How to Choose, Use and Care of Goatskin Leather? 
How to Choose, Use and Care of Goatskin Leather? 
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Have you ever noticed nice leather jackets picked by bikers and motosport fans? I bet most of these jackets are made of premium goatskin leather. I will explain why people who spend many hours on the road prefer wearing goatskin jackets. Also, you will learn whether it is worth or not to invest in goatskin leather hides if you are a shoemaker or designer of leather clothes.

What are goatskin leather hides?

Goatskin made of natural goat hides is considered one of the most delicate to the touch, thin, elastic types of leather. It has a characteristic wavy texture. Due to high plasticity, it is most often used for the manufacture of high-quality accessories (for example, work gloves) and lightweight form-fitting jackets.

Goatskin Leather Jacket

Especially take a closer look at leather hides of the goats under 6 months of age. Such goatskin leather type is dense, with a number of small wrinkles. Its price is usually higher than the price of other goatskin leather hides but it is definitely worth every dollar invested. 

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Types of goatskin leather:

Goatskin is a durable, soft and thin material with a beautiful texture. You may buy such goatskin leather materials in a store: 

  1. Chevreau is made from the hides of goats under 6 months old. It is considered one of the most expensive lame-tanned leathers. This material is very beautiful, dense, elastic with a strong structure and original patterns on the front side (look like small wrinkles). It is used for making the top of luxury leather shoes or expensive furniture upholstery;
  2. Goatskin leather made of adult goats. It is rougher and thicker, but also more durable and water-resistant;
  3. Chevrette material is made from goatskin leather hides with lame tanning. This leather type is used for the top of shoes, clothing and haberdashery;

Features of goatskin leather you will like

Goatskin, sometimes referred to as Morocco leather, is recognized for its softness and lightness, as well as “breathability”. It is one of the most elastic leather types and, naturally, waterproof enough to make a great coat.

Features of goatskin leather you will like

Compared to sheepskin or lambskin, goatskin is softer and more flexible because it is treated with the substance called “lanolin” or wool wax. This waxy substance is stored in the glands of the animal and naturally protects the leather.

Goatskin has a pebble texture and characteristic marks resembling wrinkles. It is made into the full-grain leather by twisting it in one direction during the drying process, and then goatskin is softened, usually by rolling and smoothing the edges.

What products are made of goatskin leather?

Natural goatskin leather has extraordinary quality. When you wear a goatskin leather bag, it becomes like a part of you as if you were wearing a pair of suede gloves or jeans. Due to its amazing elasticity, natural goatskin will move along with the movements of your body. 

Goatskin Leather Gloves

Nowadays, many major brands use goatskin leather hides to make bags and other accessories. Because of the softness and flexibility of goatskin, it is picked. At the same time it is quite strong and wear-resistant, these properties make it possible for a leather bag or jacket to have excellent qualities appreciated by customers.

Many manufacturers of natural leather accessories know that goatskin leather is much thinner than cowhide leather and weighs less as well. That is why goatskin leather bags are both stylish and lightweight. 

Goatskin Chevreau is mainly used for the production of shoes, coats and jackets for all seasons. At the same time, rougher types of goatskin is also used for the manufacture of clothing, boots and other small leather goods. Besides the use in the fashion industry, goat leather is also used for bookbinding.

The reason why bikers choose goatskin leather

Jackets have become the most popular type of leather goods because they are always beyond fashion and time. It is hardly possible to find more universal and fashionable clothes that everyone would like: leather jackets are popular among people of different social backgrounds. For instance, leather jackets have been an indispensable piece of the brutal image of bikers and popular rock musicians. And when it comes to motosport fans and bikers, the manufacturers offer them to buy thick, strong and lightweight leather jackets made of goatskin. 

The main indicator for choosing a goatskin leather jacket is the quality. Natural goatskin is very tough due to the strong layer’s thickness of 5.5 oz. Split goatskin material is very durable and resistant to various mechanical damage and bad weather. The most expensive material is full-grain leather: it is also reliable and durable, but soft and pleasant to the touch.

Goatskin is very strong, but at the same time soft. It is very suitable for making not just jackets but also motorcycle gloves of the highest quality. Deerskin doesn’t have similar properties, although it is thicker than goatskin. The very expensive custom-made models are made of durable, very thick and tough horsehide leather. But only goatskin will last at least 15-20 years.

Difference between cowhide leather and goatskin leather

According to experts, 65% of all natural leather products are made from cowhide and about 9% of them are from goatskin. But sometimes the use of goatskin for the manufacture is better than other types of cattle skin. And here is why. 

Goatskin can hardly be called 100% exotic, it is more likely to refer to traditional leather types, but because of its rarity in the U.S. market, it is often referred to as exotic. How does it stand out from the rest of cowhide? Goatskin has greater strength and tear resistance than cowhide. In addition, it is more durable and waterproof. It is warm, “breathable” and makes great leather products of premium quality.

How to maintain goatskin leather in a perfect condition?

Goatskin leather care is quite simple because the natural materials are waterproof. For instance, in the ancient times goatskin was picked for making special containers for storing and transporting wines, that is how waterproof goatskin can be. 

Since bags, clothes, or other goatskin leather products are waterproof, they can be easily cleaned with a mild pumice stone covered in soap, but do not rub. You should scrub the clothes or bag of goatskin gently. Once your bag is completely dry, you can apply a leather conditioner, and then this piece of clothes will look perfect for a long time. But you should keep in mind that you can’t store leather bags in too dry or humid rooms, because the mold may appear on them. 

Final thoughts

Goatskin leather is a nice material with the natural smooth texture and small wrinkles. It is premium, affordable and easy to maintain in a perfect condition. With goatskin, you can make nice leather jackets that are both stylish and lightweight. 

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  1. I never owned goatskin leather. Not in clothing or furniture form. This kind of leather sounds amazing for what it is though. It doesn’t seem like it is as popular as it would seem based on this article. I guess most people don’t label it as goatskin leather, rather just use leather as a standalone term. Very informative read.

  2. My grandfather has a pair of goatskin leather gloves and they have been used for years and still look decent. They are still soft and flexible as the day he bought them, says my grandfather. He often says “They don’t make them as they once did”. I think they do but maybe they’re more expensive now than they once were. Anyway, goatskin leather is the kind of leather that lasts 20-30 years and if you take care of it, it will still look good.

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