Nuluxe Leather
Nuluxe Leather
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Nuluxe leather is not related to genuine leather made of animal hides. This is mostly a plastic composite. It only mimics genuine leathers and looks like it. Nuluxe leather is what Lexus uses on much of their vehicles now.

Lexus assures that the synthetic substance of Nuluxe is more durable, smoother and better than most other synthetic materials. Also, it is believed to be better than other synthetics for the environment. Lexus notes that the processing method produces fewer concentrations of CO2 and VOC than most synthetic products. Lexus claims that it generates 65% fewer CO2 emissions during the process of making Nuluxe material. 

As for other manufactured products that have the term Leather in them, synthetic materials, e.g. vinyl/plastic, are an inappropriate use of the label since it is not leather at all.

Relative to 100 years of the use of natural leather, all synthetic materials used in vehicles today last just a few years, which also leads to the issue of the effect on the climate, with increased development of these synthetic fabrics when compared to natural leathers.

Lexus Nuluxe leather vs genuine leather

In the automobile sector, leather is associated with quality, and luxury is a trademark of the Lexus company that has made it a hallmark for decades among luxury automotive aficionados. Lexus equips many entry-level cars with the Lexus Nuluxe interior to offer a signature level of Lexus-brand comfort to provide drivers with a more competitive price tag. However, you shouldn’t confuse it with genuine leather and here is why. 

Nuluxe is basically a new package for the good old vinyl upholstery, but it is quite precisely formulated to imitate natural leather. The fancy new label for it such that individuals do not consider “vinyl” automatically and equate “cheap” with it.

Vinyl seats typically don’t feel fantastic, but new versions are much different, especially when it comes to the new Nuluxe fabric. 

If you were seating in both genuine leather and Nuluxe leather seats, you won’t probably tell much of a difference. People who own Lexus cars say that Nuluxe leather lasts as long as other natural leather materials. And it shouldn’t deteriorate very quickly. 

Nuluxe is a plastic alternative for natural leather. It has, though, been used for some time now. It was used as a side and back material for the seats before Lexus decided to use it for the entire interior. Essentially, in areas where the human skin does not come into touch. For instance, the front panels are constructed from this fabric. Today, Lexus uses it for both covers and seats all over the car’s interior in entry-level vehicles. For people who don’t bother with leather treatment, it is very robust and strongly recommended. Yes, genuine leather requires regular rehabilitation and cleaning unlike Nuluxe fake leather. 

Such materials are also used in Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach. Though, Nuluxe leather seats under such a title (the material can be similar to other brands) are placed only in Lexus cars. 


As you’ve already noticed Lexus is responsible for creating this unique material – Nuluxe leather as a cheaper and lighter alternative to genuine leather seats. That is why almost all entry-level luxury vehicles and some mid-level vehicles by Lexus have Nuluxe leather interior and trimmed seats. 

For instance, you may find this type of material in the Lexus ES series (think of 300H) or 2020 Lexus RX. If you deny the use of any animal product, you may find these vehicles the best for yourself. Also, it is quite comfortable to buy if you drive mostly in cold and dry weather. Because it may become sticky and hot in summer/humid weather. 

In certain of its vehicles, Lexus does offer semi-aniline leather, but lately offers Nuluxe a lot mostly to deal with environmental concerns, a backward turn regardless of how long these synthetics really last relative to natural leather materials.


  • Top-notch synthetic alternative to genuine leather;
  • More affordable;
  • Simple maintenance;
  • More eco-friendly manufacture;
  • Lightweight;
  • Durable;
  • Smooth finish;

The interior of the Lexus Nuluxe is constructed of high-quality synthetic leather. Without the extra expense and treatment, Lexus Nuluxe is a man-made leather upholstery that has the look and sound of leather. Lexus Nuluxe, an eco-friendly alternative to leather, utilizes an advanced processing method that does not contain Hazardous Organic Compounds and decreases greenhouse emissions by up to 65 percent relative to leather.

When it comes to fuel economy, Lexus Nuluxe leather upholstery weighs half as much as its leather equivalent, and it is a much lighter material than true leather. The Nuluxe leather is a high-quality substitute to the semi-aniline leather that you may find in the upper trim vehicles, with a soft finish and vivid colors to choose from. It is much simpler to clean than luxury leather, in addition to being environment-friendly, cheap and lightweight.

Nuluxe leather material is soft to the touch with a shiny texture. This content is accessible in saturated, rich colors. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are produced during the production phase and produce 65% less CO2 emissions than comparable products. It often weighs just half as much as rubber, leading to a general decrease in the weight of the car.

Care and maintenance

It is advised that you apply a microfiber towel and a cleaning tool to clean your Lexus interior with Nuluxe leather.

If you don’t add protection creams or special solutions, you are at risk of your fake leather breaking down much easier than regular leathers as UV rays can attack it and cause it to crack really easily. Clean with a soft bristle brush and secure as usual.

With a premium leather cleaner, the Nuluxe leather will be better brushed, using a soft bristle brush and then adding safety creams to cover the natural leather surface from UV rays, wear and tear.

Keep in mind that it is probably impossible to remove grease stains from the Nuluxe leather seats. Never use chocolate and chips in your Lexus car if you have such seats. 

Final thoughts

If you own a Lexus with Nuluxe leather seats, you may want to preserve this upholstery clean and intact as long as possible because replacing it may cost much. Also, keep in mind that Nuluxe leather is a synthetic material that is more affordable and practical than most natural leather options. 

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