5 Best Leather Dog Leashes
5 Best Leather Dog Leashes
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6 Ft Long
3/4" Wide
100% real leather
Timber&Tide Outdoor
leather dog leash
6 Ft Long
7/8” wide
100% real leather
ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot
6 Ft Long
3/4 inch
100% real leather
Mighty Paw
Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash, Super Soft Distressed Leather
5 Ft Long
.75 inch
100% real leather
Leerburg Leather Dog Leash
6 Ft Long
3/4 inch
Soft Latigo Leather

Buyer’s Guide

The first type of leash is the nylon or cotton leashes. Well actually usually just different widths. Lengths are pretty general, four feet or six feet.

As far as determining which length you should get, recommended a six-foot leash just because you can always make it shorter. A four-foot leash you can ever make any longer. And if you need to pull a dog in, that’s fine. Wrap it around your hand a few times.

They’re not the strongest material, but they are quite comfortable to hold in your hand. So if you’re going to go for, you know, long walks and again you have a smaller dog, nylon or the cotton leashes are pretty nice.

The next type of leash is leather leashes. So leather is kind of the next step up from the nylon or cotton as far as durability goes. And they’re fairly comfortable to use as well. One thing you should know, though, is that leather hardens when it gets wet. And then once it dries up it becomes very brittle. So if that happens, there’s a risk that you could be out one day walking your dog and that leash snaps.

If you have a leather leash or you’re going to get one, be very careful that you avoid getting it wet. If you take your dog out for walks during the rain, definitely something you want to avoid with the leather leash. Don’t let it sit on the ground where it gets wet. Don’t let your dog put it in his mouth. Keep that thing dry as best you can.

The third type of leash is metal leashes or chain leashes, and these are the most durable ones. You’re not going to break metal. It’s good to use these leashes with puppies in particular when you’re first starting to walk them because the metal helps to discourage the puppy from actually biting the leash. Leashes and collars are a foreign concept to puppies, so it’s very normal for a puppy when you first put him on a leash to turn and try to bite the leash and jump up at it.

Well, when they bite the metal, it doesn’t hurt them, but it’s very unpleasant. And it’s a great deterrent to teach the puppy not to bite the leash. The one downside of chain leashes, however, is that they are very uncomfortable. Most of them have a little nylon strap at the end that you can put your wrist through. But other than that, the actual chain leash is going on your hand. So you don’t have as much control with them, especially with the bigger ones, with a bigger dog, it can be kind of rough on your hands.

The fourth type of leash is the extendable leashes, the ones that have to the little plastic and they all roll up into the inside of the plastic container. Now, these ones are the really long leashes. Most of these go from like 12 feet to 30 feet. And it’s very important that you strictly follow the recommendation for the weight of your dog and the appropriate leash. Because if you try to be cheap and get a leash that’s for… You have a large dog and try to get a leash that is rated for a lesser weight, a great chance of that leash breaking.

Stretch leashes. These are kind of like retractable leashes just without the fancy mechanism inside. But essentially every time the dog goes to pull, you stop walking. So what happens is when the dog feels pressure on the neck, you don’t go forward until they loosen it up. When they loosen it up, they go forward. When they feel pressure, they stop going forward.

The stretch leashes don’t really allow that because there’s too much give when your dog goes to pull. There’s never any type of firm pressure. So stretch leashes, again, kind of like the retractable ones. In certain situations they’re okay. But for everyday use, it’s not recommended to use them.

The last type of leash is a slip leash. And these are the ones that usually groomers will use, vets, will use. It’s basically just a little rope that slips through a ring and goes around the dog’s neck. These are good for grooming your dog, giving them a bath. You don’t want to get this nice color wet or anything like that. But this is not something you want to use for everyday walking.

Any type of collar or a slip leash or collar that constricts, puts a lot of pressure on the dog’s neck, on their trachea. It can cause collapsed tracheas. So those are the six different types of leashes.

Video Tutorial: Make a simple leather dog lead

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