5 Best Leather Wallets for Women
5 Best Leather Wallets for Women
4.9 (97.5%) 32 vote[s]
Lavemi Trifold Wallet
Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 1.5 inches
100% genuine leather
11 credit card slots
Itslife Clutch Wallet
Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.6 x 4.1 in
Snap closure
1 snap cash pocket
Yafeige Clutch Purse
Dimensions: 7.7 x 3.7 x 1.4 in
Zipper closure
Premium cowhide leather
Itslife Wallet Organizer
Dimensions: 7.8 x 1.5 x 4.5 in
2 additional pockets
RFID blocking technology
Lavemi RFID Wallet
Dimensions: 9.2 x 4.8 x 1.6 in
Leather with wax
17 credit card slots

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Wallets for Women

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55.21% of users selected Lavemi Trifold Wallet, 23.96% selected Itslife Clutch Wallet, 4.17% selected Yafeige Clutch Purse, 6.25% selected Itslife Wallet Organizer and 10.42% selected Lavemi RFID Wallet. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Women always have little items like gloss to carry, so having a wallet with enough room to put everything is essential. When you need a quality coin purse to carry medicine, money, identification cards, bank cards, lip balm, and more, a wallet comes in very handy. This informative guide will go into the specifics of each item on our list to help you decide which wallet makes the right gift or choice for you.

Sometimes, security is the most important thing for people who carry a lot of cards. Handheld RFID readers can scan your cards without you taking them out of your pocket or purse. Our list only includes safe options that help you protect your identity and keep your information from being stolen.

Since each of our clutch models are similar in size, material, and weight, we will discuss the other differences that make each item stand out. This portion of the article will talk about the individual items and the features that make each of them a top pick on our list.

Women are not men, they can’t decide which is more important: a smart look or practicality. Both are. Especially it concerns such precious women’s possessions as wallets, purses, or bags. The modern “always in the rush” lifestyle requires immense integration of practical approach, comfort, quality, and durability into the beautiful world of ladies’ accessories. All the manufacturers of wallets for women understand this trend and combine cutting-edge technologies for the security of personal data and credit card details, high-quality waxed leather for increased durability, ultra-practical organization of compartments with the sophisticated delicate appearance of the absolutely needed unit for everyday essentials. 

In the Comparison table and the Buyer’s Guide below, you will find some useful recommendations, all the key features and details of the 5 best leather wallets, picked up by ordinary ladies and experts to facilitate your choice. Think before you choose to love after.

Lavemi large capacity clutch – Best Editor’s Choice wallet

Lavemi Trifold WalletWe like the Lavemi wallet because it is big enough to hold everything you need to take with you when you leave the house. Plus, this wallet protects your information from RFID scanners. It covers the 13.56-megahertz range where most cards function.

This leather material is 100 percent pure with a bubbly texture to ensure you can easily grip it whether your hands are wet or not. Since there are three clear compartments for ID’s, you might enjoy carrying a photo of the family or your kids with you wherever you go.

This elegant black Lavemi leather wallet is extremely roomy to include everything you need to carry with you, for example, your phone, all your credit cards, IDs, money, or keys. All necessary items are always at hand and in perfect order. It is made of premium quality full grain genuine leather outside and inside, which makes it durable and wear-resistant, serving you for a long time and looking luxurious and rich at the same time.

It keeps your privacy safe with RFID technology, which prevents unauthorized scanning of the chips on your cards. The wrist strap makes it practical and easy to carry with you every time you move around. A bonus gift packaging makes it a perfect present.


  • Independent testing for RFID blocking
  • 11 slits for holding cards
  • 5 full-size pockets for checkbooks, notepads, and other large items
  • Fits iPhone 7 and 8 Plus along with the X and XS sizes
  • Colored seams provide an exquisite look
  • Excellent for carrying alone or in a purse or bag
  • Premium quality leather outside and inside
  • Roomy with lots of compartments and pockets
  • Practical design to keep everything well organized
  • A removable wrist strap makes it a clutch or wristlet
  • Zipper closure
  • Looks luxurious and rich
  • Protects your personal data and money
  • Special gift packaging
  • Not very large, but ultra-functional
  • Great bargain


  • Thinner than the other items on our list
  • Some consumers say the wallet ships with the zipper or snap upside down
  • It becomes bulky with many coins inside
  • Not all card slots can be fulfilled when you put a phone

The gift box is nice-looking and with a reusable cloth for easy cleaning, it is a wonderful idea for your dear women for any occasion, either Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, or Birthday.

ItsLife Large clutch – Best wallet for carrying phones

Itslife Clutch WalletDo you have a large phone? You may like this clutch over others on our list because it will accommodate all phone sizes up to an iPhone 11. You may like this wallet because it can protect your phone should you drop the clutch.

The zipper pocket uses a leather pull tag letting you access your phone quickly.

The military-grade RFID blocking technology in this wallet is one feature that makes it so appealing. This wallet has one clear space for holding your driver’s license or ID.

The Itslife wallet looks and feels absolutely gorgeous. The waxed finish of high-quality leather makes it glossy and sleek. This model can contain all the essentials you need every day and remain quite slim in a magic way, even with your phone inside. It’s highly recommended for those who appreciate the elegant appearance, quality, security, and undisputable order in life.


  • 21 spaces for cards
  • Three long pockets
  • Appealing antique design
  • Special care for the seams to ensure a flatter corner
  • The best full-grain leather with wax effect
  • Pure leather outside and inside
  • Looks and feels luxurious, pleasant, and glossy
  • Gets more attractive and unique over time
  • RFID security
  • Clasp and zipper closure
  • Sizeable, but not huge
  • Organizes all your essentials
  • Stylish and vintage
  • Comes in a lovely gift packaging
  • Value for money


  • Material may turn sticky after a few months of use
  • Quite tough to close if many cards and a phone are in
  • The middle cardholder is not detachable
As the wallet has a fold-over snap it’s possible to locate a checkbook with a pen there as well. Remember, that with use the leather will get softer and more flexible with proper care.

Yafeige – Best card holder

Yafeige Clutch PurseWhen you need to keep certain cards separate from others in your purse, this wallet may be helpful. The slot organization features card spaces in two areas of the wallet. There are four long slots in this item.

The high-quality leather material is waxed for a durable finish that resists spills and minor scuffing. It houses a military-level material to block RFID scanning tools. The dual zipper pocket gives you plenty of room for a cell phone, change, and receipts.

The exclusively smart and attention-grabbing appearance of this Yafeige trifold wallet beats all the logic. However, there is no need for this, as it features premium quality leather with a wax finish, advanced security against RFID signals, plenty of slots, windows, compartments, and zipper pockets to meet all your needs and keep all your essential possessions neatly organized and always at your disposal. The wallet doesn’t seem very large, but it is very practical and multifunctional and will fit in your handbag, no doubt.


  • Fits phones up to an iPhone 8 Plus
  • 12 card spaces
  • One clear, identification slot
  • Tri-fold design
  • Handcrafted item
  • Four large compartments
  • Double stitches throughout
  • Premium quality leather looks better over time
  • Wax finish protects from water, dirt, and dust
  • Soft and pleasant to touch
  • The trifold design allows to use it both as a clutch or a wallet
  • Advanced security for your personal data and money
  • Plenty of vibrant colors available
  • Reasonable organization inside to place everything
  • Sizable enough for a checkbook and phone
  • Remains flat even when it’s full
  • Sturdy and neat double stitching


  • Zipper may detach
  • Some consumers feel the wallet smells musty upon delivery
  • The leather cracks with the use
The storage capacity of this wallet is amazing, still not endless. You probably can’t put both your car keys and phone together. It may not close.

ItsLife Organizer – Best checkbook holder

Itslife Wallet OrganizerIf you are someone who uses checks, cards, and cash, then you may feel this wallet is the best one for your needs. This wallet will hold up to three passports, so you can safely travel with the kid’s identification to keep it safe.

When you need to write a check, the last thing you want to do is to try to hold your wallet while signing it. This clutch comes with a removable checkbook slot. Plus, you can use the wallet with or without the checkbook holder.

Elegant and classy Itslife wallet is recommended for ladies, who prefer looking fashionable and smart in any situation, doing business, for personal rendezvous, or traveling. The volume and inner organization of the unit will impress you, hiding all necessary possessions, a modern woman may need at hand.


  • 19 card compartments
  • 12 card spaces
  • Pen holder
  • Fits up to iPhone 11 Pro
  • Outside zipper pocket for phones or change
  • Blocks NFC phone readers and RFID scanners
  • Made by hand
  • Classical style
  • Natural soft and durable leather
  • Zipper and snap closure
  • Leather outside and inside
  • Impressive capacity for cards, IDs, cash, passports, a checkbook with a pen, a phone
  • A checkbook holder is removable and can be carried separately
  • Cutting edge RFID security from electronic pickpocketing
  • Arrives in an awesome box, so great for a gift


  • Zippers and snaps may come off easily
  • Some consumers feel the wallet smells musty upon delivery
  • Strong smell at arrival
The wallet is roomy and includes a checkbook holder, which is detachable if needed. Note, that it won’t accommodate a side-tear checkbook, which is too long. It is designed for top-test checkbooks.

Lavemi wristlet – Best Secure wallet

Lavemi RFID WalletDo you worry someone will try to slip a card out of your wallet when you are shopping? You may like this Lavemi product because it features a zip-up compartment that encompasses the entire wallet.

Additionally, a removable wrist strap helps you keep the wallet close to you without worrying about dropping it.

The wrist strap features an upgraded cloth material instead of a metal clip. The update adds more life to the product. This wallet protects against unwanted RFID scans from 10 to 3,000 megahertz.

Lavemi has managed to create an extremely slim and convenient wallet, which can fit even in your smallest purse and hold the essentials with you. There is no need for a compromise, as it is a top-quality leather, safe, functional unit. Simplicity, ultra-slim, and lightweight design make it look terrific.


  • 17 compartments for credit cards
  • One clear identification slot
  • Three full-length bill pockets
  • Pen holder
  • Zipper pocket for change or phones up to an iPhone 8
  • Slim design to fit in every handbag
  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Leather lining inside
  • Zipper closure
  • RFID protection for your privacy and safety
  • Roomy enough for cards, IDs, currency, coins, and your phone
  • Lightweight
  • Great for business and travel purposes
  • Outside the zipper pocket for quick access


  • Unpleasant odor when unpacking
  • Not big enough for all cellphones
Be attentive and check the dimensions before you order this model if you plan to carry your phone inside. This wallet is slim and quite compact in order to fit any ladies’ purse.

Buyer’s Guide – Women’s Leather Wallets

Consider these points before selecting your perfect Ladies’ Leather Wallet

RFID Blocking 

RFID technology blocks the signals and prevents from scanning the chips on your credit cards, IDs, passports. We are all inevitably moving online. Cybersecurity is becoming one of the utmost needs, especially for active businessmen and travelers. 

Design and multifunctionality

The mix of smart and practical design makes the best solution for a modern woman, who adores looking attractive while being busy, meeting lots of people, or traveling. Most wallets cope with this task successfully, offering multiple slots, compartments, and pockets for currency, cards, passports, checkbooks, and even a phone.

Type of closure

Typically wallets have zipper or clasp types of closing. Some models applied both for more reliable and safe protection of the contents. 

Removable inserts

A few wallets feature detachable inserts, for example, credit card holders or checkbook holders. You can take them out and use them as separate units to make the wallet look slimmer or to arrange it in your own way. 

 Other recommendations for Women’s Leather Wallets buyers 

  • Most manufacturers don’t recommend any special care for leather wallets, just a quick cleaning with a dry cloth. Many models are produced from genuine leather with a wax finish to resist water, dirt, and dust. The material gets softer and more flexible, but stronger, more durable, and wear and tear-resistant.  
  • Traditional classic color wallets are usually made of genuine full-grain leather. As for bright and vigorous shades, it’s not always true. Some manufacturers use split lower quality or faux leather to reach such vivid colors. Be attentive and read product descriptions carefully. 
  • Check the dimensions of the unit not to be confused afterward when your phone or checkbook don’t fit in the chosen wallet. 

In this portion of the guide, we will cover several standard questions consumers ask about these wallets.

Is the wallet heavy to tote

All of the items on our list weigh 12 ounces or less when empty. Adding a phone to these wallets will significantly add weight when carrying the wallet in the hand. The Lavemi zip around wallet might be the best option for people who want a sturdy option for carrying a cell phone or several cards or passports.

What phone will fit in this wallet

These wallets will all accommodate an I phone 6, 7, or 8. Some will hold larger phones. You can find out the individual sizes for each wallet in our quick comparison guide. The product review section also contains information about each clutch including what size phone each one will hold.

Does the wallet have a bad smell

Many wallets on our list have an aroma when you open the package. Some people say these smells are offensive. One way to get rid of the bad odor is to leave the wallet in an open space for a few days before using it. Adding a leather conditioner to the wallet may also remove some of the bad smells.

Is the wallet real leather

Yes. All the wallets feature a top grain or high-quality leather exterior. There are different materials on the insides of the RFID blocking material, but the outsides of the wallets are all leather.

Will the wallet hold my phone and a checkbook

We do not recommend carrying a phone and a full checkbook inside the wallets. It may put undue strain on the zippers or the snaps to carry two bulky items at the same time.

Video Guide: Making a Women’s Leather Wallet DIY

Best Leather Wallets for Men

The last word on wallets for women

All the wallets on our list come with RFID protection to ensure your private information stays safe. If you always have a ton of change, or you like to keep your coins handy, then picking one of the options with an exterior zipper pocket might be the best idea. We like all the wallets because they are stylish, functional, and hold cellphones.

An ideal leather wallet for women probably has to be lovely and stylish, match most clothes and accessories, and multifunctional, as well, to keep all the everyday essentials at hand. All 5 selected brands deeply understand the needs and preferences of customers and offer an all-in-1 solution for you. Don’t agree on a compromise, choose with both your head and heart. 

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. Nice choices for women. I love the simple styles and rugged construction of the wallets you’ve chosen, but sometimes I crave something a little more flashy.

  2. Wow all of these wallets are splendid! I’ve never seen anything like these. Unfortunately, my last wallet recently started deteriorating, but I’ve heard that leather wallets last a long time. Hopefully, it will last me another couple of years.

    1. Hello, Kendra! Leather wallets are very durable.

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