds of jeans or pants.
This accessory adds some sort of uniqueness and sophistication to any casual look, no matter the age or style. It can also be a good transition detail from the formal dress to a casual one.


  • The product is solid value for the price.
  • It is thick, substantial, and durable.
  • The belt is very soft and super high-quality.
  • The look is great and the belt fits any style.
  • The color and texture are perfect.
  • The belt is versatile and can be worn with different types of clothes.


  • The leather is likely to stretch.
  • The metal of the buckle could have a slightly better finish.

The belt is made of natural full grain leather so the color may appear a bit different from the photo and the grain marks are visible on the surface.
Make sure that you have picked out the right size by fitting the belt to the correct hole. Using the hole in the center as the main one will give you a certain feel of flexibility. That is why you need to order one size larger than your pants’ size.

Main Street Forge Full Grain Bootlegger Leather Belt – A Premium Product That is As Tough As Nails

The Bootlegger Leather BeltThe belt is sturdy and durable though not too stiff to wear. It can hold your jeans or pants with all other items loaded on it securely. The thing does not use any plastic or different piece lamination so it never splits, stretches, or sags.

The process of manufacturing involves adding a special covering wax to the hide. This makes the product unique and provides a stunning rustic finish. This distressed-looking patina is exclusive featuring minor imperfections of the leather, such as scuffs or scratches, for a more natural look. With time, the belt will reveal more character and attraction while ageing.


The belt matches well any outfit, both casual and formal ones. You can wear it with your common pair of jeans or with an official suit. The accessory will add more style and finish to your overall look.
The belt is great for all occasions, such as friendly gatherings or business meetings.
The item can also be a perfect and useful gift for your family, friends, and loved ones for any special event.


  • The belt is of excellent quality.
  • The item is made of soft leather and it is not too stiff.
  • The rustic looking in brown is just fine.
  • The buckle looks natural and matches the overall appearance of the belt.
  • The item is great value for its price.


  • The buckle can be difficult to remove and reattach.
  • Some belt loops may feel a bit tight.

Pay attention to the size chart while choosing the belt’s length. To do it correctly, try one size bigger than your actual size of pants.
Since the buckle can always be replaced if you don’t like it, do it by removing the two screws with pliers. Be careful about removing both screws simultaneously lest the entire button should get stuck and turn. Always use something soft under the pliers so you do not damage the button’s color and covering.

Buyer”s Guide

While buying a full-grain leather belt, you need to consider some things to pick out an item of the best quality. The full-grain leather adds perfection to your style and entire look. Moreover, it is immensely durable. Such belts get better overtime even if you use cleaners and conditioners to maintain them.

So, why do you need to choose such a belt? The main reasons are:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • easy maintenance;
  • stylish look.

Hopefully, these factors are enough to influence your choice.

While buying, you will have to pay attention to some things enlisted below.


To check whether leather, just clench it in a fist. If an item gets warm, it is natural. Artificial leather does not behave like this and remains cold.

To make sure that the belt is full-grain leather, also consider the following things:

  • The item is one solid piece, not split into parts, and no signs of splitting or putting pieces together are observed.
  • The full-grain leather is never sanded while processed so no traces of sanding can be found.
  • No holes or moles are seen on the leather surface while other natural signs, such as minor scratches and scars add more style to the item.


To ensure that the belt is genuine, look at its back side. It should be curried. The item feels soft to touch. The side edges should not look scratched.


A buckle is essential so you have to consider its overall design, color, and the quality of a dye as well as whether the tongue of the buckle is flexible enough.


With dozens of options in the store, you may get confused. So, to check their quality, focus on:

  • the pattern and overall look;
  • length of a belt;
  • color and dying;
  • type of buckle;
  • the belt’s fit.

All these components should correspond to the quality expected and advertised. Keep in mind that the formal dress belt should match your leather shoes while for casual clothing, it is only your taste or preference that matters. 


Do full-grain leather belts last longer?

Indeed, they do. They can last for at least five years. If you maintain your belt properly, you can use it for decades.

Is a full-grain leather belt water-resistant?

You need to know that no natural leather is completely waterproof because leather, in general, can absorb moisture by its nature. However, full-grain leather is taken from the toughest parts of the hide so such belts have some water-resistant qualities.

Should I opt for a top-grain or full-grain leather?

Both have their advantages. Full-grain leather looks exactly as it was tanned and this look gets better overtime. Top-grain leather means that the natural top layer of the hide was not cut away so it may have more scratches and other natural marks. So, it is up to your liking.

Should I have only one belt at a time?

They say, yes. One belt is quite enough for a man. However, you may need to wear formal clothes or casual ones. That is why having two or more belts seems reasonable. Moreover, the color of your outfit can differ or you may prefer different types of belts just for a variety.

How can I choose the correct size of my belt?

You can opt for one of the two common methods – either choose a belt that is one or two sizes bigger than the size of your pants or measure the belt from the point where a buckle is attached to the hole that you normally use. When the measure is, for example, 38 inches, your belt size will be 38.

How should I store my belt?

The best way is to use a hanger. You may also roll it up. However, hangers are preferable since rolling may cause some structural damage or cracking. Never fold your belt and you will keep its perfect look for long.

How can I clean and maintain my belt?

Keep your belt dry because excess moisture can cause additional stretching. Use a special conditioner for leather that adds necessary moisture and smoothness to it. Clean your belt regularly by wiping it with a damp duster soaked into the soapy water.

Are you looking for a premium full-grain leather belt? The following review gives certain recommendations on this matter. It is a result of many tests and consultations with experts, who make full-grain leather belts for men and women.

Benefits of full-grain leather belts for men and women

They are good for all styles. You won’t have to buy different products for different clothes, because in general there can be several accessories in the wardrobe that can match any style and a leather belt is one of them. You can wear such belts with casual jeans, a stricter office outfit, a business suit or even an expensive tuxedo – this full-grain leather accessory will fit perfectly all types of clothes;Durability. Unlike other materials, full-grain leather belts can be used for several decades without any noticeable problems;Strength. Swine or calfskin is the most common type of full-grain leather material used for belts. Both leather types provide a high level of strength and resistance to damage. Such accessories do not tear and crack, withstand high or too low temperatures, withstand high humidity. In addition, the genuine skin of exotic animals is also a good choice – they are almost impossible to cut or damage;Simple to care. The whole care of a leather belt is to store it in the form of a folded ring. Also, you should wipe it with a slightly damp sponge with soapy water from time to time. If the product gets wet, then you do not need to dry it with a hairdryer or iron, but turn it into a ring and put it on the table to dry.

Steps to follow when choosing a full-grain leather belt

Before buying a belt made of genuine leather, you should follow a few expert recommendations. The first step for defining the genuine material: it is necessary to clinch the belt in a fist. If the product gets warm in your fist, then you are holding a genuine leather belt in your hands. And, if the accessory stays cold, then this is most likely an artificial leather accessory.You ought to pay attention to is the thickness and quality of the belt’s leather. Genuine leather should be soft and worn out professionally. In simple words: a belt made of genuine leather must have an attractive design and be soft to the touch. The back of the belt must be carefully curried. The side edges of the belt must not be scratched, otherwise, they may damage your clothes. You also need to bend a leather belt near each rivet to check their density.The tongue in the belt buckle must move freely in all directions, and its edges should not be too sharp. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the fastening method of the belt’s buckle. In most cases, it is a simple bolt that helps to adjust the length of the entire belt made of full-grain leather.If you are satisfied with everything in the appearance of the belt, then the next step will be to check the belt’s stretching and density. If you stretch a belt made of genuine full-grain leather, it will easily endure all these tests. For instance, to check belts for density, you must pull them horizontally in different directions. However, remember that a product that does not stretch at all will create some discomfort. Another thing that you must take into account – a genuine leather belt has a nice smell that won’t go away easily.Top 5 best full-grain leather belts:

  1. KEECOW belt is made of 100% full-grain animal skin, with the waistline up to 43 inches. It has 7 holes;
  2. Hanks belts are 1.5 inches wide, very soft and durable;
  3. NPET is another genuine leather belt with a non-slip surface;
  4. Prospero Comfort is a very thick belt (up to 2.8 mm), with the waistline up to 44 inches;
  5. Main Street Forge has a non-slip surface that is equally durable and nice to wear;

Also, please check an interesting video explaining the difference between low and high-quality belts made of full-grain leather. The video gives hints about getting cheap but quality accessories. Leather-Toolkits.com offers many reviews dedicated to leather products and accessories. You may also offer the topic for the next articles. All feedback is appreciated.

Interesting Video: High vs Low Quality Belts & How to get them cheap!


Picking out a great full-grain leather belt that can suit all your needs may seem a bit confusing at first. However, it is not rocket science and, if you follow some basic tips and suggestions, you will get the best belt you could ever dream of.

We hope that we have provided some useful expert assistance in the Buyer’s Guide. We have attempted to choose the best ideas and products for this category of belts so that you could enjoy the best quality and style of your accessory for many years.

Steve Coltharp
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