5 Best Leather Burnishers
5 Best Leather Burnishers
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Leather Burnisher,Knoweasy Leather Slicker Tool and Leather Burnishing Tool
Material: Ebony
Perfect for Dremel rotary tool
Made in China
Armear Multi-size Solid Wood Leathercraft Edge Slicker Burnisher for Leather Tool
Multi-size Solid Wood
Perfect for Dremel rotary tool
Great quality
 BESTCYC Solid Wood Leathercraft Slicker Round Burnisher Wood Edge Slicker for Leather Working
Length:about 15cm
Four width burnishing slots
Great for embossing
Pointed Tip Leather Burnishing Tool Pointed Tip Narra Leather Burnisher Leather Slicker Tool Drill Craft Sets
Material: Ebony
Perfect for rotary tool
Great quality
Sunnyglade 10 Stlye Ebony Leather Burnisher/Electric Polished Head Leather Tools/Leather Slicker Tool Drill Sets
Material: Ebony
Perfect for Dremel rotary tool
Great quality

Video Tutorial: DIY: Dremel Leather Burnisher

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