5 Best Leather Stamping Machines
5 Best Leather Stamping Machines
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Upgraded Hot Foil Stamping Machine 10x13cm Leather Bronzing Pressure Mark Machine
Full Scale on the Base Plate
0-350 Degrees Celsius
Temperature Display
Hot Foil Stamping Machine
Made of Stainless Steel
0-300 ℃ free setting
Heating fast
Upgraded Hot Foil Stamping Machine
Aluminium Alloy Body
0-350 degrees
Temperature Display
Manual 110V Digital Embossing Machine Leather Wooden Hot Foil Stamp Machine YLZ
Aluminum material
0-350 degrees
Temperature Display
VEVOR Bronzing Machine
Made from stainless steel
0-350 degrees
Temperature Display

Video Tutorial: Arbor press modified for leather stamping functions

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