10 Best Leather Dog Collars
10 Best Leather Dog Collars
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Soft Touch Collars
Size: 18 To 21 Inches
Color: Black
Width is 1.5 Inches
Viosi Leather Dog Collar
Size: Large
Color: Brown
Padded Dog Collar
Size: 18 To 21 Inches
High Quality
Logical Leather Collar
Easy Care
Comfortable & Durable
Premium Hardware
Hide & Drink Rustic
Easy Care
Rustic Metal Hardware
Fits Medium To Large
Elegant And Durable
Comfortable model
Safe and non-toxic
AOLOVE Pet Collar
5 Adjustment Holes
Material: Leather + Alloy
High Quality Leather
Total Length: 20"
High Quality & Comfort
Stylish Braided Design
Comfortable Wearing
100% Real Leather
Genuine Leather
Excellent Quality
Double D-Ring

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Dog Collars

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63.64% of users selected Soft Touch Collars, 6.06% selected Viosi Leather Dog Collar, 18.18% selected Padded Dog Collar, 6.06% selected Logical Leather Collar and 6.06% selected Hide & Drink Rustic. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Picking out your dog’s leather collar can be a lot of fun. There are tons of different colors, patterns, and styles to shop. Most dogs live in their collars. This essential accessory houses ID and rabies tags. What’s more, it serves as the quintessential connection point for a run or leash. If you’ve ever had a pup that tugs or bolts, you know the pivotal role this accessory plays in the safety of your dog. Plastic buckles, nylon straps, and brittle hardware rarely make the grade. That’s why many pooch parents are opting for premium leather bands. Not only is this material durable and resistant, but it also looks fabulous and is comfortable. We’ve taken the time to explore several popular leather collars. Below, we share our honest opinion of 10 of the top-selling options.

Soft Touch Padded Leather Collar – Best Training Collar

Soft Touch CollarsThis plush leather collar is a must-have for pups in training. It even comes in a variety of colors. However, we’re particularly fond of the two-toned black and cream option. This colorway tends to compliment most coat colors. Not to mention, it comes with sewn-in D-rings and ID tag attachments.

Each size adjusts 4 inches, making the collar well-suited for growing dogs. With a width of 1.5 inches, this leash is suitable for both small and large breeds. On top of that, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Customers have confirmed that the Soft Touch collar is made from high-quality leather and boasts durable handstitched seams. Most reviewers love that there’s no need to fish for the D-ring. After all, it’s secured directly on top of the collar. What’s more, reviewers say that the collar is true to size and offers a generous amount of adjustability.

Pros Cons
Sewn-in, centered D-ring Not ideal for hot climates
Separate ID tag loop
Neutral two-toned colorway
Premium leather
Plush padding
Lifetime guarantee

Viosi Padded Leather Dog Collar – Most Luxurious Leather Dog Collar

Viosi Leather PaddedThe Viosi padded leather dog collar is made from premium buffalo hide. This eco-friendly leather offers undeniably decadent aesthetics. The collar features a rich chocolate brown exterior and a plush cream-colored liner. The quality leather is amplified by shiny brass buckles and rich caramel stitches.

The collar’s pleasing exterior is further complemented by its thick padding. This is a product that can withstand endless walks, runs, and tugs. It comes in sizes small to extra-large. Each size can be adjusted several inches.

Customers love the look and feel of this premium leather dog collar. The articulate stitching, brass hardware, and plush padding make it a solid option for devoted dog owners. Most reviewers feel that the Viosi is capable of handling a lifetime of wear and tear. We’re confident that this neckband can hold up to repeated outdoor abuse.

Pros Cons
Each size adjusts 4 inches Not ideal for small breeds
Made from genuine buffalo hide
Brass D-ring on top of collar
Durable hand stitching

The Capri Collection Soft Touch Padded Collar – Softest Leather Dog Collar

Soft Touch CollarsThis modern dog collar is made from buttery-soft two-toned leather. It has a fair share of plush padding sandwiched between pieces of processed hide. The abundance of material promises to keep your dog’s neck well-protected during outdoor and indoor adventures.

What’s more, the seams and metal hardware promise to keep the band connected and secure. A topside D-ring enables owners to separate their leash from other collar attachments. ID and rabies tags can be attached to a small loop on the opposite side of the collar. This leash has a dark gray exterior, a blue liner, and a rich black trim. It’s a designer piece that’s suitable for fashionable furballs.

Most consumers find this collar to be soft and aesthetically pleasing. The two-toned colorway is unique. However, the company sells a blue and gray leash that pairs excellently with the collar. With 4 inches of adjustability, these collars will carry pups through periods of growth or weight changes.

Pros Cons
Sizes adjust 4 inches Light blue liner shows wear and tear easily
Plush padding
Unique blue and gray colorway
Durable double stitches
1 1/2-inches wide

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar – Heartiest Dog Collar

Logical Leather PaddedIf you’re looking for a dog collar that’s well-suited for a large and powerful breed, check out this full-grain neckband. This hearty piece of leather is cut from premium cowhide. It features a natural dark brown color with light brown stitching and durable metal hardware.

There’s even an independent clasp for ID or rabies tags. We love that this leather collar comes with a lifetime guarantee. At 1 1/4 inches wide and 3/8 inches thick, this collar is ideal for large, active breeds.

Customers found the Logical collar to be durable and stylish. Many shoppers were pleased to find that the manufacturer supports local animal rescue efforts. Some buyers felt that the belt loop was too close to the metal clasp, resulting in a lengthy tail of excess leather. However, we did not experience this issue when testing it out. It met all of our comfort, durability, and aesthetic standards.

Pros Cons
Full-grain leather Not ideal for small breeds
Natural dark brown tanning
Heavy-duty metal clasp and leash ring
Loop for ID tags
Lifetime guarantee
Sizes adjust 5 inches

Hide & Drink Rustic Leather Dog Collar – Best Value

Hide & Drink RusticDo you have a medium-sized canine that would look good in bourbon brown? The aptly named Hide & Drink Rustic Leather Collar boasts a sophisticated pattern with details that are easy on the eyes. The design is marked by durable double stitches, full-grain leather, and brass clasps.

The collar also features an oversized metal D-ring and metal hole reinforcements. This impressive dog collar could go through the wringer and still come out looking good. Its low price makes it an even more enticing option.

Pros Cons
Vintage patina with natural brown coloring No independent ID hook
Reinforced holes
Brass hardware
Double belt loop
Sizes adjust 9 inches
Double stitches
Budget-rate price

Trevano Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Customer Favorite

TREVANO Genuine LeatherThe Trevano Dog Collar is one of the top-selling leather dog collars on the market. Its unbelievably low price and attractive design make it a favorite for pampered pups. However, it’s also earned plenty of accolades for its slip resistance features.

Tuggers beware: this strap offers a soft yet secure grip around Fido’s precious neck. The durable alloy hardware, double stitches, and double D-rings only add this belt’s magic. As if it weren’t spectacular enough on its own, it’s backed by a 30-day warranty.

Customers found the collar to be soft, flexible, and sophisticated. The dual D-rings enable users to place their leash in the perfect spot. The collar is even packaged alongside a playful poem.

Pros Cons
Sizes adjust 4 inches Not padded
Made from genuine cow leather
30-day warranty
No rough surfaces
Non-toxic and safe for canines

Aolove Basic Padded Leather Pet Collar – Best Collar for Small Breeds and Cats

AOLOVE Basic ClassicMore often than not, hearty leather collars are geared toward large active breeds. However, that’s not the case with the Aolove padded leather collar. This small yet mighty leather neckpiece is only 0.8 inches wide. Each collar offers 9 inches (five holes) of adjustment.

It’s also equipped with a durable metal D-ring. The collar features a dyed leather exterior and a black liner.

Customers love that the Aolove offers room for growth. You don’t need a perfect measurement of your pooch’s neck just to place an accurate order. However, you will want to take note of which colors compliment your dog’s coat. After all, Aolove offers 10 unique options.

Pros Cons
Available in 10 different colorways Not suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
Premium leather and nickel-plated hardware
Five adjustment holes
Pleasing design
Separate sewn-in D-ring
Ideal for small and medium breeds
Perfect for puppies

CollarDirect Leather Dog Collar – Coolest Colorway

CollarDirect Leather DogWe love the way that CollarDirect blends basic brown leather with dyed liner. This lovely belt has a soft lining that comes in a variety of bright colors, including blue, green, yellow, and red. These bright accents are further amplified by the golden hardware that is installed along the perimeter of this dog accessory.

Whether you are looking for a collar for a small, medium, or large dog, you’re sure to find it in the CollarDirect neckband. After all, it is one of the few collars that offers an everyday look with a little pizazz.

Customers love the look of this two-toned leather piece. Not to mention, they believe it fits great and is exceptionally durable. Unlike inferior leather collars, the CollarDirect can withstand plenty of outdoor exposure without showing signs of wear and tear.

Pros Cons
Available in 10 colors Sizes are very specific
1 inch wide
Sizes adjust 3 inches
Genuine cow leather
Chocolate brown exterior

Vcalabashor Customizable Leather Dog Collar – Best Engraved Leather Collar

Vcalabashor Custom LeatherWhy rely on ID tags when you could have your dog’s collar engraved? The Vcalabashor dog collar features a premium leather exterior with soft PU padding. Instead of a single exterior panel, it features a two-colored braided exterior with a stainless steel plate.

On top of that, the collar feature reinforced eyelets and metal hardware, including a D-ring for leash attachments. Customers can pick their favorite of eight unique colorways. What’s more, they can have the plate engraved with their pooch’s name, number, or address.

There’s a lot to love about the Vcalabashor dog collar. For one, it’s priced to sell. What’s more, it doubles as a hard-to-miss ID tag. The characters on the plaque are laser etched, making them easy to read and identify.

Pros Cons
Laser-etched name plate or identification markers Eyelets are located near the end of the belt
Adjustable sizes
Available in eight different colors
Braided design
Oversized D-ring
Anti-rip eyelets

Daihaqiko Leather Dog Collar – Most Bang for Your Buck

DAIHAQIKO Leather DogRounding out our list of top leather dog collars is our most durable and long-lasting pick. The Daihagiko is made from premium leather and features dual alloy D-rings. It offers a 350-pound pull resistance. Not to mention, it is guaranteed for 60 days to a year.

The belt is available in three sizes. The sizes provide 17 to 27 inches of adjustable neck length.

Customers agree that the Daihagiko is ideal for medium to large breeds. Not to mention, they seem to enjoy the look of the brass rivets and D-rings. The collar is exactly as it is described, with ample adjustment points and plenty of durable metal hardware.

Pros Cons
1 inch thick Matching leash sold separately
Sizes adjust 4 inches
350 pounds of resistance
Double stitches
Alloy hardware
Multiple metal rivets

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for in a Dog Collar

Collars are the single-most essential dog accessories. After all, there the point of reference for dog tags, rabies IDs, and leashes. As such, you’re probably wondering how to pick the perfect leather dog leash. We got answers to all of your most pressing questions!


Before you begin shopping for a leather dog collar, measure the circumference and height of your dog’s neck. Most leather collars are equipped with several adjustment eyelets. However, you still want to purchase a collar that offers the most comfortable and accurate fit. We recommend opting for a collar that is not too snug and not to loose. Remember, leather can be slightly stretchy. What’s more, dogs often fluctuate in size depending on their age, level of activity, and diet.

On top of that, don’t forget to take the width of the band into consideration. Choose a narrow collar for small breeds and puppies. Opt for a 1-inch collar for large, long-necked pooches.


Most leather is soft, pliable, and smooth. Always opt for a collar that has rounded corners and concise accessories. You want to avoid a collar that could chaff a dog’s neck or pull at their fur. We recommend opting for a collar that has separate ID and leash loops. This optimizes the distribution of weight and accessories.


Many consumers are surprised by the dynamic selection of leather collars on the market. While you can certainly get your hands on a traditional black or brown strap, there are plenty of colorful alternatives. Some manufacturers will even engrave or emboss a collar with personal details. When shopping for a dog collar, pick a product that is attractive yet functional. These durable accessories can last for years!


1. Are leather collars good for dogs?

Many pup parents opt for leather collars. For one, leather lasts a lot longer than most synthetic materials. It can withstand plenty of rough tugs and intense fetch sessions. Despite their unmatched durability, leather collars tend to be very lightweight. High-quality authentic leather consists of thousands of condensed natural fibers. These fibers swell and contract with age. Unlike synthetic fabrics, they are unlikely to fray or rip.

Not to mention, this soft, natural material rarely irritates dogs’ necks. You can soften your dog’s leather collar with a little bit of nontoxic oil. Keep in mind that oil darkens leather products. Over time, natural oils in your pup’s skin and fur will also help condition their leather dog collar. Leather collars naturally resist water damage. As a result, they are an excellent and obvious option for canines that are fond of the outdoors.

Did we mention the fact that leather also looks marvelous? While natural leathers pair well with most fur coats, leather collars are available in virtually every color of the rainbow. Some leather collars even consist of multiple colors. Unlike synthetic fabric, leather does not fade or deteriorate. Aged leather is known for its distinct, textured patina.

2. What is the best leather dog collar?

It wasn’t difficult to name the Soft Touch’s luxurious padded dog collar as our crowning selection. After all, this thick, soft neckpiece comes in four sizes, enabling dog owners to find the ideal fit for their pup. This impressive neckband is also available in six colors. Each colorway features two complementary tones. You’re sure to find a color combo that suits your furry best friend.

The buttery soft sheepskin leather liner reduces the amount of stress transferred to your pup’s precious neck. The lacquer-coated brass D-ring and matching buckle provide owners with a place to safely attach a lease and dog tags. Finally, the collar’s lifetime guarantee lets you rest easy with your purchase. If you notice any issue with the collar’s craftsmanship, the manufacturer will issue you a no-questions-asked refund or replacement!

3. How do I clean a leather dog collar?

There’s no denying the fact that dog collars get grimy. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to rejuvenate your pup’s most essential accessory.

If your dog’s collar is emitting a foul stench, try soaking it in a baking soda bath. Use a small plastic brush, such as an old toothbrush, to gently scrub away dirt and grime. When you are satisfied with your progress, run the collar under hot water to rinse away any remaining baking soda and stubborn debris. Lastly, hang the collar to dry. Never place a dog collar in your dryer or set it in direct sunlight. Extreme heat and light will damage leather.

Many companies advertise hardworking leather cleaners. While most of these products work well on leather products, it is necessary to choose a product that is safe for dogs. If you need to remove greasy buildup, lather your leather collar in a bit of dog shampoo. A well-vetted and previously tested dog shampoo isn’t going to contain any potentially harmful ingredients or fragrances. Still, it should break up grease more efficiently than baking soda and vinegar.

Finally, polish the surface of your dog’s leather collar with a clean, dry cloth. Dispense a small amount of nontoxic oil, such as baby oil. Massage it into the surface of the collar. If your dog is very active, purchase a spare collar or two. There is no need to skip walks just because your dog’s collar is dirty!

4. What is the most comfortable dog collar?

The Capri Collection’s Soft Touch Padded Collar is the by far softest collar option in our roundup. Its authentic leather band and stainless steel hardware give it classy vibes. It has an aesthetically pleasing two-toned leather colorway. It also features a padded liner and a top-mounted D-ring. This incredible leather dog collar also features two reinforced strap loops and lots of holes. Finally, you can keep your pup’s tags from getting tangled in their leash. 

It’s the perfect collar in terms of durability, comfort, and style. Just attach a leash of your liking! The Capri Collection padded leather collars will last a lifetime when treated well. Their prices are also pretty hard to beat!

5. Should my dog wear a collar all the time?

No matter how comfortable your dog’s collar is, it should not be worn 24/7. The skin and fur on your pup’s neck need to recuperate. Your dog’s identification should never put their health and comfort at risk. If possible, remove your dog’s collar in the evenings. Just remember to put it back on before your dog leaves the house.

Of course, some dogs are escape artists. What’s more, you may not be able to remove your dog’s collar at night. Most dogs spend the majority of their life with a jingling band around their neck. For this reason, we cannot help but stress the importance of choosing a safe, comfortable collar.

6. Should I wash my dog’s leather collar?

Yes! You should take the time to manually wash your pup’s leather collar, especially if it becomes undeniably dirty or foul-smelling. However, don’t put your leather dog collar in a washing machine or dishwasher. Mechanical washing machines are known to warp the soft fibers of a natural leather collar. You should never use anything more abrasive than baking soda when cleaning your dog’s collar! Residual soap can get trapped inside a collar’s fibers. The heat and moisture from your dog’s body will eventually release any leftover chemicals. Therefore, you must avoid cleaners that could harm or irritate your dog!

7. How do you soften a leather dog collar?

Apply a small amount of baby oil to the surface of the dog collar. Gently massage the oil into the leather. Take care to not over implement the oil, as it has the potential to damage the threads. Over time, your dog’s natural oils will gently soften the fibers of a leather collar. Leather is one of the very few materials that get better with age. Be aware that leather typically expands as it softens.

8. Do leather dog collars smell?

After normal use, leather dog collars may develop a foul smell. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to remove any lingering foul odors. First off, try scrubbing your dog’s smelly collar with vinegar and baking soda paste. These deodorizing agents are nontoxic. They are unlikely to irritate your dog’s skin. What’s more, they will not damage leather fibers. Make sure to rinse off the paste when you are finished deodorizing your dog’s collar. Do not put the collar back on your dog until it has dried. If you are short on time, you can pat the collar with a dry towel. Be wary of scented oils and other smelly products. Dogs have very powerful noses. Not to mention, many products are toxic to canines. 

9. How do you know if your dog’s collar fits?

A properly fitted dog collar is safer and more comfortable for your pup. A collar should be slightly larger than your dog’s neck circumference. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers between your dog collar and their neck. 

Use a soft, flexible tape measure, such as a sewing tape, to measure your pup’s neck circumference. If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of ribbon or string to measure the distance around your dog’s neck. Add an inch or two to your measurement to ensure that the collar will not be overly tight. Choose a collar with numerous sizing holes. Your dog’s neck circumference may vary with age and lifestyle changes. What’s more, their leather collar may expand over time. Remember that product sizes are often approximate. Always select collars that are bigger than your dog’s neckline. A tight collar can cause skin irritations, loss of fur, and other serious injuries.

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Dog Collar

Final Thoughts

Before your pup suits up, you’ll need to know what size they are. Using a cloth measuring tape or a piece of string, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck, about halfway down its length. Add two inches, and voila, you found the correct length of your dog’s collar.

To make sure your fur friend’s fashion statement fits the bill, use the two-finger rule. Slide the width of your two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collar should feel snug, but not tight. You want to make sure the collar can’t slide off their head.

First, what type of collar will you need? Standard collars are made from leather or a nylon band that straps around the neck. They’re classic and versatile. These collars work for dogs of all sizes and come in a variety of designs.

If you’re looking for something fashionable, yet functional, Martingale collars are perfect for a night out on the town or even just an afternoon stroll around the block. These collars will gently tighten when your dog pulls and loosen when he stops. They can help train your dog not to pull on a leash without injuring them. They’re also ideal for canines with smaller heads and big necks, so they can’t slip out easily — for instance, greyhounds and whippets.

After you decide on a type, standard, or Martingale, it’s time to consider other features. Some collars have buckles. Other collars have side release clips, which make putting the collar on and taking it off quick and easy.

If your dog enjoys late-night strolls under the moon, you might want a reflective collar to help make your dog more visible. Or, if your pup prefers long walks on the beach instead, go with a water-resistant, coated nylon, or all rubber collar.

Toss that beat nylon neckband in the trash! Whether you have a tugger, a digger, a runner, or a roller, a leather dog collar will help your canine make it through their daily adventure. We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the best leather dog collars! Stay tuned for more product reviews!

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  1. Leather dog collars are a wonderful way to style your pet. I got a CollarDirect collar because it allowed me to choose exactly which color I wanted. Wouldn’t trade the collar for anything.

    1. Hello, John! Thanks for the comment. It is a good choice for your dog.

  2. Hello, I’ve been looking at purchasing one of these collars and am wondering if one size fits all dogs or if dogs with a larger neck need a bigger size. Any help would be appreciated. Have a good day!

  3. A leather dog collar is literally the only way to have a perfect dog collar. These will last for a super long time and are extremely durable. Perfect for a dog that is constantly getting exercise or moving.

  4. When I had my shepherd, he had a scare moment with the choke chain. He was laying out back the one day on the deck, I walked outside to see him struggling so I rushed over. To my horror, I saw that the link had fallen into between the deck boards essentially pinching him so he couldnt break free. I quickly pulled the link out of the crack and the choke chain went into garbage never to be used again. Sadly just recently had to put him down, loved that guy, was an amazing resuce dog.

  5. IF you don’t live in a hot climate then the best choice for a rolled leather dog collar is the soft touch padded leather collar. The plush padding is so soft and easy on the neck of my dog… The black and cream option is the best one without a doubt.

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