5 Best Suede Protectors
5 Best Suede Protectors
4.6 (92.8%) 25 vote[s]
Moneysworth 5.6-Ounce
Max protection against rain
Premium Quality Formula
Made in Canada
Adds water repellency
Water based
Sponge-on applicator
Collonil Nubuck
Easy-to-use product
Will not peel, crack
Maintains suppleness
Saphir Medaille dOR
Safe & Easy-to-use
Premium formula
Size: 250ml
Collonil Carbon Pro
Waterproofing Spray
Extra large 400 ml
Preserves the breathability

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65.18% of users selected Moneysworth 5.6-Ounce, 13.74% selected Nikwax, 7.03% selected Collonil Nubuck, 8.31% selected Saphir Medaille dOR and 5.75% selected Collonil Carbon Pro. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you spend a ton of time in the outdoors, then you might find yourself needing a waterproofing product. You might find the products on this top five list versatile and easy to store. You can use many of these items on shoes, bags, briefcases, and coats. Using an item with the properties to block out ultraviolet rays or clean the material can help you get the most life out of a favorite pair of cowboy boots.

Most of the items on this list offer spray on protection for quick applications. How do you know which product to pick? Each item on our list provides different protection and benefits. We go into detail about our top five choices to guide you through selecting top-of-the-line items with protection for leather and suede next.

Moneysworth Best Suede and Nubuck Protector – Best UV Suede Protector

Moneysworth Best Suede and Nubuck ProtectorWhen you live in a humid environment, you may your suede items need a little attention to stay clean and looking new. The Moneysworth Protector repels water and stains on purses, jackets, and boots. You may find the sun protection helpful for resisting fading.

Pros Cons
Premium quality compound Not for leather products
Safe for all colors
Regular application improves protection from water, stains, and dirt
For clothing and boots with stains or dirt, we recommend using this product as a cleaner with a brush before applying a final coat to protect. This suede protection item will cause water to bead up with correct use. You may want to spray your items outdoors because this compound is strong for some consumers.

Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing – Best Environmentally Friendly Suede Protector

NikwaxDo you feel protecting the Earth is as important as keeping your family safe and comfortable? The Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Protector contains no volatile organic compounds or VOC’s. It also has no odor or perfluorinated compounds, or PFC’s.

Pros Cons
Perfect product for UGG boots and Nubuck materials Cleaning before applying is a manufacturer’s suggestion
Biodegradable with a water soluble formula Requires sponge to put the product on items
Safe for premium leather and synthetic products

You might like this waterproofing product if you have several items to cover. This suede protector is not toxic for use around humans. You might find this product easy to keep around because it is non-flammable.

Collonil Nubuck Plus Velours/Suede Waterproof Protector Repellent Spray – Best Combination Suede Protector

Collonil NubuckDo you own expensive leather purses, belts, hats, or boots? Many expensive clothing and accessories owners go with the Collonil Nubuck Plus Velours spray because it cleans and protects suede and leather items. The manufacturer designs this protector for high-quality items.

The compound will restore dull and old leather with color invigorating ingredients.

Pros Cons
Will not crackle or flake after applying Flammable
Effective for repelling sweat and stains
Keeps leather items soft and pliable

When you have older leather bags or items that need extra care, this product is a great restorer. If your suede is dull and lacking appeal, then you may find this cleaner, restorer, and protector useful for deep conditioning.

Saphir Medaille d’Or Nubuck and Suede Renovator and Conditioning Waterproof Spray – Best Choice Suede Protector

Saphir Medaille dOr Nubuck and Suede RenovatorDo you own exquisite suede bags or shoes? Do you have a favorite pair of boots that you want to keep looking fresh and beautiful? You may like our top pick for Best Suede Protector for refreshing your leather materials and keeping them pliable and soft.

This product will clean items with light soiling. It is safe to reapply whenever you want your boots to look their best. You may like that the all-natural ingredient list including beeswax, mink oil, and lanolin if you want to use something environmentally safe and non-toxic. This cleaner and protector reverses minor fading.
Pros Cons
Company with long-standing reputation for quality Works best for neutral tones and black items
Simply reapply product to reinvigorate colors
Combination cleaner, restorer, and protector
No silicates in the formula

Do you need a gentle product using almond oils and natural waxes to protect your Chanel bag or suede Louis Vuitton boots? We think you may appreciate the way you can easily reapply this product to your items before a trip to the country for the weekend. We recommend using this product when you are coating items indoors around pets or children because the natural ingredients are safe.

Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray – Best Breathable Suede Protector

CollonilDo you wear leather or suede boots for work? Is a water repelling product something you can use on your outdoor wear? You may like the Collonil Carbon Pro suede and leather protection to keep you dry no matter how long you spend in the elements.

You can work for hours tending cattle, training construction crews, and landscaping while keeping your feet breathing.

Pros Cons
Keeps materials safe from water while allowing air to pass through the barrier to remove moistness May have a strong odor when using to coat several items at the same time
Premium German suede protector
Innovative carbon fiber technology to offer exceptional results

You may enjoy keeping this Collonil product around because it is safe for any color material. You can use this item on clothing, accessories, and footwear to add a protective barrier from rain, mud, and dust.

Best Suede Protectors – Buyer’s Guide

Do you wonder if it is time to replace your suitcase? Is your briefcase looking a little drab? Perhaps your boots are dirty and let the water soak your feet every time you are in the rain. If you have expensive leather items, then cleaning and sealing the material is essential for extending the life of your favorite accessories and shoes. We answer some of the biggest questions about the Top Five Suede Protectors in the following Buyer’s Guide section.

How to protect suede & nubuck shoes?

The first step is to remove any factory stains that are on the shoe with the suede eraser. It happens. The stains aren’t too bad, so they come out pretty easily. Once that’s done, and you spot treat the shoes, you grab the premium brush, and you remove any of the residues from the suede eraser and just brush the entire shoe lightly to get off any extraneous dirt that’s on there.

After you’re done with that, you want to go to a well-ventilated like your garage, or just outside and then you want to spray the shoes. You want to make sure you’re about a foot away from the shoe. You don’t want to be right on top of the shoe and soak them, and you want to kind of mist them.

You do that, leave it out for 10 minutes, let it dry, come back out, do the same thing, spray the entire shoe, make sure you don’t soak them, it’s just a light mist, let them dry again for another 10 minutes and then you should be good to go. If you have time, leave them overnight. Of course, if you don’t have the time to leave them overnight, that’s fine too.

Will these products darken my purse or boots?

No. The products on our list do not cause permanent color changes. While the compound may look dark during application, the protectors will dry clear keeping all colors original. Some items enhance colors. We recommend using the Collonil Nubuck plus Velours/Suede Waterproof Protector Repellent Spray and Moneysworth Best Suede and Nubuck Protector if you worry about color protection.

Even though the Collonil is a black spray, it does not deepen the color of tan or light materials. Both products protect colors keeping them bright and shiny. The Collonil even refreshes dull boots, purses, briefcases, and luggage while conditioning your favorite articles.

Do protectors work for every color?

While the products on our list say they work for all types of leather and suede, you may find one item is better for dark or bright colors than another. For example, the Saphir Medaille d’Or Nubuck and Suede Renovator and Conditioning Waterproof Spray says it will brighten black, brown, and neutral tones. The Collonil Nubuck plus Velours/Suede Waterproof Protector Repellent Spray comes with high praise from consumers using it on vibrant reds, blues, and whites.

How far away do you spray the product from suede items?

Most of the items on this list suggest spraying the protector about three to six inches from the material. It is always best to check the manufacturer’s specific instructions. You may find the waterproof protection lacking if you do not get the application correct. For example, if you spray your work boots at 12 inches, then you might notice some areas beading up more than others. To get complete coverage, more than one application may be necessary.

How many coats are best for waterproofing boots and accessories?

While all the products on our Top Five list go on well and protect with one coat, it may be necessary to reapply the compound regularly. If you choose the Moneysworth Best Suede and Nubuck Protector, then you may like knowing additional applications increase the effectiveness of the product. The coating will resist more stains and repel water better with each coat.

How often do you reapply suede protectors?

For regular use like walking in the rain or accidental spills, then a seasonal coating will suffice. When you are working in sticky, oily, or dirty environments, then you may need to apply several coats of protection and redo the application after several weeks of use. If you work around mud and muck like on a farm or when working outdoors, then we think monthly applications are the best. You can use the sprays every week if you want to keep colors vibrant and fresh through wet, soggy conditions.

Will colors bleed when using waterproofing sprays?

No. None of the products on our Top Five list will cause dyes to run or colors to bleed onto other items. To prevent staining from other materials like polyester linings, you might want to go with the Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof protection. This sponge on waterproof material lets you put the compound where you want it without the worry of over-spray. Another helpful idea is to use a towel or rag on the inside of shoes and boots to prevent the spray from getting onto other materials.

Do all the products clean and protect leather and suede?

No. While all the items on this list protect leather and suede, only a couple of them clean or restore the material. If you want a product that does both or restores your high-quality goods, then you may want to choose the Collonil Nubuck plus Velours/Suede Waterproof Protector Repellent Spray or the Saphir Waterproofing Spray. Our product similarity section will let you get a quick view of which products clean or restore while protecting.

Do you apply the suede protection with the material wet or dry?

We recommend these products go onto leather and suede while dry. The spray will penetrate the material best when there is no moisture on boots, luggage, clothing, or accessories.

Video Tutorial: How to Waterproof Suede Shoes?

Final thoughts

We suggest trying a few of the products you like to see which one performs the best and offers the protection and benefits you want the most. Always use a small amount of the product on a hidden area of the leather or suede before applying to the entire item. If there is something you dislike about the product, it will be easier to see and you will not have to clean the entire material to remove it.

We hope this Best Suede Protectors Buyer’s Guide gives you more insight into the leading leather care products. This Top Five list includes items for all colors and quality types.

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  1. I have used the Nikwax Nubuck products on all of my winter boots and they have lasted so much longer than they used to now! I don’t have to worry about the water completely soaking my feet when I come in from the snow now.

  2. How often do you suggest spraying suede products? I know that they may start to wear off after a while but I’m not sure how you can tell when.

    1. Hello, Trey! Thanks for the comment. I would recommend using a suede protector once or twice a week.

  3. Does the Moneysworth Best Suede make it completely waterproof or just water resistant? I’m really looking for something that could be completely waterproof with no faults or errors.

    1. Hello, Evan! It’s just water resistant, but it’s a very good choice for your shoes.

  4. Im a little confused, you say the following; “We recommend these products go onto leather and suede while dry. The spray will penetrate the material best when there is no moisture on boots, luggage, clothing, or accessories”

    However Nikwax instructions are this:

    “Shake well before use. Press sponge applicator to break seal.
    Apply generously to WET footwear; Spray-On (from a distance of 5cm) or Sponge-On.
    After 2 minutes, remove surplus with a cloth and allow to dry before use.”

    1. Hello, Col! Thanks for your comment. When you are using Nikwax Suede Protector, you can humidify the surface of your shoes, but it isn’t necessary. I always use a protector on dry suede, and it’s ok.

  5. Thanks for your reply I have just arrived home with a a new pair of nubuk boots (Merrell ontario WP) in preparation for a winter trip to Japan in January.
    They claim to be waterproof and looking for the best way to look after them, I am guessing that I should wait a while before applying a waterproof coating at home and probably a couple of time when away in the snow and ice. Do all products mentioned repel stains as well?

    1. I forgot to mention, the colour I purchased is a very light brown, Merrell call it Brown Sugar.

      1. Hello again, Col! If you wear your boots the first time, it isn’t necessary to use a nubuck protector. I would recommend using a Moneysworth to effective protection. It’s my preferred solution.

  6. Steve, dont mean to be a pest however Moneysworth does not appear to be available here in Australia, plan B??

    1. Hi, Col! You can try Kiwi Suede Protector, but I didn’t test it. If you’ll buy it, write to me your review about that. It’s very interesting.

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