5 Best Wool Daubers
5 Best Wool Daubers
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Tandy Leather
Tandy Leather Wool Daubers Regular 1
5-inch handles
Contains ten daubers
1-inch wool ball
Fix Find
50pc Wool Dauber Swab Metal Handle
50 pc
Metal Handle
1" natural all-wool ball
Glass Technology
Premium Wool Daubers
100 pс
100% wool dauber
3/4 inch diameter
TUANTUAN 10 Pcs Medium Wool Daubers Swab
10 Pcs/Set
Long handle
0.83-inch wool ball
WUTA Wool Daubers
WUTA Natural Wool Daubers Leather Dyeing Finishes Applicator
50 Pc
100% wool dauber

Video Tutorial: Dying Leather Using Wool Daubers

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  1. Dying leather with wool daubers is simply that only way that you should do it. When dying leather we all look for consistency and that it was these deliver. My personal favorite is the Tandy Leather. Although, if anyone knows of a better one… let me know.

  2. Dying leather using wool daubers is something I have not tried before. The video tutorial you have included makes the process look rather easy though. Where is the best place for me to buy the dye? Fortunately you have included a nice selection of wool daubers here, including some that come in large sets.

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