5 Best Leather Document Holders
5 Best Leather Document Holders
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Hide & Drink
Hide & Drink, Vintage Leather Folder Document Holder, File Case, Document Portfolio
Full Grain Leather
Durable and long lasting
Leathario Leather Envelope Folder Case Portfolio Mens Clutch Portfolio Sleeve Case
Genuine Leather
1 small zip pocket
Functional Gift
Hide & Drink
Hide & Drink, Leather Mailing Envelope Document Holder
Full Grain Leather
Hand Stitched
Durable and long lasting
Vintage Pu Leather Clutch A4 Envelope File Bag
PU Leather
Color: Orange
14"(L)x10.5"(H) x 0.6"(W)
Hide & Drink
Hide & Drink, Rustic Leather Manila Folder, Document Holder/Office & Work Essentials Handmade
Full Grain Leather
Hand Stitched
Durable and long lasting

Video Tutorial: Making the Large Leather Padfolio

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