5 Best Full Grain Leather Belts
5 Best Full Grain Leather Belts
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Mens 100% Italian Cow Leather Belt Men
100% Full Grain Leather
Waistline: 28"-43"
7 holes
Hanks Belts
Hanks Everyday - No Break Thick Leather Belt
100% Full Grain Leather
1.5" Wide
NPET Mens Leather Belt Full Grain Vintage Distressed Style Snap
100% Full Grain Leather
1 1/2" Wide
Prospero Comfort
Mens Casual Jean Belt Soft Top Grain Leather
100% Full Grain Leather
Waistline: 28"-44"
Thickness of belt is 2.8 MM
Main Street Forge
The Bootlegger Leather Belt
100% Full Grain Leather

Are you looking for a premium full-grain leather belt? The following review gives certain recommendations on this matter. It is a result of many tests and consultations with experts, who make full-grain leather belts for men and women.

Benefits of full-grain leather belts for men and women

They are good for all styles. You won’t have to buy different products for different clothes, because in general there can be several accessories in the wardrobe that can match any style and a leather belt is one of them. You can wear such belts with casual jeans, a stricter office outfit, a business suit or even an expensive tuxedo – this full-grain leather accessory will fit perfectly all types of clothes;

Durability. Unlike other materials, full-grain leather belts can be used for several decades without any noticeable problems;

Strength. Swine or calfskin is the most common type of full-grain leather material used for belts. Both leather types provide a high level of strength and resistance to damage. Such accessories do not tear and crack, withstand high or too low temperatures, withstand high humidity. In addition, the genuine skin of exotic animals is also a good choice – they are almost impossible to cut or damage;

Simple to care. The whole care of a leather belt is to store it in the form of a folded ring. Also, you should wipe it with a slightly damp sponge with soapy water from time to time. If the product gets wet, then you do not need to dry it with a hairdryer or iron, but turn it into a ring and put it on the table to dry.

Steps to follow when choosing a full-grain leather belt

Before buying a belt made of genuine leather, you should follow a few expert recommendations. The first step for defining the genuine material: it is necessary to clinch the belt in a fist. If the product gets warm in your fist, then you are holding a genuine leather belt in your hands. And, if the accessory stays cold, then this is most likely an artificial leather accessory.

You ought to pay attention to is the thickness and quality of the belt’s leather. Genuine leather should be soft and worn out professionally. In simple words: a belt made of genuine leather must have an attractive design and be soft to the touch. The back of the belt must be carefully curried. The side edges of the belt must not be scratched, otherwise, they may damage your clothes. You also need to bend a leather belt near each rivet to check their density.

The tongue in the belt buckle must move freely in all directions, and its edges should not be too sharp. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the fastening method of the belt’s buckle. In most cases, it is a simple bolt that helps to adjust the length of the entire belt made of full-grain leather.

If you are satisfied with everything in the appearance of the belt, then the next step will be to check the belt’s stretching and density. If you stretch a belt made of genuine full-grain leather, it will easily endure all these tests. For instance, to check belts for density, you must pull them horizontally in different directions. However, remember that a product that does not stretch at all will create some discomfort. Another thing that you must take into account – a genuine leather belt has a nice smell that won’t go away easily.

Top 5 best full-grain leather belts:

  1. KEECOW belt is made of 100% full-grain animal skin, with the waistline up to 43 inches. It has 7 holes;
  2. Hanks belts are 1.5 inches wide, very soft and durable;
  3. NPET is another genuine leather belt with a non-slip surface;
  4. Prospero Comfort is a very thick belt (up to 2.8 mm), with the waistline up to 44 inches;
  5. Main Street Forge has a non-slip surface that is equally durable and nice to wear;

Also, please check an interesting video explaining the difference between low and high-quality belts made of full-grain leather. The video gives hints about getting cheap but quality accessories. Leather-Toolkits.com offers many reviews dedicated to leather products and accessories. You may also offer the topic for the next articles. All feedback is appreciated.

Interesting Video: High vs Low Quality Belts & How to get them cheap!

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