5 Best Leather Paring Machines
5 Best Leather Paring Machines
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Schmedt Scharffix Leather Paring Device Kit
Easily Adjustable
10 heavy-duty blades
Made in Germany
Yaetek Leather Paring Machine Manual
4 different sizes of rollers
Available width:<3cm
Replacement is Convenient
 Manual Leather Skiver Leather Paring Machine Leather Splitter with Blades YN
Max width: 35mm
Without Need for Assembly
For table top 4cm
 Leather Paring Machine Manual Leather Skiver
Blade Width 57mm-60mm
Installed directly use style
Soft, Hard Leather
 Leather Paring Machine Edge Skiving Peeler Splitter Skiver Craft Tool Manual Leather Edge Skiver
Manual operation
No Noise Interference
Reliable quality

Video Tutorial: Leather Paring Tools

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