5 Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves
5 Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves
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Genuine goatskin leather
Hard plastics knuckle
Touch screen capabilities
Milwaukee Mens Summer Cruising Gloves (Black, X-Large)
Premium Leather
Gel Padded Palm
Shaf International
Shaf International SH851-BLK-XL Deer Skin Fingerless Gloves
Deer Skin Leather
Velcro Closure
Perforated vented back
Jackets 4 Bikes
New Biker Police Leather Motorcycle Riding Ventilation Driving Gloves
Aniline Leather
Excellent Ventilation
Double Stitched
Harley-Davidson Official Mens Commute Leather Gloves, Black
Goatskin leather
30-degree pre-curved fingers
Partial Tricot Lining

Buying Guide

Take a Dyna Street Bob from Harley Davidson. It’s a well-balanced cruiser, making it a great choice for low speed cruising around downtown on a summer night, but also, add some bags and a shield, and the six-speed model also makes an excellent touring bike. Now the motor has plenty of power and it rides nice and smooth on the highway. Both styles of riding are done on the same bike, but if you take your fingerless downtown gloves on a highway cruise, you’re asking for trouble. Just a pebble from a truck at highway speeds can cost you a fingernail. Again, gear up for the conditions, not the bike. Now to see any of these gloves in greater detail, check out the individual closer look review for that item.

Let’s look at some gloves. The first pair of gloves I want to show you today is the new Shaf International Gloves. Now fingerless gloves are really popular for cruising because they reduce your manual dexterity only minimally, and provide a protective barrier for your palm from the low-speed rash. And they also protect your grips from caustic oils in your sweat and keep your hands from slipping on the grips. These gloves are my favorite fingerless gloves to come out this spring. They’re made of a combination of a polyester mesh and leather. A great combination of materials for this type of glove. Now looking at the palm, you can see the all-leather construction that’s reinforced with gel padding. This padding reduces the vibration felt through the grips and provides added impact absorption. At the wrist, you can see the cuff, and this feature combined with the adjuster on the top of the hand provides a fit that’s much more precise than the fit of most fingerless gloves.

Now while we’re on the top of the hand, you can see the large cell breathable mesh material and the padding for the knuckles. Now, these new gloves from Joe Rocket are a great choice for the rider looking for a highly breathable and lightweight fingerless riding glove for the summertime.

The next glove is a very unique offering called the GL2064 naked cowhide gloves. These GL2064 motorcycle gloves are made of 100% naked top grain cowhide. These gloves are true to fit and are perfect for the rider looking for an incredibly comfortable, light-duty leather glove with that antique calvary look to it. Now the design of these gloves is very simple. There are no extra panels for reinforcement or decorative stitching, so they’re incredibly flexible and comfortable. Their simple design also makes them incredibly inexpensive. You will not believe the price when you see it on the listing. Now if we look at the top of the hand, you can see the two-position strap adjuster at the wrist for a secure fit. And the gauntlet of the glove is expandable with this buckle for easy on and off. The hand portion of the glove features a microfleece liner for a little added warmth, but a lot of added comfort. Now again, the GL2064 gloves are an incredible value and a great choice for the rider looking for the softness of naked top grain cowhide with that vintage cavalry look.

The next glove in our cruising glove buying guide is the Milwaukee Gloves. Mechanic style gloves are designed to protect your hands from cuts, burns, and impacts while turning wrenches, but their combination of durable materials and lightweight chassis also makes them very popular for riding. Now, these gloves from Milwaukee are a great choice for the grease monkey, rocket jockey, or both. These gloves are made of synthetic suede and highly breathable spandex material.

Let’s look at some of the features. Starting on the palm side, you can see the synthetic suede material that’s reinforced with extra panels and padding to protect your hands. The fourchettes on the fingers are perforated for added airflow. As we move toward the wrist, you can see the branded pull-tab for easy-on and the hook and loop wrist strap. If we flip the glove over, you can see that the fingertips are protected by more of this synthetic suede from the palm with the A-Star on the index finger. The areas on the top of the hand with the sublimated graphics are made of highly breathable spandex that does a great job of providing a good snug fit and flows a lot of air. The knuckles are protected by a high-density foam pad beneath this synthetic suede panel, featuring the A-Stars logo. The Milwaukee Gloves are a great choice for the technician or rider looking for a lightweight protective glove for their hands.

Next, we have the Harley-Davidson gloves. These gloves are a great option for the rider looking for a lightweight, breathable cruising glove with more of a vintage look and a leather chassis. These gloves come in distressed grown, but there’s also a distressed black version called the Swindler and a non-distressed black version called the Sturgis available. The fit of these gloves is very generous and this soft leather will break-in some. So if you’re in between sizes, you may want to pick the smaller size. Now on the palm side of the glove, you can see the reinforced panels in the high impact areas. These panels are equipped with gel pads to ease the vibration felt through the bars. At the wrist is an elastic band to make the fit more precise.

Now if we flip the glove over to the top side, you can see the oversized perforation on the fingers, hand, and thumb. The knuckle area features additional larger holes for added airflow, and the carpal area is open with a hook and loop adjuster at the wrist. Again, the gloves from Harley-Davidson are an excellent choice for the cruising rider looking for a light-duty leather glove with that vintage look.

Unlike a standard leather work gloves, Jackets 4 Bikes riding gloves have accordion-style stretch panels on all four of the fingers, giving you a great relationship with your motorcycle’s controls. They also feature gel pads on the palms and externally stitched fingers for added comfort. A hook and loop adjuster at the wrists offers a secure fit. All in all, these gloves are a great choice for the rider looking for that vintage industrial-grade work glove look, with the features that make a glove great for riding your motorcycle.

Finally, we have the Superbike riding gloves. These gloves are a great choice for the rider looking for a budget-friendly, highly breathable glove with the comfort and durability of a full goatskin chassis. Now they fit spot-on. They run true to size and are available in sizes extra small to 4-XL. There’s a size chart on the listing to help you establish your fit. The construction is very simple. The palms are solid goatskin with an extra panel for reinforcement that extends onto the thumb. The leather’s perforated on the fingers and the inside of the thumb for added breathability. And at the wrist, is a stretchy band for a precise fit. And the top of the hand and thumb are completely covered with small perf and there is a hook and loop strap at the wrist for an adjustable fit. Now again, Superbike gloves are a great choice for the rider looking for a full goatskin mesh glove at a great price.

Video Tutorial: How to Clean Your Motorcycle Gloves

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  1. Leather gloves were one of the best purchases I made when I bought my bike. They’ve been by my side every single time I ride. Personally, I think everyone who rides should have a pair of gloves. It keeps your hands away from the wind and they keep you warm as well.

  2. When I used to ride a motorcycle, the quality of ones leather gloves made all the difference. Genuine leather gloves with hard plastic knuckles, and added touch screen capabilities, would go a long way. I still remember my favorite pair of leather motorcycle gloves. They are worth the investment if riding regularly!

  3. How is the thumb feel when you use your turn signals? I bought new gloves recently and they fit well EXCEPT on my thumbs. They’re a little too long and that results in a weird disconnect with my turn signal lever. Just curious how the fit and feel is for you with these gloves in all manner of riding. Thanks! ✌️

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