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King Ranch Leather is an aniline leather type that has no defensive coating or surface coloring. Basically, it is raw. Where does it come from? The King Ranch leather is obtained from the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle in Kingsville (Texas, USA). Currently, the term comes from a stream’s name by the ranch. The Brahmans’ breed raised especially to survive in the hot environment of South Texas were mixed with the Beef Shorthorns of this ranch to create the signature herd, the Santa Gertrudis breed, recognized in 1940 as a unique breed. In fact, the first American breed of beef cattle was the Santa Gertrudis. And that is the major supplier of the famous King Ranch leather type. 

King Ranch leather is not colored skin. It is supplied and applied without any treatment or clear film layers. The grain, without any surface coating, appears to be fully bare. This form of the finish is obtained by means of a velvet wheel during the process of polishing. The influence is particularly normal.

Does the King Ranch leather peel? In wide barrels, these hides are immersed where the aniline dye is capable of permeating the leather. As a consequence, the dye is in the hide and hence, like bonded leather, would not rub off or peel easily.


The leather in your Ford King Ranch is not typical if compared to the most leathers picked for entry-level vehicles. If your Ford truck was released somewhere between 2001 – 2008 years, there is a high chance it has King Ranch leather upholstery. 

How can you recognize this leather? It is an aniline colored leather, which suggests that no surface paint coating or safe lacquer topcoat has been added during the processing. Also, the Ford King Ranch trucks of this range come with Castano leather. Since 2009 Ford has been using the Chaparral leather.


  • Provides a luxury effect;
  • Very natural to the sight and touch;
  • Each hide is unique;
  • Only the best American buffalo hides are picked;
  • High-quality leather with ultimate finishing;

It keeps the nail’s trace after placing a finger on it, but it wears itself out over time. The King Ranch Leather will boast superior seating comfort with no waterproof layer or paint on the surface since they are able to breathe and retain moisture. It is one of the most comfortable leather materials available, incredibly smooth and supple with clear all-natural marks like hair follicles.

Care and maintenance

99% of the King Ranch Leather surface has no waterproof covering, leaving it susceptible to the weather. The only approach to secure the leather is by utilizing a protective coating. Maintaining the development of King Ranch hides is not simple since they naturally accumulate moisture, dirt and grime from everyday use. King Ranch leather requires regular protection from being rusty and discolored.

You should still hold your leather pieces covered with a cowhide aniline or sheepskin protection cream. Such a protection product may preserve suppleness in the hide, because it will stay smooth and supple. Also, it will discourage stains and debris from getting on it.

Cleaning King Ranch products are somewhat close to aniline products since they need the entire surface of the liquid to be wet. This can be achieved with such natural cleaners including an aniline leather cleaner and a soft-bristle brush is used to clean the surface of the leather. If this has been finished, extract the leather from the kiln to allow it to dry to its natural colors. Then, cover with a protective cream.

Only this leather material should be treated with great care to avoid the natural colors from being affected. Protecting your upholstery is crucial – for instance, you may use the beeswax filled hand cream.

Here are a few products you may use (as recommended by Ford) for cleaning the surfaces made of genuine King Ranch leather:

  • Naked Leather Conditioner and Protectant by King Ranch brand. Be sure you focus on the stitching and seams. Enable the substance to dry for 15 min with a clean towel before cleaning out the residue;
  • Lexol Leather cleaner is good to use before or after the previous product;

Naked Leather protectant and conditioner is a multi-purpose product that handles fine leather materials, holding them smooth, moisturized and preserving them. This substance is suitable for use on King Ranch leather seats and on any material that does not have a protective coating.

Key benefits of this product include: 

  • Doesn’t have silicone or fats that may clog the leather pores. Also, fats won’t discolor the natural King Ranch leather;
  • Keeps the leather pliable and soft if applied regularly;
  • Works like a skin lotion for your Ford’s leather seats;
  • Gentle use for non-protected aniline leather to prevent cracking, fading, abrasions, stains;
  • Comes with a brand-new leather smell. It is a pleasant and natural scent;

According to the official instructions, consider conditioning King Ranch leather upholstery and seats in your Ford in such a way: 

  • Remove the dust and debris with a wet cloth or brush. Due to dampness, the surface can darken;
  • Let the leather fully dry out and revert to its original color;
  • Shake the conditioner thoroughly until using it. On a non-visible portion of the upholstery, test the conditioner;
  • Squirt the product on a smooth rag and massage until the conditioner is completely rubbed;
  • Let the conditioner dry completely and use a dry, clean rag to clean the residue. When conditioner is added, the natural leather may darken;
  • Apply the conditioner on both seams and stitching in a few layers. Use the conditioner that doesn’t contain petroleum ingredients to prevent the stitching from drying out or fraying;

The fact that bruises and scuff marks are quickly hidden is one very nice thing about cleansing and conditioning King Ranch leather. If the seat was rubbed by your belt or phone clip, just place the conditioner in that area a little harder and spend some more time when rubbing it.

The King Ranch leather can require many hours to recover to its original quality. You can put the fan inside the vehicle to speed up the process. Or just check the weather forecast and close the windows to prevent any outside harm. 

Final thoughts

There are a few things you should remember when using the King Ranch leather upholstery. Avoid scratches at any cost, do not put in the direct sunlight for long periods. Otherwise, it is worth the price and the authentic look. Compared to other leather upholstery types in SUVs and trucks, this material is top-notch, affordable and durable. 

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