5 Best Men's Leather Briefcases
5 Best Men’s Leather Briefcases
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Dimensions: 17.3 x 4.5 x 12 in
Zipper closure for security
2 pockets outside
Dimensions: 16 x 3.9 x 11.8 in
Colors: Black, Coffee, Blue
Durable fabric lining
Jack&Chris Briefcase
Dimensions: 16 x 2.8 x 11.8 in
Simple and generous design
Fit A4 documents
Alpine Swiss Black Bag
Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 5 in
Includes a laptop sleeve
Crafted from quality leather
Samsonite Business Case
Dimensions: 16.8 x 12.2 x 7 in
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Leather Softside

Choose the Best Men’s Leather Briefcase

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Men’s Leather Briefcases

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62.71% of users selected BOSTANTEN Briefcase, 6.78% selected BOSTANTEN Bag for Men, 18.64% selected Jack&Chris Briefcase, 5.08% selected Alpine Swiss Black Bag and 6.78% selected Samsonite Business Case. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A briefcase is an important accessory for busy business professionals. Students, doctors, tech professionals, and interns can all use these items to keep work and school equipment in one convenient place. Nothing is worse than having to carry a laptop bag, a backpack, and lunch bag all at the same time. Therefore, a convenient way to keep everything organized is with a briefcase.

Besides having room to carry everything in one item, many individuals enjoy having a protective case for laptops, tablets, and work files. The key is to pick the right item to house everything you need. Plus, comfort and ease of carrying are also important when choosing a product you will carry every day.

Whether you are a lawyer or a doctor who needs some place to put the work you will take home, the five briefcases on our list offer a safe place for important work items. We put a variety of men’s cases on our list to show the range of available products on the market. All our options are affordable and offer differing benefits.

Bostanten Standard – Best Editor’s Choice option

When you want a multi-functional bag that you can carry around for work, weekend trips, and meetings, our Editor’s pick is the original Bostanten briefcase. The exterior of the bag is a high-quality black leather that water will bead off from when raining.

This bag has several pockets for keeping things separate. A tough polyester interior shell protects belongings. The bag has a zipper for easy closing to ensure nothing falls out while you walk or ride back and forth.

Pros Cons
Antique brass hardware May have problems keeping the strap on the bag
Shoulder strap and handle
Separate mobile phone compartment
Inside pocket with a zipper
Fits laptops up to 15 inches
Lightweight at just over two pounds

Bostanten Formal – Best Laptop bag

As a busy lawyer or CEO, you may need an item that is more conventional.

Bostanten creates a proper bag for busy professionals. This official laptop bag is an excellent item for carrying your technological devices between courtrooms, board meetings, or planes if you travel a lot.

Inside, several compartments make it easy to store your cell phone, pens, wallet, and laptop. With a sleek external cover, this bag is ready for any occasion. You may appreciate the primary compartment with a zipper closing.

Pros Cons
Open and zipper pockets on the inside Main zipper may break after using long-term
Will fit laptops up to 15.6 inches wide Shoulder strap and hardware can wear out after several months of use
Robust hardware
Nylon arm band with customizable strap and carry handles
Premium materials and construction

Jack and Chris Attache Case- Best Organizing bag

Are you the guy who likes to travel light? Do you prefer a bag that is durable enough to withstand the elements? The Jack and Chris briefcase is more of a casual item.

The tough leather exterior is excellent for guys who ride motorcycles back and forth to work and school. He can easily sling this bag over his shoulder and take off for the next adventure.

The dual zipper for the main compartment of this bag makes it easy to access items when wearing the bag. The zippers feature leather pull tags to help improve the strength of the product. The strap has a cover to make sure the item is comfortable to tote for long commutes.

Pros Cons
Fits 14-inch laptops and A4 files Lining may tear
Padded laptop compartment Zipper clasps may not last long
U.S. product
Button closer for the straps
Color and material resists dirt
Durable stitching
Backstrap for hanging the briefcase on luggage carts

Alpine Swiss Briefcase – Best Padded case

Do you carry valuables in your briefcase? Is a supportive material important to ensure your laptop screen stays intact? The Alpine Swiss attache case features extra insulation.

The internal computer pocket closes with a zipper to stow away your valuables. The closing flap gives you extra room to get into the bag. Keeping your card information safe is important to prevent theft, so this signature item features three slots with RFID security for your credit cards.

Pros Cons
Back compartment has organizers for pens, phones, and other items Weighs over three pounds
External open pocket for slipping in quick documents or receipts
Ornate details using buckles
Fits laptops as large as 15.6 inches
Removable carry strap
Authentic Colombian leather
Two handles for hand carrying

Samsonite Leather Briefcase – Best Expandable case

Do you have a lot to carry? If organizational space is important to you, then you may like this briefcase the most. The genuine leather construction means this product is durable and resists water.

With extra padding on the shoulder strap, you can carry this bag wherever you need it. Handling extra weight is no problem with durable hardware and stitching. The two-zipper closer means your items stay safe even when something happens to one of the zippers.

Pros Cons
Front section features an organizer for pens, calculators, compasses, pencils, and other important items Heaviest bag on our list
Expanding pocket opens up to receive several files, folders, and notebooks The strips of leather may detach with use and separate
Fits laptops to 15.6 inches
Easy to detach shoulder belt
Handle slide covers the joint between the two pieces to make the bag more comfortable for carrying

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right bag for your needs may mean looking at the construction of the material. If you need a product that is durable, then we suggest picking items with reinforced stitching and zipper pockets. Dual zippers are more preferable to most people.

How much does the bag weigh

All of the bags on our list weigh between two and a half and three and a half pounds.

Will the bag accommodate a 17-inch laptop

No. None of the bags on our list have ratings for laptops larger than 15.6 inches in width. Trying to put a larger laptop in the bag can stretch or rip the seams causing tears.

Can I add a lock for security

No. The bags on our list cannot lock securely with a key or combination lock. The zipper pockets will not withstand tampering.

Will the strap stain my white shirt

While we do not know of any problems with staining, we recommend trying out the strap when wet to see if any residue transfers to your clothing. You can replace the leather strap with a nylon option should you have any problems with color transfer.

Can I put the bag over my luggage handle

Most of the bags on this list have an adjustable strap that will work for travel carts. We suggest the Jack and Chris bag if you want a bag with a specific luggage strap.

How To Spot Quality Leather Briefcases

The first thing to look at when buying a briefcase, to make sure it’s of high quality, look at the hardware. If a manufacturer spends good money on the hardware, they actually buy oversized, good, solid pieces that are well-polished, or well put together. You can tell, okay, they probably didn’t skimp in other areas when it comes to the leather when it comes to the thread when it comes to the overall design, and the build of the briefcase.

Next up, let’s talk about leather quality. You’re looking for a full-grain with no blemishes. Full-grain means the top layer of the leather that’s the grain may be mixed with a little bit of the junction, and the junction that’s the combination of the grain where it meets the corium.

What’s the difference? It really comes down to durability and water resistance. At the top leather that’s where you’re going to see it’s actually going to be least porous. It’s going to be very flexible, very tough. As we get down into the corium of the leather, that’s where we’re going to see it’s going to absorb water a lot more readily, and it’s not going to be as durable.

Perfect Leather Biefcase

Look at the stitching. You want to look for a single stitch, and where it needs to be straight, it should be straight, where it needs to curve and follow the lines of the leather it needs to do that.

So, a bad stitch job that’s a sign that they probably didn’t pay attention to the type of thread that they used. If they didn’t pay attention here, the material choice of the thread is key in terms of the longevity of the bag, and how it’s going to react with the leather. Is it going to enlarge the holes? Or is going to have a little bit of stretch and it’s not going to enlarge the holes over time? All of this plays into how long your bag is going to last.

Look at the inside of the bag, the internal lining. If you can pull it out, this is a bad sign. It should stay in the bag. Next up, look at the alignment of the threading, the stitching, the placement of the pockets. Everything should be aligned, and shouldn’t have any issues. When you zip up, and you close the bag, is it catching on anything? Especially the inner lining. If it catches on the inner lining, this is the sign of poor quality.

When you’re identifying great design, look at how they mix functionality with style, so notice the strap. It is perfect when It goes all the way around the bottom of the bag, and what it does is the weight of the bag is being carried and distributed all over this strap.

Look at the bottom of the bag. It can have little metal legs to protect the leather. A small detail that a lot of manufacturers are going to skip on, but when you see this, it’s a sign of quality.

Look at is the printing. Actually, the company’s logo. Maybe your initials engraved in there. Now, if it’s going to be printing on top of the leather the issue here is that it can, and eventually will, get scrapped off, but if they actually press it into the leather, maybe go over it with a little bit of a gold leaf, or just maybe leave it just a straight pressing. That right is going to be a better sign of quality and much more permanent.

Video Guide: How to Choose Men’s Leather Briefcase

Men’s Leather Briefcases FAQ: 

What are the best briefcases for men?

Every man chooses a leather briefcase according to his personal preferences. But certain factors should not be ignored when you pick a leather briefcase for daily use. Here is what you need to learn before buying a men’s leather briefcase:

1) Materials affect the style, durability and care that is why they should be of high quality. Leather is a popular pick because it is a very long-lasting and versatile material. You may choose among such leather types used for making briefcases: 

  • Full-grain leather is the most durable leather type;
  • Top grain leather is more polished and flexible;
  • Genuine leather is the cheapest natural leather type. It is not durable but versatile and easy to maintain;
  • Vegetable-tanned “leather” is based on natural chemicals and tanning techniques that imitate the natural animal skin. Such vegetable-tanned materials are also quite durable and more affordable than any natural leather type;

2) The size of leather briefcases is chosen according to the volume of things you going to place inside of it. Typically, the manufacturers make the briefcases with such dimensions:

  • Super slim – 12” x 16” x 3”;
  • Slim – 11” x 16” x 4”;
  • Standard –17.5” x 13” x 4”;
  • Large – 18.5” x 12” x 5”;
  • Extra-Large –19” x 14” x 10”;

3) The comfort of straps and handles comes next. It is better to invest in a leather briefcase with adjustable shoulder straps with soft paddings. But the classic design doesn’t offer an adjustable strap and has only the handles. 

4) Extra features won’t hurt. Most top-notch premium leather briefcases have many useful features: 

  • Rolling wheels if you seek full portability and don’t want to carry the bag;
  • Laptop compartment;
  • Outside and inside pockets;
  • Travel-friendly standards (check the label – meets TSA regulations);
  • Water-resistant qualities;
  • RFID blocking for keeping sensitive computers, credit cards and electronic documents safe;
  • Padding lining or compartment can provide the extra protection for gadgets;
  • Combination lock with a personal password;
  • Fold-over closure to make the official briefcase look slicker;
  • Zippers on the top and all outer pockets;

5) The price also matters. The most budget-friendly briefcases for men are made of cheap genuine leather. They will cost up to $30. Some top-notch models can cost you up to $150. 

For example, all the following men’s leather briefcases match the above-mentioned criteria: 

  • Filson leather weatherproof briefcase;
  • Alpine Swiss Conrad leather briefcase;
  • Shinola Guardian leather briefcase;
  • AmeriLeather Executive briefcase;
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop briefcase;

How big should a men’s briefcase be?

The ideal dimensions do not exist because every man chooses a briefcase according to his daily requirements. But most experts and manufacturers agree than an average male briefcase should have such dimensions:

  • The width is between 15 – 16.5 inches;
  • The height is between 11 – 13 inches;
  • The depth from the top to the bottom – between 4-6 inches (in most cases, the deeper the better);

How to choose a men’s leather briefcase?

IT-specialists, office workers, businessmen and other officials usually invest in a leather briefcase because this bag looks professional and can carry literally anything from a pencil to a laptop. 

If you want to buy a long-lasting leather briefcase, then you may want to check the following criteria: 

  • The quality of the material comes first. Consider investing in a stylish briefcase made of crafted genuine leather;
  • The design also matters. If you want to complement your official look, think of choosing a briefcase of brown color with a traditional rectangular shape;
  • The seams have to be double-stitched for extra durability;
  • Convenient handles and/or adjustable straps. The soft handle should perfectly fit in the palm;
  • Durable and nice-looking hardware. All fittings should look ideally;
  • Lining material should be extremely durable;
  • Extra inner space and a few pockets to place all the small things;

Should the briefcase match the shoes?

The fashion trends come and go but some things never change. For instance, if you wear mismatching shoes and belts made of leather – it is considered a bad style. But other leather accessories like briefcases or gloves should never match the shoes. Or you may look too planned or stiff. Think of matching a light-colored brown briefcase 

What is the difference between a men’s messenger bag and a briefcase?

Young males who had never bought an official bag to carry their belongings to the workplace usually narrow their choices down to 2 major types: a messenger bag or a briefcase. There are a few differences between these two designs. 

Briefcase Messenger’s bag
Mostly just two handles Mostly adjustable crossbody straps and occasionally handles
Should be spacious to fit any A4 files and documents Can be of any size
Includes hardware or locks May just have a magnetic closure
More formal style and colors Any prints and colors are allowed
A more structured bag A more shaggy shape

A briefcase is not a backpack where you can place literally anything. But this type of a men’s leather bag is quite spacious to place a few small-to-medium gadgets, accessories and other important stuff. What should every man carry in a leather briefcase?

For example, these things may end up in your briefcase: 

  • A hair comb;
  • Hair Care products;
  • Gum or/and mouth freshener;
  • Electric trimmer;
  • Nail clippers or small and safely locked scissors;
  • Paper tissues or/and a textile handkerchief;
  • Deodorant or perfume;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Your laptop and accompanying accessories;
  • A spare USB cable, a charger or power bank for emergency smartphone charging;
  • Business card holder;
  • A capsule umbrella;
  • A pen and notebook;
  • A flash drive;

Our final word

Bostanten makes elegant bags for formal workplaces. If you want an item that is better for travel and outdoor time, then we suggest picking the Jack and Chris bag. When you have a ton of work to take home every night, then the Samsonite bag might be your best option. We hope this Buyer’s Guide helps you determine which of these bags will be the ideal men’s briefcase for your needs.

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. It can be hard finding a mens leather briefcase that is well-made and stylish. I like your picks – especially the Jack&Chris Briefcase. It doesn’t too formal.

  2. Leather briefcases are by far one of the best investments for travel or businesses related ventures. They carry a persona of profession with them and also stand out in a crowd. I personally love these briefcases.

  3. I have 6 bags in various colors to match my shoes and belt. I prefer metal feet and favor pebbled leather for the most part. What is important to me is quality which in turn means durability. I use my briefcases everyday and put everything from a water bottle to file folders to a laptop or IPad in it. I need strong, well designed handles and enough thickness to accommodate an over sized load, yet still be stylish. To this end I prefer my Jack&Chris or one of my two Coaches. I currently have my eye on a really nice Ferragamo.

    1. Hello, Matthew! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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