5 Best Grommet Tools
5 Best Grommet Tools
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Solid nickel coated
14" handle
4 mounting holes
No need to pre-punch holes
Сast iron, built to last
1500 PCS (500 PCS/ Each Size)
Easy to install
1/4", 2/5
3 mounting holes
Cast iron construction
Wear-resisitent steel metal
Can press it by one hand
Easy seating the grommets
Extra long handle grip
3 mounting holes

What is a grommet tool? Basically, if you are into crafts and like to create DIY leather accessories for sale or just for family or friends, you should buy a grommet instrument. It is a press for attaching rivets, studs, clinches. Such manual tools are great for attaching small rivets to any medium accessories made of artificial or genuine leather.

You may find such instruments in small ateliers where they repair clothes or shoes made of leather. Home use is another popular application of grommet tools.

Benefits of grommet instruments for leather goods:

  • compact size;
  • low weight;
  • affordable cost;
  • can attach almost any fittings;

How to choose a grommet tool?

There are 2 types of grommet tools:

  1. Manual – manual grommet instrument is good for attaching small rivets;
  2. Pneumatic models are electromagnetic equipment, with reinforced manual options. They are designed for specific tasks at factories;

If you make leather accessories with fittings or attach various decorative structural elements made of metal, please, choose a professional grommet tool. A manual grommet machine for attaching metal fittings will also help to attach rhinestones, as well as pearls, rivets, and many other elements. Before choosing a specific option, you should decide on a complete list of fittings to be used in the process of working with leather.

Make sure to choose an expensive grommet tool with a cast iron frame and body.

Leather-Toolkits.Com offers top 5 best grommet tools for artists and manufacturers:

  1. Yescom instrument has a 14-inch handle and 4 mounting holes. The whole tool is coated in solid nickel;
  2. 8MILELAKE is an instrument that doesn’t need to pre-punch holes. It is made of cast iron, so this tool was built to last;
  3. Yaheetech is easy to install and use. This instrument can make 3 mounting holes;
  4. BIZOEPRO has a great cast iron construction, made of wear-resistant steel material. Press with it using one hand;
  5. Zerone is a very convenient tool, with extra-long handle grip and ability to punch 3 mounting holes;

I’m sure that some novice craftsmen will have certain challenges with such tools. That is why I added the detailed video tutorial showing how to use a grommet machine at home. If you like the content on this website, please follow and subscribe.

Video Guide: How to Use a Grommet Machine

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