10 Leather Gun Belts for CCW
10 Leather Gun Belts for CCW
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Hanks Extreme
Versatile For Everyday Use
Super thick
17 oz
Relentless Tactical
Strong and Secure platform
Lifetime Warranty
14 oz
Aker Leather
Features a polymer insert
Custom metal buckle
Vegetable-tanned cowhide
Hanks Gunner
Solid leather belts
Full Grain Leather
Quality are unsurpassed
Daltech Force Bull
Easy Sizing
Full Grain leather
14-15 oz
Hanks NO Break
Super Thick Gun Belt
Full Grain leather
17 oz
DTOM Buffalo
Premium Buffalo Hide
Full Grain leather
14 oz
Full Grain Leather
Custom Fit
14 oz
Daltech Force Roughcut
No Rollover
14 oz
Exos Gun Belt
Full Grain leather
Stainless Steel Hardware
15-17 oz

Carrying a firearm is a lifestyle. It says you’re ready to protect yourself and those around you. It says you exercise your second amendment right as an American citizen, and it says how you live your life while being prepared for anything.While many people look for the right holster for a handgun, another option is a good gun belt. You’ll spend far less time and money looking for the best leather gun belts than many other concealed carry options. The best types of gun belts address the very real concerns of a concealed carrier, such as durability and safety, but it should also be comfort. It wouldn’t hurt if the belt looked stylish as well.

This guide compares some of the top leather gun belts available on the market based on their materials, durability, hardware, and comfort.

Here is a quick comparison of the chosen leather gun belts we’re reviewing today. To know more about buying high-quality leather gun belts, take a gander at the buyer’s guide below our detailed reviews.

Hanks Extreme Leather Gun Belt for CCW: Highest Rated Leather CCW Belt

Hanks ExtremeHanks is a household name for CCW belts. With the Hanks Extreme Leather Gun Belt for CCW, you get an exceptional quality belt made from full grain steer hide leather. It’s extremely tough and made to last. You can also wear it with any holster you like, including OWB, SOB, or IWB.

With a higher 17 oz weight, the belt is able to handle a number of handguns and accessories at once. You can carry your Glock 43 as well as holster, flashlight, taser, mag pouches, radio pouch, and many other attachments with no problem at all. It won’t sag or droop one bit.

In addition, the belt comes with a 100-year warranty. This is a standard for all Hanks belts, and it definitely shows the quality of the materials and construction. With this super thick belt, you’ll be able to effortlessly carry all of your tactical gear without worrying about the draw. It’s just one of the best belts on the market.

Thick, full grain steer hide leather belt This belt doesn’t have an insert, it’s just naturally thick
Effortless and comfortable for everyday wear
Ability to carry heavier handguns and multiple tactical accessories
Uses screws
If you are looking for a high-quality, thick belt that doesn’t move around at all and feels weightless, this is the right one for you. It’s incredibly sturdy and solid, and it comes in black or dark brown. You’ll be able to carry all of your tactical accessories with ease, and it’s simple to change out the buckle if you want to customize it more to your liking.

Relentless Tactical CCW Gun Belt: Best Value CCW Leather Belt

Relentless TacticalRelentless Tactical is another name brand in gun belts that has built a reputation for making high-quality leather belts and accessories. Their CCW gun belt is no exception. With a 14 oz weight and 1 ½” width, it’s a thick, study belt made to securely hold your IWB or OWB holster, as well as any pouches and accessories that you may have.

This is a premium full grain leather belt made in the USA. It is quite strong and slightly heavy in hand, so it feels extremely solid when you take it out of the box. You can use it for concealed carry or open carry, and it comes in four different styles. You can choose between black stitched, brown stitched, or woven. This belt also uses Chicago screws for the buckle, which makes it incredibly sturdy. While it doesn’t have a steel core, you can tell it will last you a lifetime, and it includes a lifetime warranty just in case.

Heavy, thick durable gun belt No steel core but still sturdy
1 ½” thick full grain leather Some customers complained the belt warped and lost its shape after 2 months
Made in USA
Chicago screws for belt buckle
You can’t go wrong with the Relentless Tactical CCW leather belt. It’s a tough belt that’s made to carry anything you’ve got, and although it’s not as heavy as the Hanks Extreme, it still feels solid and durable around your waist. You’ll need to check sizing before you purchase so that you know it will work with your holster.

Aker Leather B21 Concealed Carry Gun Belt: Best Gun Belt for the Price

Aker LeatherAker makes sturdy, no-fuss gun belts, and their B21 CCW leather belt is no exception. This is a vegetable-tanned cowhide belt that also uses other materials, so it’s unclear if this is a full leather belt. However, it looks and feels like a solid leather belt, and it’s been tested by law enforcement agencies.

It features a polymer insert so you won’t have to deal with any sagging or drooping due to loss of shape or stretching.

Due to the style, it could also double for a high-end dress belt, but it’s definitely a thick 1 ½” gun belt that can hold your IWB or OWB holster. The most difficult issue with this belt is sizing. You’ll need to size up about 2 to 4 inches from your natural waist size to get the right one that’s comfortable for your waist. Some customers claim the belt runs small, while others had no issue with the sizing.

Thick CCW belt Runs small
Great value
Vegetable-tanned black or tan leather belt
Includes polymer core
Before you purchase the Aker Leather B21 CCW gun belt, you’ll need to know your waist size and whether you need to purchase a couple inches up based on your holster. This belt is a little different than others on this list because of its reinforced polymer core. It’s made from cowhide material, and it’s quite strong too. You can choose brass or chrome hardware.

Hanks Stitch Gunner Belt CCW: Best in Style and Value

Hanks GunnerIf you’re looking for an IWB and stiff paddle holster belt, the Hanks Stitch Gunner Belt CCW is a popular option. It’s also one of the best belts from the brand due to its price and leather grain. The utility and strength of this belt for the value cannot be compared to many others in the same market.

The style is pretty straightforward like most of Hanks belts. At 13 oz and 1 ½” wide, it’s incredible thick. The belt is vegetable-tanned and comes in three different colors, ranging from black to dark brown to a dark saddle tan. The manufacturer promises no sag, rollover, or stretching, and it comes with a 100-year warranty.

Comfortable and sturdy to wear Bit stiff at first
Simple and straightforward style No steel or polymer core
Heavy-duty, supports all holsters and accessories
For those who love the Hanks style, this belt is their most popular CCW option, and it’s made from high-quality durable leather. You’ll get a lot of value out of this belt, and it’s perfect for your lightweight and heavier handguns.

Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather: Extra Thick and DurableTactical Belt

The Daltech Force CCW is a thick, bull hide leather belt that weighs 14 to 15 oz depending on the style you purchase.

Daltech Force BullWhile it’s 100% full grain leather, there are some promises in the description that customers say don’t hold up to the long-term wear of the belt. However, you still get a simple, well-made stylish black or brown belt with the Daltech.

You won’t be able to wear this belt with some dress pants, however. It’s simply not made to go with narrow loops. Due to its thickness, it’s going to work with certain tactical pants, jeans, and wider loops. The belt comes with removable Chicago screws so that you can customize your buckle. It’s definitely a good option for a tactical belt.

Indestructible heavy bull hide belt Quite thick, doesn’t fit some types of pant loops
Extra thick Customers complained belt fell apart under a year and was not honored by warranty
Stitched black or brown leather
For the price, you’ll get quite a sturdy belt that’s extremely thick and supportive for any holster or accessories that you want to attach. Made from bull hide, it’s the toughest leather you can get on the market, but it doesn’t come with an insert.

Hanks No Break Black Out Leather Gun: Most Stylish Black Gun Belt

Hanks NO BreakYou cannot help but like this belt if you want a pure all black style with genuine leather and sturdy hardware. The Hanks No Break Black Out leather belt is one-of-a-kind and well-known for its durability. You won’t find too many CCW belts that have this level of craftsmanship and sturdiness.

With its thick 1 ½” wide design, this belt is all one-piece with no fillers. It’s made from 100% full grain leather, and it continues to deliver on performance for many years. It has a 100 year warranty that guarantees to replace the belt if it breaks. You can also easily change out the buckle thanks to Chicago screws.

All black hardware, black full grain leather No insert, may sag after a year of heavy use
Made in USA
Backed by 100-year warranty
For those who love Hanks belts, this one is an amazing belt that you can use with almost any pants, even for dress occasions. While it’s made for tactical use, the 17 oz belt is high quality and made to last. You’ll be able to change out the buckle, but why would you when it’s completely discreet and sleek with all black hardware. It’s a great buy and holds up to customer tests for durability.

DTOM Buffalo Tough CCW Leather Gun Belt: Strongest for the Money

DTOM BuffaloMade from tough buffalo hide, this CCW leather gun belt is extremely durable and sturdy. At 1 ½” width and 14 oz weight, it’s a solid one piece belt that doesn’t use any fillers in construction. It’s indestructible and won’t sag even after months of use.

Since it’s made from wild buffalo hide, it’s also one of the toughest belts you’ll find.

You can choose between black or brown leather for the belt, and it’s all handmade. DTOM is well known for their belts and holsters, and this one works with any holster or accessories that you’ll need to attach. The sizing guide is available right in the description, so you know whether to purchase a size up based on what you’ll be carrying.

Quite comfortable Some customers complained belt fell apart within a couple of months
Extremely tough buffalo hide leather
Black or brown options
High quality handmade stitching
Backed by lifetime warranty
For the money, you won’t be able to find a belt as durable or as thick as this one. With its handmade leather and handmade stitching, it looks quite stylish with any type of wear for any occasion, including dress pants. While many manufacturers don’t include a sizing guide, DTOM has also provided handy sizing options so you get the right fit.

1791 Gunleather Gun Belt CCW: Best Comfort and Craftsmanship

GUNLEATHER Gun BeltIf you want a unique gun belt made with American steerhide leather, the 1791 GUNLEATHER belt is your best option. It’s reinforced leather that’s perfect for EDC and CCW, and it’s made with full grain leather. As a tactical belt, you’ll love that it’s rated for all holsters and handguns.

The buckle is heavy duty, but it can be removed thanks to Chicago screws. The hardware is chrome and pretty simple, however, so you’ll likely want to remove it in favor of another custom buckle. This belt also comes in black or brown leather.

Classic, simple design Customers complained warranty doesn’t hold up
Heavy duty American steerhide leather
Supports heavy weight firearms, holsters and accessories
Before purchasing this belt, you should check the warranty to ensure that it will cover a replacement belt if it were to break or stretch. There were some customer complaints indicating it was difficult to replace the belt after it began to wear in such a few months.

Daltech Force Roughcut CCW Natural Leather Belt: The Perfect Tan Leather Belt

Daltech Force RoughcutFor those who love the light tan and natural tan leather look, the Daltech Force Roughcut is the absolute perfect purchase. It’s extremely stylish and handsome, made from 100% full grain leather. The Roughcut is a natural hide color that has unfinished edges, and it goes well with your best-looking jeans.

This heavy duty 15 to 17 oz leather belt is vegetable-tanned bull hide leather with a .22 to .23 edge for no sag, no rollover, and no stretching. It’s guaranteed in the lifetime warranty. The belt comes with seven holes and offers a 1-inch thick width. You’ll love the way this belt looks and feels.

Stylish, bull hide leather No insert or care, so belt may sag but it’s covered by lifetime warranty
Natural, unique tan colors
Thick and heavy duty belt
If you like the light tan and natural leather look, then the Daltech Force Roughcut is the perfect leather belt for your CCW needs. You’ll love the way it fits and sits on your waist. It’s extremely comfortable and made to impress with high-quality leather.

Exos Gun Belt CCW: Best English Bridle Leather Belt

Exos Gun BeltThere’s nothing more beautiful than this handmade, top quality gun belt. It’s made in the USA from real English bridle leather. It’s extremely sturdy and can carry any holster, firearm, and pouches with no worries about sagging. In fact, it’s gotten such high ratings from customers, it’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

It also comes in every color you could possibly want, whether you are looking for light tan to black colors. You’ll love how this belt fits you and supports all of your accessories as well as your firearm. The manufacturer also includes a warranty that will replace your belt for any reason over its lifetime.

High quality leather Some customers felt it was too soft for a gun belt
Handmade in the USA
Very stylish and sturdy
If you love the look of English bridle leather, then you’ll love the Exos Gun Belt for EDC or CCW. It’s a sturdy, thick built that comes with extra holes and sizes depending on what you are looking for and what type of holster you support. For the price, it’s a great value.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a gun belt is essential for concealed carry, but it’s also useful for everyday carry as well. Without a gun belt designed for comfortable carry, your handgun may never get the support or stability that you need to head out with your firearm.

Without a high-quality belt, you are entirely dependent on your pants to support the weight of your handgun, and that doesn’t work for anyone.

The main thing to remember is that gun belts don’t have to be expensive even when made from the finest leather. The best belts offer durability with refined, long-lasting leather and strong hardware that’s complementary to the leather you choose.

What to Look for in Leather Gun Belts

There are some things you must have in a gun belt. When the right belt supports your firearm correctly, you won’t hardly even notice it’s there. Here are some quick things to keep in mind:

  • Your belt should be comfortable around your waist with the right weight, ranging from 14 oz to 17 oz if you are looking for a heavy duty belt.
  • Gun belts should never sag or droop so far that it becomes hard to conceal your carry. It should be easy to draw your firearm.
  • Durable, long-lasting leather shouldn’t be expensive, but it should come with a warranty that verifies its quality.

Most gun belts are made from leather, except for some tactical belts. With high-quality materials such as bull hide leather and steel hardware, you’ll get a stable, durable belt that can rest snugly on your waist without cutting into you or sagging if you loosen it up.

In addition, you also want to think about other things you might add onto your belt such as tactical pouches and your holster.

Material and Durability

Most gun belts are made from leather. This material works best because it can handle both lightweight and heavy duty concealed carry firearms, as well as your holster. These belts are made to be strong and durable. The strongest belts will have an insert made of metal or polymer inside to keep the core sturdy but maintain comfort.

However, it does make some belts quite stuff, but if you are looking to carry a heavier weapon, then you will likely need a belt with this stronger core to withstand the weight.

The best belts are thick with heavy duty stitching. They are able to withstand years of use, which is why they have such long warranties.

Belt Sizing

Typical leather gun belts have a weight between 13 oz and 17 oz with a width ranging from 1 to 2 inches. However, you also have to consider if you are choosing an IWB or OWB holster. If you go with an OWB, then you may want to go up a size in length by two inches.

If you have an IWB holster and a heavier gun, then you may want to add four extra inches onto the belt length when sizing it for your waist. Some belts have their own specific instructions on how to size it, so you’ll need to check the specifications before completing your purchase.

You can also look for additional holes if you want to ensure that you get the right size. Most gun belts have eight holes to ensure that you can size it appropriately for your carry type and holster.

Removable Buckle

Buckles should be removable, but not all belts are made this way. Buckles may be fastened with screws or snaps. Screws are the most durable option, and they can be removed so you can add on your own buckle anyway.

Useful Video: Why a Good Gun Belt Is Needed For CCW


It is important to bring a high level of support and stability to your holstered firearm, and for that, you need a gun belt of high quality. Without it, your firearm will droop and sag under the weight of your gun, causing a difficult and awkward draw.

If you’ve ever worn an average belt with a gun, you’ll notice that over time the shape of the belt will deform. Look for rigid material or reinforced leather to counteract these deformations.

Some manufacturers even use steel or polymer to reinforce their leather. This will allow you to carry your holstered handgun, mags, flashlight, and anything else you choose to carry with zero signs of sag or degradation.

Average belts tend to cause discomfort and wear out frequently. Having a strong, reliable gun belt will last you a lifetime. Carrying is a lifestyle; it should provide security and preparation, not be a burden.

Choosing the right gun belt can often be the number one factor for comfort. Most gun holsters require a minimum belt width in order to attach securely. The standard gun belt size is one and a half inches wide.

Having a robust and reliable gun belt will keep your gun and holster in place, giving you an advantage when every second count.

When looking at gun belts, it’s clear that the quality of the leather and stitching is important, but it’s also the sturdiness and construction. Most belts on this list can withstand the test of time, and they have a lifetime warranty to back it up too.

For the price and value of the belt, we love Hanks belts most of all. The Hanks Blackout leather belt is a particular favorite on this list, but you can’t go wrong with the Hanks extreme leather gun belt. It’s the best one in terms of durability, style, and cost.

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  1. Leather gun belts are a must-have. Every time I go to the shooting range, I always see people strutting these amazing belts around. Therefore, I got myself one last year and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  2. I really like the Exos Gun Belt. As the other comments said, I haven’t owned one of these in my life either; although, at the range I always see people carrying these and showing off their incredible guns.

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