Anfibio Leather
Anfibio Leather
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Anfibio stands for a full-grain leather type and it provides superior security against other leather materials since it is important to keep feet healthy while walking or hiking.

To give the leather a 100 percent waterproofing quality, Anfibio Leather goes through a specific procedure. When being tanned, this material is covered with certain treatments to avoid losing this water-resistant structure.

It was in 1968 that the official maker of Anfibio boots, Chaussures DeLuca, opened this business. At that time, the sole owner, Mr. Deluca, an Italian shoemaker, began producing a few iconic designs of men’s footwear. He started making winter boots suited to the Quebec conditions at the end of the 1970s. One of his first inventions was the durable and waterproof leather type picked for uppers – Anfibio. Thanks to meticulous craftsmanship, De Luca’s Anfibio winter boots, completely produced in Canada, are now associated with warmth and longevity.

All the essential elements of Anfibio leather that influence the finished look of the product are still considered during the manufacturing process of these boots – the hide’s age, rearing, and the natural tanning.


Anfibio is the standard grade of leather picked by most leading suppliers of mountaineering/hiking/walking boots. It is a luxury leather for men’s and women’s boots that offers outstanding comfort and overall efficiency. However, its water repellency is not as effective as the Reversed Anfibio leather type, especially if it is not treated with the HS12 substance. 

Reversed Anfibio leather type is the finest, premier leather with 3.0 mm of thickness. It is recognized due to such properties as full strength, protection and abrasion resistance. How is it different from standard Anfibio? This reversed leather type has a tanned surface inside and textured side out. It keeps the highest surface from scraping and corrosion, which improves water resistance and responsiveness.

Reversed Anfibio is a premium full-grain leather. It should not be mistaken for ordinary or suede leather types. All Scarpa’s Reversed Anfibio leather types have a specific HS12 tanning process that impregnates the leather with silicone for better waterproof qualities. This treatment is robust and immune to scuffing, making it too easy for the leather to damp out, and dries out quicker than typically tanned leathers.

Benefits of Anfibio leather:

  • Fully weather-resistant and waterproof;
  • Durable and sturdy uppers;
  • Resistant to dirty stains;
  • Premium full-grain leather quality;
  • Good for harsh autumn and winter conditions;
  • Comfortable to wear;

Typically, Anfibio leather boots come with an Italian designed steel gripper on the outer sole, so your footing is protected and your feet are much warmer.

As for drawbacks, Anfibio leather has a few things to consider. For instance, the authentic full-grain leather won’t cost cheap so prepare to invest money when you purchase Anfibio boots or accessories. 


The Anfibio material is picked when the brand needs to make walking shoes or hiking boots. The biggest distinction is that these walking boots have a stronger bottom than hiking boots. Also, it is used for much smaller mountaineering boots. To protect the upper portion of the leg secure from trips and crashes, Anfibio mountaineering boots typically have a broader neck on them to minimize injury/breakage of the leg above the ankle area.

The boot’s thicknesses play a large part when you use this material for winter shoes. Back in the days, the Crosta leather type was mainly used for cycling, climbing or mountain boots. But nowadays it is supplemented by Anfibio leather since it is 100% waterproof and sturdier than any Crosta material. Such qualities are achieved because Anfibio goes through a tanning phase with the special HS12 treatment product. 

If you require reliable boots for walking or touring, you just buy waterproof Anfibio leather shoes. 

Besides boots, Anfibio leather is used when you need to create a DIY leather sofa or accessory that has to be waterproof and durable at the same time. You may find many genuine Anfibio leather products online. 

Care and maintenance

To extend the lifespan of any Anfibio boots, keeping the footwear clean and free of grease/soil is essential. Also, keep in mind that most boots have a break-in period – they have to be worn before they become very comfortable and flexible to wear for long distances. 

When washing these styles of boots, it is suggested to use a water-based and very natural luxury leather cleaner along with a moist cloth. Only in such a way Anfibio leather boots can serve longer than one season. 

Do you need to maintain the premium quality of Anfibio leather boots? Then you should follow these expert recommendations given by the manufacturer: 

  • Always pick a soft cloth for removing dirt/soil after every use of Anfibio boots;
  • For heavy and stubborn soils/dirt sticking to the boots, pick a moist cloth. Then dry off the footwear with a dry and soft piece of cloth;
  • It is better to dry all genuine Anfibio boots naturally. Never put this footwear near heat sources like radiators or fireplaces. Direct heating may easily crack full-grain leather;
  • To maintain Reversed Anfibio leather boots it is better to use a special suede brush. Especially for removing stubborn soil and stains;
  • If you have the Anfibio leather boots that are wet inside, at first you should remove laces and insoles to speed the drying process;

Important notice! Do not use random leather treatments for Anfibio products unless you are 100% sure these treatments were designed specifically for this full-grain leather type. Standard leather treatment may damage the waterproof qualities of genuine Anfibio material. 

Final thoughts

Established by Mr. De Luca in Montreal in 1968, Anfibio is a boot manufacturer in Canada, selling footwear specially designed for the local environment. Boots and accessories from Anfibio boast a distinctive look influenced by native American culture and Canadian landscapes.

Thanks to their unmatched comfort, strong reliability and outstanding design, these Canadian waterproof leather shoes are recognized to be among the best winter boots in the nation. As well as a durable leather cover that is also rust-resistant, they are fitted with warm lining appropriate for Canadian winters.

Some models of Anfibio winter boots and shoes also include orthopedic insoles and they are also available in a large range of sizes. It is quite easy to find a suitable pair of Anfibio leather boots for any foot. 

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