5 Best Suede Dyes
5 Best Suede Dyes
4.5 (90%) 22 vote[s]
Refreshes and renews
Looking New Longer
With Natural Oils
Color Name: Beige
Revives the original color
Protects beyond water
Color: Brown
Will not peel
Includes applicator
Simple Shine
Premium Formula
Exceptional Quality
Visible Results
Fiebings Suede Dye
Will not rub-off
Will not peel
Wool dauber applicator

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Suede Dyes

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58.92% of users selected Moneysworth, 10.84% selected TARRAGO, 17.66% selected ANGELUS SUEDE DYE, 2.8% selected Simple Shine and 9.79% selected Fiebings Suede Dye. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Whether you’re looking to upcycle or restore a suede product, it’s imperative that you choose a specially formulated suede dye to get the job done. We promise that dying suede is far easier than it looks. All you need to get started is some spare time, some elbow grease, and a quality suede dye. To make things easier, we’ve brought you the top suede dyes on the market.

Moneysworth & Best Suede Renew Dye – Editor’s Choice

MoneysworthMoneysworth & Best is a family-owned company with hundreds of fabulous shoe-care products. Moneysworth’s Suede Renew spray is the perfect product from primping worn or damaged footwear. It is even available in standard black and brown.

This dye is jam-packed with all-natural oils that revitalize tired-looking leather products. A few coats of Moneysworth & Best makes suede to feel softer and more flexible. We found that this dye even provides a waterproof barrier for our shoes.

Each 5-ounce bottle of Renew includes a plastic brush for prepping the suede before the dying process. Meanwhile, the dye comes in an easy to use an aerosol spray can. We recommend applying multiple coats to achieve a rich, luxurious color coverage.

Pros Cons
Available in black and brown
Renews and revitalizes suede and Nubuck
Provides a stain-resistant, waterproof barrier
Keeps leather soft and flexible
Comes with a built-in suede brush

Tarrago Suede and Nubuck Renovator Spray – Best Budget Pick

TARRAGOTarrago Renovator is yet another reliable suede dye spray. Tarrago is available in 8.45 (250 milliliters) spray bottles. Color options include beige, black, Bordeaux, dark brown, medium brown, navy, and red. Tarrago replenishes the natural oils and colors in suede.

A few coats of this premium product will have your leather products looking better than new.

Tarrago is a super affordable option for individuals looking to give their suede shoes a new life. While it doesn’t come with a prep brush, we recommend using one before and after each application. Use caution when using this spray dye, as it contains industrial-strength color concentrates.

Spray dyes like Tarrago work best to revive rather than alter the color of suede or nubuck. This nourishing oil-based formula helps to rejuvenate dry leather fibers. What’s more, it gives them strength and flexibility. It works best when applied with a clean microfiber cloth.

Pros Cons
Available in a range of colors Must buy a prep brush
Dries fast
Does not infringe a material’s breathability
Creates a waterproof barrier

Angelus Suede Dye and Dressing Applicator – Top-Rated Shoe Dye

ANGELUS SUEDE DYEThe first thing we noticed about Angelus Brand Leather Finish was its vintage packaging. This suede dye has a surprisingly old-fashioned look. Nevertheless, it has made many cameos in DIY Jordan repair videos on YouTube. It’s also priced low for such a robust and long-lasting color formula.

Angelus Leather Finish comes in a 3-ounce twist-top plastic bottle. An easy to use applicator comes with the dye. Yet, you will need to buy a suede brush to properly prep your suede for dying. The formula can coat any type of suede footwear. It only takes a few coats to bring tired, worn shoes back to life.

The Angelus suede dressing works best when applied evenly with a stiff brush. There are several colors to choose from, including brown, black, and red. It does not detract from the naturally nappy texture of leather. What’s more, it does not make suede stiff.

Pros Cons
Uses oils to rejuvinate suede and nubuck Must buy a brush
Vibrant color formulas
Industrial-strength dyes
Creates a waterproof barrier
Dries fast

Simple Shine Leather Dye – Best Built-In Applicator

Simple ShineSimple Shine is a pigmented formula that is designed to hide scuffs and scratches on shoes, boots, and much more. It features a built-in plastic applicator that enables users to spot treat their suede products. Keep in mind that the rich color formula provides permanent coverage.

We love that this suede treatment doesn’t run. It dries quickly and sets permanently. What’s more, it keeps leather soft and supple. The effect is a rich, slightly glossy finish that makes aging suede look like it came right off of the store shelf. This dye is even backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Pros Cons
Built-in applicator Limited color options
100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Dries quickly

Fiebing’s Suede and Roughout Dye – Time-Tested Favorite

Fiebing'sFiebing’s Suede and Roughout Dye is designed to breath new life into worn leather products. Each 4-ounce jar comes with a metal and wool dauber that can be used to apply the dye to the leather goods of your choice. It is important to remember that Fiebing’s is highly concreted and long-lasting substance.

It will never peel, crack, or fade. What’s more, it will help suede retain its flexible, soft structure.

Fiebing’s black and yellow packaging may look like something out of a different era, but its rich, vibrant color formula has stood the test of time. Not only does it brighten and enrich material, but it also helps it to restore suede’ naturally soft yet resilient texture. You don’t need to fear using this on items that are going to be exposed to the elements. After all, it’s a waterproof stain won’t drip or run.

Fiebing’s uses an alcohol-based formula that goes on evenly. It dries quickly, making it easy to apply multiple layers. What’s more, it has a uniform appearance that resembles expertly manufactured suede and nubuck goods.

Pros Cons
Restores and revitalizes suede and roughout leather products Average color coverage
21 unique color formulas
Comes with a wool-tipped dauber
Made in the U.S.A.
Dries fast

Buyer’s Guide

Using dye can daunting, but it’s not impossible. If you have the time and patience, you use suede dye to completely reimagine thrift store finds or revitalize old favorites. Of course, the best way to guarantee the success of your project is by garnering the right tools and dyes for the job.

Helpful Tips for Dying Suede

A Dye is only as Good as its Applicator

For the most part, suede dyes come in two varieties: those you spray on and those you rub on. When held at the right angle and distance away from the suede, spray dyes can be rather effective. Of course, using a spray requires a bit of skill. As such, it is not always the best choice for individuals looking to dye suede accessories with intricate details and built-in accessories.
On the other hand, rub-on dyes can be applied with daubers, brushes, and other applicators. Occasionally, manufacturers include a built-in applicator or complimentary dauber. Other times, you will need to buy a separate dauber to do the trick. Toothbrushes are an inexpensive alternative to official suede dye applicators.

Protect Your Skin

Suede is a type of leather, and leather is a type of skin. As such, any dye that is designed to permanently penetrate suede is probably going to do the same to your hands. Wear gloves and work slowly.

Be Consistent

When a suede dye is applied inconsistently, it may look as though it is oversaturated in some places. These dark or uneven sections seriously detract from a finished look. To avoid creating unsightly blotches, apply small, even amounts. Use circular strokes to avoid creating obvious brushstrokes.

Let Each Coat Dry

It is important that you let each coat of dye dry completely before applying the next. Most manufacturers recommend that you wait at least 24 hours between coats. Some dyes appear darker when they are wet. So it is important to let your dye dry completely to ensure that you can achieve the color you desire.

Don’t Overdo It

Try not to dye a pair of shoes or an accessory more than once. Too many coats of chemical dyes can do irreparable damage to a leather product. It’s always best to settle on a timeless dye hue.


How do I protect contrasting logos and stitches?

It’s difficult to protect contrasting stitches when applying suede dyes. Although, you can use tape to prevent dye from penetrating large logos with clear borders. Even so, most dyes will penetrate accent stitches. Depending on their original color, they may appear to be a different shade than the leather.

How many coats of dye do I need to apply?

Most suede dyes are very concentrated. Still, you may need to apply several coats to achieve the shade you desire. Suede dye penetrates deep below the surface of the material. As such, it often takes multiple bottles of product to dye large projects.

How do I know if the dye I bought is the right color?

Test your dye in an inconspicuous spot or piece of unneeded suede. You can also mix different colors together to create a custom hue. Make sure to settle on the perfect recipe before smothering dye all over an irreplaceable object.

Should I apply a finisher or waterproofing product after dying suede?

Some dye manufacturers recommend that you remove the existing finish from your suede before applying the new dye. In such cases, we recommend applying a coating of suede protector or waterproof sealant after the suede dye dries. Many suede dyes also act as waterproof barriers and protectants. A waterproofing spray will also give your suede longtime color security.

How do you prepare suede or nubuck for the dying process?

Use a brush with hard bristles to remove any dirt or debris from the surface of your suede. Be sure to disrupt the natural grain of the suede to lift up any deep-set dust. It is far easier for the dye to adhere to clean fabric.

What should I do to avoid dying any accessory attachments?

Whether you are dying a pair of shoes or a purse, there is a strong chance that there are external accessories that you don’t want to be dyed. Remove shoelaces and other accessories that are easily reattached with ease. After that, use painter’s tape to prevent the dye from penetrating any built-in accessories. Examples of these include zippers, buttons, and pull.

Video Guide: How to Dye Suede & Nubuck?

Final Thoughts

Have you ever given away or tossed out a suede item because it looked worn or outdated? Have you ever passed up a suede product because it wasn’t the right color? Dying suede is one of the easiest and most inexpensive DIY projects. This simple technique can completely revitalize or reinvent lackluster suede and nubuck.

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  1. The best suede dye must be the Simple Shine. I’ve tried a bunch of different dyes and haven’t found anything that compares. If you are truly interested in dying I would highly consider getting one.

  2. I recently used suede dye myself. It was not too difficult! You just need to budget some time and have patience. Rushing or getting frustrated will put a damper on the whole project and impact the quality of your work. With suede dye, easily up-cycle or restore a suede product yourself and save both time and money in the process.

  3. What more can you ask from such a product than what Moneysworth is offering? I mean I can’t believe they are offering a built-in suede brush and it’s actually high quality. I will revitalize suede like nothing else I’ve tried. Water is never getting in and leather becomes softer and flexible. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this brand until now. I even used it on some damaged suede shoes and it made them look almost brand new. And these were 3 year old shoes that have been worn a LOT.

    1. Hello, Austin! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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