5 Best Men’s Leather Bracelets
5 Best Men’s Leather Bracelets
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murtoo Mens Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp Cowhide Multi-Layer Braided Leather Mens Bracelet
Genuine Leather
Internal Magnetic Clasp
Braclet Length:7.5"
Jstyle Braided Leather Bracelets for Men Bangle Bracelets Fashion Magnetic Clasp 7.5-8.5 Inch
Genuine Leather
Internal Magnetic Clasp
Length: 7.5-8.5 Inch
OnairMall Mens Genuine Leather Bracelet Stainless Steel Magnetic Buckle Black Wrist Cuff Bangle
Genuine Leather
Magnetic clasp
Length: 8.66 inches
Adramata 3PCS Magnetic-Clasp Braided Leather Bracelets for Men Wrap Leather Bracelet Bangle Wrist Cuff
Genuine Leather
Magnetic clasp
Length: 8 inches
FIBO STEEL Braided Leather Bracelets for Men Wrap Leather Bracelet Bangle Cuff
Magnetic clasp
Length: 8.7 inches

As for me, it is an outdated stereotype that only men should wear stylish and brutal leather bracelets. I think this unisex accessory you may wear despite your gender, age or style. It really fits everywhere. That is why in the following review I’ve tried to cover a few unisex models of leather bracelets. Also, I will tell you how to choose a bracelet made of genuine leather. It is a must-read review if you are going to buy a leather bracelet as a gift.

Major types of leather bracelets

Such an accessory will perfectly complement both business and everyday image, the main thing is to make a wise choice. During my research I’ve checked such leather bracelet models:

  1. Wide wristbands are an indispensable thing for everyday or casual style. It looks good with a wristwatch. The downside is that it’s uncomfortable to wear with a long sleeve and you will have to take off your bracelet before you can exercise;
  2. Thin bracelets – resembles a leather woven or smooth stripe that you may wear along with a wristwatch. Thin bracelets made of genuine leather with minimal fittings is a proper accessory for business style;
  3. Woven leather bracelets seem like universal models that can be combined with any style. The accessory will fit any size of the wrist because the length is adjustable. The downside is that such woven bracelets are less durable and harder to care for;

How to choose a leather bracelet depending on its type:

  • People of average size and weight should stick to the bracelets of medium thickness;
  • Skinny people or teenagers will look more stylish with thin bracelets;
  • People with wide wrists should consider skipping too wide or too thin bracelets – medium thickness is just fine;

Keep in mind that a properly picked leather bracelet can be combined with beads and wristwatches. Give preference to leather accessories in dark deep colors.

Experts recommend picking a leather bracelet that is about 1,5 cm longer than the thickness of your wrist.

What makes a good leather bracelet

  1. It should be made of bonded or genuine leather – such accessories last longer;
  2. Good fittings are a must-have thing. Make sure that rivets won’t drop off easily;

Do not forget that any accessory made of genuine leather requires proper care: wipe it with a clean cloth or special napkins. Remove the accessory if you’re going to the shower or pool – the moisture will shrink and damage natural leather.

Top 5 best leather bracelets, according to Leather-Toolkits:

  • Murtoo is made of natural leather, has a nice magnetic clasp;
  • Jstyle also has a magnetic clasp, with the perfect length – 8.5 inches;
  • Genuine leather OnairMall bracelet is a bit longer – up to 8.66 inches;
  • Adramata is made of very high-quality raw animal skin;
  • FIBO STEEL is a cowhide bracelet that offers the length of 8.7 inches;

Video Tutorial: How to make leather men’s Bracelets at home

Did you like my choice? Please leave feedback about your experience with DIY or manufactured leather bracelets.

Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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