5 Best Leather Bandoliers
5 Best Leather Bandoliers
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Smiffys Mens Bandolier Bullet Belt
10" high
10" wide
Size: One Size
SkyCity 6 Grounds 12Gauge Hunting Shooting Leather Shotgun Shell Holder for Belt
Genuine leather
Fit for 12G
Suitable up to 2 "wide belt
TOURBON Adjustable Leather Bandolier Pistol Cartridge Belt for 9mm
Top-grain leather
20 cartridge loops
Fit for waist :31-37 inch
TOURBON Genuine Leather Bandolier 30 Round 20 Gauge Shotgun Shell Belt Brown
Genuine leather
Hold 30 shells 20 gauge
Fit for waist: 38 "до 44,5"
Historical Emporium
Historical Emporium Mens Western Plain Leather Bandolier
For 45 caliber

Video Tutorial: Making a Mexican Bandolier, Custom Leather Belt

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