10 Best Sewing/Stitching Sets for Leather
10 Best Sewing/Stitching Sets for Leather
5 (100%) 28 vote[s]
DIY Leather Craft Tools
Best set for beginners
Good choice for small gifts
Bluemoona 7Pcs
1x harness needles set
1x scissor
1x leathercraft sewing
Electop 27 Pcs
Varied Colors Waxed Thread
Easy to use
5x Waxed thread
Miusie 22 Stitching Set
1x Needle kit
High quality
6x Waxed thread
Leather Work Designs 45
A perfect enter point
Quality construction
6-piece Sewing Needles Set
Simpzia Sewing Set
4 types of Awl
Great for custom leather work
Suitable for beginners
Simpzia 30pcs
Very easy to use DIY
Contains needle kit
Suitable for professionals
Leather Carft Kit 18pcs
Japanese Style Skiving Knife
Wood Handle Edge Beveler
Sewing Roulette
BIGTEDDY Sewing Kits
Good starting point
1x Sack Needle
4 in 1 Sewing Awl
Simpzia 25pcs
Great for custom leather work
Safe for fingers
Good set for beginners

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78.33% of users selected DIY Leather Craft Tools, 0% selected Bluemoona 7Pcs, 5% selected Electop 27 Pcs, 5% selected Miusie 22 Stitching Set and 11.67% selected Leather Work Designs 45. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Leather goods and clothes are never going out of fashion. Handmade rawhide products are especially valuable. There are two ways of making leather clothes: by hand and using special sewing machines. The first method is more challenging but is also far more rewarding.

Many hobbyists who are into leathercraft know that hand-sewing can be a tough thing to do. Besides knowing the techniques and using the right stitches, special equipment is required for this painstaking but interesting hobby.

The most required instruments for hand-sewing and stitching animal skin:

Other equipment is optional but may also come in handy.

When it comes to buying sewing appliances, it’s preferable to purchase entire sets with all the necessary appliances. Especially if the buyer is a novice in leathercraft and needs to start the first projects from scratch. These sets are versatile and vary in cost, offered appliances, and durability.

10. Leather Craft Tool SIMPZIA 25 PCS — the best leather-sewing set under $50!

Leather Craft Tool SIMPZIA 25 PCSThis set has 25 pieces, mostly for stitching, including the absolutely necessary needles, special threads, fingerstall, hole punchers, skiving knife, edge grooves, awl, blades and even stamps. It covers the bare necessities of a beginner who is into handmade projects with the use of rawhide. This kit may serve as a great investment in a new hobby for under $50.

Pros Cons
Made of quite durable and rare Tungsten steel; There is no printed instructions included;
All the instruments are very sharp; No spare blades for replacement if a person breaks an instrument;
Some appliances are offered in a few versions of different sizes; No sharpener included;
Blades on the rotary cutter may be replaced; There is no storage box;
Protective covering bag; Works only with vegetable tanned rawhide
Nine different needles for sewing

It’s a great starter kit for any sewing job.

9. BIGTEDDY Leather Craft Basic Stitching Sewing Hand Tool Set — the universal basic set for stitching animal skin and fabric!

BIGTEDDY Leather Craft Basic Stitching Sewing Hand Tool SetAll the instruments of this inexpensive beginner kit will do a great hand-stitching and hand-sewing job with such materials as animal skin, canvas and thick fabrics (like denim or tarpaulin). The set has over 20 pieces and covers any basic needs for a flawless hand-sewing project. A good purchase for any hobbyist who wants his hand-stitches to look like machine-sewn ones.

Pros Cons
Will do the perfect job for punching and sewing thick fabrics and animal skin; No instructions are included;
Each instrument is made of durable, single-piece (not welded) metal; Some tools are very small;
Wooden handles of appliances are very solid; A few appliances may be missing, according to user reviews;
Does more than just stitching. It can do everything — from hole poking to stamping; The stamps’ handles are made of soft metal and may bend during the process.
Comes with a little sack for keeping all appliances in one place
Sharp and well-made needles of all popular sizes

It’s a very affordable and impressively durable universal kit, with most of the basic instruments that a crafter requires.

8. Leather Craft Tools Kit 18pcs DIY Tool — the best beginner leather-stitching kit under $100!

Leather Craft Tools Kit 18pcs DIY ToolThis starter leather-sewing kit offers 18 sharp pieces including a chisel, punch appliance, awl, polishing equipment, skiving knife, a set of different needles, etc. This is a simple but effective starter array of basic equipment for any DIY leather goods. The main amenity is the stainless edge bevelers.

Pros Cons
Lightweight; Only 18 basic pieces;
Really durable, practically timeless — made of stainless steel; Rather expensive compared to other beginner kits
Comes with a nice and practical case;
Awesome design of tongs;
Instruments are sharp enough for slicing hard animal skin

This starter package with stainless sewing appliances has everything for a small project.

7. SIMPZIA Leather Working Tools 30 Pieces — great for stitching canvas, animal skin, cloth, and paper!

Another SIMPZIA kit in this review, this time with over 30 pieces on board.

SIMPZIA Leather Working Tools 30 PiecesAnother SIMPZIA kit in this review, this time with over 30 pieces on board. It still doesn’t cover metal or wood stitching but works fine with pretty much any other material. A few of the kit’s pieces are made of stainless steel, like prong punches for making really neat holes. This basic leathercraft set is good for making a homemade product from animal skin.

Pros Cons
Over 30 pieces of different tools that are sharp, including curved needles and prong punches; Sometimes bolsters fall off the handles or pieces are missing;
A real flat wax rope is included; Good only as a beginner kit and most instruments are not very durable
Works with cardboard, paper, rawhide, and fabrics;
Very affordable;
Includes a rawhide sample to make the first seams with included appliances

A very sturdy starter kit with multiple sharp sewing tools for making handmade items.

6. Leather Sewing Tools SIMPZIA 24 Pieces — a simple kit for repair and handmade DIY projects!

Leather Sewing Tools SIMPZIA 24 PiecesSIMPZIA surely knows the deal when it’s coming to making beginner kits for leathercraft. This particular set has pressure cloth teeth, a few awls, colors threads, needles, a thimble, scissors, beeswax and a fingerstall — 24 pieces in total.

These hand appliances are capable of coping with sewing, not just rawhide but also paper, cardboard, animal fur, and cloth. This kit is suitable for beginners who seek affordable basic equipment.

Pros Cons
24 basic instruments that cover simple DIY projects when one needs to sew and stamp; Only 3 colors of flat wax rope — it’s more like a sample that will only do for the first few small projects;
A handy needle set; Very small finger cots that don’t fit all finger sizes;
An awl which comes with a solid handle; All stamps are only 6 mm — will only do for very tiny imprints;
A groover set for pro-stitching is included; All appliances are not very solid
Great for repair and handmade sewing work

Another pretty solid and basic set of leathercraft appliances for inexperienced hobbyists. It can be used for repair of leather goods.

5. Leather Work Designs 45 Piece Leather Craft Hand Tools Kit — a good entry kit for basic crafting under $40!

Leather Work Designs 45 Piece Leather Craft Hand Tools KitTo create personalized belts, saddles, wallets and clothes a person can use the beginner set by Leather Work Designs. It includes 45 pieces to cover all basic leathercraft activities: from cutting to sewing.

Made in the USA, this kit offers very solid equipment made of stainless steel. Besides rawhide sewing, the kit is also suitable for small repairs like stitching ripped jeans or adding some decoration to a belt.

Pros Cons
In addition to basic sewing equipment, the set has premade stamping for making imprints; A mallet or hammer is not included;
Both decoration and stitching equipment is included; There is no storage box
Most advanced instruments are adjustable;
Stainless steel is used for nearly all included instruments;
Really sturdy wax threads are suitable for any creative or repair work;
A separate stamping set with 20 prints and special appliances

This versatile and quality set will be a great gift under $40 to everyone who likes craft. It has basic and advanced instruments for sewing and stamping rawhide.

4. Convenient Leather Craft Sewing Kit by MIUSIE — the most affordable beginner kit under $10!

Convenient Leather Craft Sewing Kit by MIUSIEWith 22 pieces and even a sample of animal skin, this very affordable set also covers the bare necessities of any crafter. Buyers shouldn’t expect any advanced pieces or supreme quality, but all included instruments are durable and reliable for their price. The most versatile and reliable low-budget kit for sewing.

Pros Cons
The most affordable set in this review; Only basic instruments;
Pretty decent quality; Not durable;
A sample of animal skin is included; More suitable for repairs, not for full-time DIY projects
Simple but effective;
Very compact

The most affordable and multifunctional set of basic equipment that will be a good addition to any household.

3. Electop 27 Pcs Leather Sewing Tools — the most easy-to-use kit for sewing and repairs!

One kit for leathercraft is never enough. This particular 27-pieces set can serve as an additional array of tackle for any hobbyist.

Electop 27 Pcs Leather Sewing ToolsOne kit for leathercraft is never enough. This particular 27-piece set can serve as an additional array of equipment for any hobbyist. The Electop Kit can’t be recommended as a primary set because it doesn’t include some basic tools. However, all presented instruments are sharp and may be used for a wide appliance. Simple crafts and repairs are the best tasks for this easy-to-use kit.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive; Included threads which are made of synthetic material, while it’s better to use natural nylon or cotton for stitching natural animal skin;
Nicely packaged; Good only for handwork with rawhide;
All appliances are sharp Hood needles may easily break

This kit is reliable and cheap, great for learning how to make the first stitches on rawhide.

2. Bluemoona 7Pcs Leather Craft Hand Stitching Sewing Tool Kit — the best additional beginner kit under $15!

Bluemoona 7Pcs Leather Craft Hand Stitching Sewing Tool KitBy no means can this kit be recommended as a primary set for stitching, only if you need to do simple crafts or repairs. It works only with thin animal skin and has just 7 basic appliances. It’s preferable to buy this set only as an auxiliary one, though for such a price it does a fantastic job.

Pros Cons
Adjustable groover; Only one color (green) of waxed thread;
Very affordable; Only for thin animal skin or paper;
Great for repairs Only a single type of needles

A great addition to any collection of crafting tools but lacks the pieces to be used a primary set.

1. DIY Leather Craft Tools Kit — the best quality and most durable set under $15!

DIY Leather Craft Tools KitIf the previous item can be called the best choice for an auxiliary kit or entry point to leathercraft, then this affordable box of basic set is perfect as a primary set for any beginner. At only under $15, this 13-piece kit offers the basic appliances of perfect quality. They will help to create unique designs and patterns even if a person has never dealt with crafts.

They will help to create unique designs and patterns even if a person has never dealt with crafts.

Pros Cons
Made of durable metal and wood that is hard to break; Good only for beginners;
Good for stitching rawhide, denim, really thick fabrics (even carpets and mattresses), upholstery, tents, tarpaulin, and other DIY; No storage box or bag
May also serve as a basic stamping kit to make any handmade item more personalized;
Really long and solid flat wax rope (50 m);

The best leather-sewing set in this review boasts a very affordable price for a really durable and quality basic set of equipment.

Video Tutorial: Sewing Leather by Hand

Buying guide to sewing/stitching sets for leather

1. Materials

The majority of the above-mentioned sets consist of instruments with stainless blades and wooden handles. It’s preferable to use the appliances of the blades, which can be sharpened. The best material for any crafting appliance that deals with thick rawhide or fabric is forged steel. Such equipment can easily serve a lifetime.

2. Basic tools

A beginner leathercraft set should contain basic tools for stitching jobs — awl, beveler, needles, groover, wax thread, scissors. Other appliances are optional but it’s awesome if a manufacturer puts spare details (like changeable blades) or the same tools of different sizes. Another great bonus for novices is if a sample of natural animal skin is included, for practicing.

3. Packaging

Since some equipment in such sets is rather small and sharp, it’s very important to keep it organized and intact out of children’s or pets’ reach. Consider choosing a set that has some sort of a box, container or bag for storing all appliances in one place. A beginner will also need detailed instruction about how to make perfect seams on leather goods.

4. Price

All 10 sets covered in this review are under $100. Professional crafters who constantly deal with tannery may say that it’s more reasonable to buy more expensive instruments for everyday use. Pro-sewing appliances may cost up to $20 per a single item — the average price of a simple beginner kit up to 20 pieces. Surely, the quality of more expensive tools will be better but if a person just does a few beginner projects, a cheaper set will be more preferable.


Most leather-sewing kits included in this review are for beginners. If you are making the first steps into the world of such an interesting hobby as leathercraft, any of the above-mentioned kits will help to make the beginner’s projects. All these sets are affordable, simple to use and relatively durable.

Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. I personally really like the DIY packaging set because it has all of the necessities for a sewing set. I would rather purchase a package which has all of the items I need instead of having to purchase multiple different packages.

  2. This is a great list of the best sewing stitching sets for leather. Tools with a perfect enter point, quality construction, and varying pieces will go a long way toward your stitching efforts. You do not need many tools to get started. I ordered a basic stitching kit online via Amazon initially.

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