SofTex Leather
SofTex Leather
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SofTex is an artificial leather substance that belongs to synthetic materials. With enhanced breathability and improved cooling abilities, it offers the look and sound of leather. Sliding in between leather and fabric in terms of affordability, without the price tag, SofTex offers luxury warmth and elegance. Also, it is more robust and scratch-resistant than the interior of cloth.

SofTex stands for a thermoplastic polyurethane material that is made to feel fluffy and comfortable with outstanding stain resistance properties, is cheaper than leather and, according to Toyota, is a superior material than cotton.

To resist spills and improve wear properties, it has been built for quick washing. For authentic leather skins, SofTex is around half the weight. Compared with other synthetic leathers, the production method is special since it uses about 85 percent less CO2 emissions and 99 percent less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) than traditional synthetic leather.

SofTex does not include animal-based materials, so it’s perfect for vegans.

SofTex vs genuine leather:

1) UV effect

Leather chairs, simply because of the fabrics used to create the seats, sometimes hold heat from the sun rather than SofTex seating does. UV rays are absorbed by leather, making a colder surface, whereas SofTex is more breathable and has a special coating that mirrors UV rays and retains less liquid.

2) Maintenance and care 

Although leather and SofTex are both excellent for stain protection, in the long run, SofTex is quite a bit more robust. Every few months, leather seats need cleaning and cooling, but SofTex is made far more effectively to endure wear.

Additionally, to maintain them in good shape, leather seats also need more routine washing and conditioning, whereas SofTex appears to be immune to dirt. Both leather and SofTex surfaces are extremely robust, making both choices for many drivers a better one.

SofTex is a synthetic of the vinyl form that is said to be finer than natural leather. Cleaning and maintenance techniques are still simple for any fake material and can be cleaned with virtually any form of natural cleaning material in most situations, but care must always be taken.

3) Smell

The life cycle of vinyl is never close when it comes to the genuine leather comparison, repairs are also not as effective as they are with natural leather products. Leather has the real scent where the synthetic smell and contact would still get as vinyl, has a natural tendency to grab, plastic only lets you slip on the seat surface.

4) Temperature

Leather seats withstand extreme temperatures, implying that in the summer they are very hot and in the winter they are very cold. On the other side, SofTex seats are built to be more breathable in hot as well as cold conditions.


Popular in Toyota cars, SofTex leather is a synthetic fiber. The SofTex interior of Toyota is a synthetic leather seat cloth intended for wear, quick washing and tolerance to spills.

In the new 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE, when you opt for this new thermoplastic polyurethane stuff, you can also find that it can be used with the eye-catching accent stitching that was reserved for leather interior in previous years. This latest material is used in numerous new Toyota models to build comfort and elegance, such as the 2016 Toyota Corolla Special Edition and the 2015 Toyota Prius. 

Also, you may find this material in 2016 Toyota Tundra cars.

When it comes to the car industry, when you consider premium products like the 2016 Toyota Avalon, SofTex leather is linked with luxury and with good purpose. Even so, SofTex fabric, whether it heats up easily in the sun and melts the skin or collects soil over time, has certain limitations to other modern upholstery fabrics.


  • Hypoallergenic material;
  • Almost resistant to the temperature changes. It won’t crack due to cold or heat;
  • The material retains its aesthetic appearance for many years;
  • SofTex stands out for its resistance to various chemical compounds.
  • It breathes: there is a natural exchange of air between the environment and modern material. At the same time, it does not let a drop of water pass;
  • Eco-friendly safe products, because there are no harmful components in its composition;
  • This material is pleasant to touch.
  • When it comes to the texture, it resembles natural leather;
  • Car seat covers made of SofTex retain their shape for many years;

Toyota says that SofTex’ benefits over cloth are to remain comfortable and more breathable than leather because this material can feel cool since it is acrylic, so it will feel incredibly cold to contact in the winter months.

SofTex weighs about half as much as natural leather and is comfortable to the touch. SofTex leather contains about 85% less CO2 pollution and 99% less organic reactive compounds than traditional synthetic leather. Also, the SofTex material would not contain any material dependent on species. An advantage of SofTex seats that consumers enjoy is that sunshine is mirrored by SofTex material, which ensures that they do not get heated as typical leather seats do.

The freedom to remain calm and breathe is a distinct benefit that SofTex gives over leather. With SofTex on the interior of your 2016 Toyota Corolla SE, as you step into a leather interior, the days of frying the backs of your arms and legs are gone and then trying to peel them off the sticky seat. SofTex reflects more ultraviolet rays independent of color and can, on average, maintain around 10 degrees colder than genuine leather or vinyl.

Whether you choose genuine leather or SofTex, in most situations, you will have the bonus of being able to clean up spills without the risk of staining. SofTex retains moisture at 15% slower than leather in such cases and yet dries out much sooner. It is therefore equally as robust as leather and is less potentially damaging in processing than luxury leather interiors as an additional benefit.

The interior of the Toyota SofTex is a synthetic leather interior particularly immune to spills and encourages washing. This gentle-to-the-touch interior is environmentally sustainable and during processing creates less pollution. The SofTex interior is strictly plastic, making it a perfect substitute to traditional leather interiors, utilizing no animal-based products in the process.

SofTex, due to its extremely breathable fabrics, looks and sounds like conventional leather and holds drivers cool behind the wheel. For drivers searching for a rugged and attractive option to traditional leather interiors, this environmentally-friendly material could be a great fit.

Care and maintenance

SofTex cleaning is the same as other plastic substances, the materials used must be closely taken to guarantee that the fabric is not worn down and that the material’s life cycle is extended. Cleansing with harsh chemical-based goods can very easily destroy plastic fabrics. Otherwise, synthetic leather may crack easily. 

If you upgrade your latest Toyota to the SofTex leather interior, it becomes much more of a concern to keep your interior tidy. Here is how you should clean SofTex leather: 

  • Vacuum any large debris and waste. The leather interior damage may occur from the scraping of abrasive materials onto the seats, making it necessary to clean leather seats at least every few months;
  • Purchase a cleaner and conditioner for one-step leather. Stop leather cleaners that are based on vinyl and petroleum;
  • Put on a microfiber towel and add the leather cleaner to the appropriate area;
  • Spray the cleaner on the seats and apply a soft-bristled brush on the infected region for a deeper wash;
  • Wipe the seats clean off any leftover cleaning fluid with a clean, dry rag;
  • Select a water-based choice, add the conditioner to your chairs, and apply a cloth or sponge to rub it into the material if you decide to apply a leather conditioner;

Final thoughts

You have lots of choices to explore if you are trying to buy a new Toyota car. You will need to select the trim and options that fit you, in addition to choosing the best make and model for your needs. What sort of seat material you like is one of the key options you’ll need to make. Toyota presents an interesting option – SofTex – that is an affordable and eco-friendly leather material for their entry-level cars. SofTex is built on thermoplastic polyurethane that is almost difficult to differentiate from real leather visually or by contact, and, in certain ways, it is not inferior to it.

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