5 Best Knives for Cutting Leather
5 Best Knives for Cutting Leather
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Tandy Leather
Tandy Leather Knife
Blade 4-3/8 "
Stainless Steel
Comfortable handle
U.J. Ramelson
Osborne 67-1 All Purpose Leather Skiving Knife Supplies Leather Working Steel
4-1/8" Blade Length
High Quality Steel
Used as Skiver
 Leather Working Knife
Blade Length 2.5-inch
High Quality Blades
Eco-Friendly Handle
Tandy Leather
Tandy Leather Industrial Knife
Measures 5/16" x 2-1/4"
Deep Curve
7/8" radius
DIY Ceramic Cutting Leather Knife
Knife size: 15.5x3x1cm
Zirconia Ceramic
Handle is made of rosewood

Video Tutorial: FIELDS MADE Knives

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