5 Best Leather Rifle Slings
5 Best Leather Rifle Slings
4.9 (97.14%) 21 vote[s]
Mossy Oak Leather Sling
2 per pack
Heavy duty design
Sling swivels included
VVV-Group Rifle Sling
Durable Leather Strap
The 2-point Rifle Sling
Reliable fixation
World War Supply
Leather Construction
Handcrafted Replica
Officially Licensed Product
Raiseek Rifle Sling
Copper Rivets
Handcrafted Replica
Officially Licensed Product
Leather Rifle Sling
Premium Buffalo Leather
Made In The USA

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20.71% of users selected Mossy Oak Leather Sling, 7.81% selected VVV-Group Rifle Sling, 13.58% selected World War Supply, 7.98% selected Raiseek Rifle Sling and 49.92% selected Leather Rifle Sling. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you have one last upgrade to make to your AR 15 or shotgun, it should be a leather rifle sling. After you get AR iron sights, the sling is one of the most important pieces of gear. When shopping for the best leather rifle sling, there are certain features to consider such as type of leather and weatherproofing. When you purchase a sling, you can carry your rifle over your shoulder or crisscross over your body.In our guide, we looked at a few factors to determine the top leather rifle slings available on the marketing. These factors include:

  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Compatibility with popular firearms
  • Weather resistance
  • Overall value

As we looked for the best leather rifle slings, we found that the following slings have amazing features with stylish designs. Since leather is a high priority for these accessories, we also looked at each for their durability and overall design.

Mossy Oak Mason Creek : Best Single Point Leather Sling

Mason Creek Leather SlingThe Mossy Oak Mason Creek sling offers a high-quality strap for guns like a Martin .30-30 for a great price. The color and stitching on this sling are immaculate, while the single point sling is easy to easy and allows you to carry with ease anywhere that you go.

The quality is impressive for this type of sling. It’s well-made and has more than enough length for bigger guns. The gun sling stays in place well due to the construction and material. It’s comfortable to wear and stylish, too.

You can attach this sling to any rifle or shotgun, but it works best for hunting rifles. It’s adjustable and allows you to change the length from 31 inches to 39 inches. You can also remove the strap from the swivels as it doesn’t use permanent rivets. At 1-inch in width, it also comes with a comfortable padded area that rests on your shoulder.

Pros Cons
High-quality Customers complained of gaudy logo
Great value Strap is leather, but the strap keeper is not
Adjustable up to 39”
Beautiful brown leather

You can’t go wrong with the Mossy Oak Mason Creek leather sling. With its leather materials and single point design, it will work to carry any rifle or gun that you have in your hunting arsenal. It’s also priced well for the high-quality materials, and while it is “made in China,” you can’t tell the difference once the sticker has been removed.

VVV Group Real Leather Rifle Sling :Most Stylish Leather Rifle Sling

VVV-GroupWith this quick attachment, two point strap, you get a lot of flexibility and ease of use while you’re hunting. This is a professional grade leather sling that is built to last. It will remain durable during the harshest tests as you move through brush and climb up embankments in your hunting gear, too.

The VVV-Group Rifle Sling is most well known for its stylish embossing. The dark brown leather has a clear design that any hunter will love to show off. It fits the majority of shotguns and rifles and ranges from 38.5” to 40.5” in length.

It’s quite comfortable to wear though it will remain tight to your body as you move, so it won’t bounce or get in the way of other gear. With waterproof leather, comfortable length and padded shoulder rest, and universal mounting capabilities, it’s probably the best strap on this list.

Pros Cons
High-quality design and construction May be too large as it doesn’t adjust under 38.5”
Two point attachment
Fits almost all rifles and shotguns
Adjustable up to 40.5”

You will love the VVV-Group two point attachment leather sling. With its handcrafted leather and detailed embossing, it looks sharp on hunters, and it’s quite comfortable. The sling is designed for swivels of 1-inch apart, and it’s also adjustable. You can typically wear this with any larger rifle or shotgun, as it adjusts up to 40.4 inches.

World War Supply Leather Rifle Sling: Most Durable and Stylish Leather Sling

WW2For those who want the vintage real deal, World War Supply has created the M1907 leather sling to look identical to the 1942 leather rifle slings of old. With drum dried leather, copper rivers, and sewn leather keepers, it’s one of the highest quality rifle slings on the market.

This is an expertly handcrafted leather rifle sling replica from World War II. You can tell in the detailing on the rivets and swivels that it was made to look like the real thing from 1942. With brass hardware and fine brown leather tanning, you’ll love how this strap looks and feels with your hunting gear.

The US troops used the exact same leather sling. It’s 1 ¼“ wide, and it works with almost all rifles and shotguns. With sewn keepers and brass hardware, this rifle sling will get lots of compliments from your hunting party for its sheer good looks and vintage style.

Pros Cons
Handmade construction, very high-quality Belt uses dried leather, so you’ll need to spray ballistol gun oil
Vintage design from World War II Not as adjustable as other slings
Copper rivets, sewn leather keepers, brass hardware
Great value

This leather rifle sling is absolutely perfect for whatever you want to carry. It fits almost all rifles and shotguns, and it has varying lengths. You can use the 26” on short strap or the 44” on the long strap. While not very adjustable, it’s made to be a World War II replica.

Raiseek Rifle Gun Sling: Best Value

Military Style Sling M1If you want a black leather rifle sling with a durable construction, the Raiseek Rifle Gun Sling is your best bet. This sling is made from buffale hide leather, and it has high-quality stitching throughout. If you are an all-day hunter, you will love this sling.

It’s easy to forget that you are even wearing this thing because of its comfortable design.

The sling itself is one-inch wide, and it uses all black metal hardware. With real metal fasteners, you won’t have to worry about any of the hardware coming loose after a couple of uses. It’s built to last. The sling is also adjustable, and it uses military grade swivels for more motion and ease of use.

You can adjust this sling from 27” to 42”, so it works for any rifle or shotgun that you have in your arsenal. It’s easy to operate and remove when you need for a fast transition. There are black screws on both ends of the sling to attach swivels. While the leather has a great texture and looks great, some customers complained that some products didn’t feel like real leather.

Pros Cons
Black leather single point rifle sling Some customers complained of poor quality leather
Durable construction Customers reported that the sling came cracked in some places
All metal hardware
Military grade

While we reviewed a high-quality leather sling from Raiseek, we understand that some customers may not be receiving the same leather slings. For the price, it’s a great purchase, but we urge customers to contact Raiseek if they receive a leather sling that comes with manufacturer defects. With its premium steel hardware, adjustable length, and ease of use, it’s one of the best all-black rifle slings that you can purchase on the market.

Detroit Leather Shop: Best Buffalo Leather Rifle Sling

SwivelsWith its dark brown buffalo hide leather construction, the Detroit Leather Shop leather sling is a USA-made product that has everything you need for easy transitions during your hunt. This sling is adjustable and includes all black hardware.

The premium buffalo leather is stronger than cowhide, so it’s definitely more durable and waterproof for those long hunts in the spring and summer rains.

At 1 ¼ inches wide and adjustable from 29” to 36”, it will fit almost any rifle and most shotguns. The solid brass Chicago screws have a black oxide finish, which is super stylish yet hardily constructed.

This is a handmade product made in Detroit, Michigan. There are no machines used to make these belts, so you can expect the highest craftsmanship. Every sling made from the Detroit Leather Shop is hand-cut and holes are punched through using precision hand punch and maul. The edges are also beveled and burnished by hand with beeswax. It’s simply a beautiful leather strap for a great price.

Pros Cons
Completely handmade
Finely designed with beveled edges and beeswax burnishing
Made in USA
Adjustable from 29” to 36”

We love this rifle sling. The craftsmanship is so impressive, and every single belt is handmade at a Detroit shop. You’ll get the finest quality and durability from the buffalo hide, but the hardware is also made to last too. The sling comes with black hardware and a slider buckle that has a nickel finished brass hardware. For the price, you can’t beat the quality of this rifle sling.

Leather Rifle Sling Buyer’s Guide

Before we look at the best leather rifle slings, what makes one better than another? What are the most important aspects to consider about the quality and functionality of a well-made leather rifle strap?

Video Tutorial: Making a Basic Rifle Sling

A sling allows you to use your hands while you carry your rifle with you at all times. When you’re hunting and you have a task that requires both hands, you can let your rifle stay in the sling and work on your task easily. Whether you need to set up something in your camp, provide first aid, hike to a certain spot, or just pick up something heavy, the sling is the best accessory.

What to Look for in a High Quality Sling

There are a few factors to look for when you shop for a sling online. While there is a focus on comfort and adjustability, it’s also about the type of leather and tanning that you admire in your hunting accessories.


If you have a particularly heavy weapon, you will want a wider sling to handle the weight evenly. This reduces the stress on your shoulder and prevents the sling from digging into your shoulder. Slings can be designed for heavier rifles, which typically means they will have padding on the shoulder part of the sling. If you are carrying an AR 15, AR 10, or heavy shotgun, then the pad makes it more comfortable.


Most rifle slings are designed for different body types, which means they will be adjustable. You don’t want a sling that is too tight, especially if you are also wearing body armor. Most slings show adjustability in inches. A sling starting at 30 inches is typically, but it also depends on your size and comfort.


Are you looking strictly for a rifle sling for when you hunt? In this case, you’ll want a heavy duty sling that makes it easy to carry over tough terrain. If you are simply looking for a carry sling or defense sling, then you want a strong sling that’s easy to take off and put on.

Hunting rifle slings will prioritize comfort over convenience. If you are purchasing a sling for a duty grade weapon, then it also has to be durable, adjustable, and comfortable.

Should You Buy Leather or Synthetic?

While you may think that synthetic leather feels the same, it’s definitely not the same quality. However, many hunters purchase synthetic slings to save on cost. Leather is the traditional choice because of its durability and style. The throwback appearance to early American cowboy periods is also appreciated with certain sling designers.

Leather slings are preferred for shotguns and rifles. The material is durable and strong, but it does lack in some of the tactical options that synthetic can offer.

Types of Slings

There are three main types of slings. Each design offers some advantages depending on the type of activities you need a sling for.

Single Point Sling

These types of slings attach only to one point on the weapon. This straightforward style is easy to wear and adjust. Typically, these slings attach to the back of the firearm and have a loop that weaves around the body as it goes over one arm and under the other.

As the lowest cost sling, single point types allow you to transition from shoulder to shoulder when you need to. You can easily shoot around barriers and allows you to get a huge range of movement. They won’t get tangled up in gear.

However, one of the problems of single point slings is that they move around too much. Since these sway and bounce quite frequently, you could get hit a few times with a heavy weapon in ways that you don’t want. If you are climbing and moving a lot, you won’t want a single point sling because your weapon will bounce around too much against your person.

Double or Two Point Slings

The most common type of sling is the two point. These types attach in two places on your rifle and are designed for comfort and stability. These are popular slings for hunting and tactical capabilities.

There is a lot of support and adjustment availability with the two point sling. They won’t allow your weapon to move around, which means that it will stay tight against your body. As you hunt, you can easily climb over obstacles, set up camp, carry deer, and adjust what you need without having to worry about your weapon bouncing around.

While two point slings may limit your flexibility to a certain point, you won’t experience any hits to the body with these adjustable slings. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to transition without removing the sling and rifle off of your body.

Three Point Slings

There aren’t too many of these slings left because they just aren’t comfortable or flexible enough for hunters. These were the first tactical slings available, but their popularity has waned in the past few years.

A three point sling sits across your body the same way as a two point, but there is an extra loop in the middle. These slings are very supportive and perfect for a heavier weapon, such as an AR 10. Three point slings give you more control over your weapon even if you are letting it hang. If you are using a full sized rifle, a three point sling could offer more support.

However, the main issue with these slings is that they have too many straps. These can get tangled up in your gear if you’re not vigilant. These slings were also more popular before modern tactical gear was invented, so there’s more benefits to using the two point sling. You also have to adjust each strap individually with three point slings, which can be really inconvenient and time-consuming.

Leather Rifle Slings FAQ:

What rifle sling does the military use?

The standard issue for all U.S. soldiers is a two-point rifle sling. But the default slings are considered not the best quality. Many soldiers invest in more comfortable slings. While two-point slings are uncomfortable because they feel like a tether on a surfboard than a rifle sling. 

One-point slings also allow hands to be free. But, anyway, the U.S. military standard is a two-point rifle sling. If you ought to use this standard military sling, consider investing in the adjustable product. 

How to treat your leather rifle sling?

The slings made of natural leather require additional care like any other leather product. Keeping your sling aside after the hunting season is not enough if you have plans to use the same sling in a year. Surely, flexible leather slings remain durable for a long time. But still, you need to care for them to prolong their service.

Here is the list of leather care products you should buy to treat your rifle sling: 

  • Pure neatsfoot oil is a yellow liquid extracted from the cattle’s feet and leg bones. It is a natural moisturizer for conditioning leather goods including the rifle slings. Also, this oil can make the sling water-resistant for some time. However, pure oil may darken the sling after the treatment;
  • Mink oil is another substance used to moisture and soften leather products. This oil may soften stiff and dry rifle slings. This oil may prevent the sling from getting dark;
  • Saddle soap is good to make the sling clean. Any sling gets dirty after a hunting season. But you should use this soap with mink or neatsfoot oil;
  • Leather conditioner is a must-have thing if you own natural leather goods like belts, gloves or rifle slings. For instance, Bickmore’s Bick 4 conditioner is a good pick because it doesn’t affect the sling’s color. Also, it won’t make the sling sticky. Consider choosing an odorless leather conditioner;

How to adjust leather rifle slings?

Contemporary two-point rifle slings of the tactical type have an in-built feature for adjusting the length. Thanks to this feature, you may quickly adjust the sling length. 

This is how you can do it: 

  • Open the rifle sling;
  • Stick your head and support arm through;
  • The sling should point down to the left (if you are a right-handed shooter);
  • Adjust it according to your height and chest size. The sling should hang comfortably – not too tight or too loose;

If you are going to use a leather rifle sling as an aiming aid, reach the left hand around (outside). Then grab the firearm under the sling – it naturally spirals around the forearm. 

How to use a rifle sling?

A rifle sling has a few functions. The major function is to carry a rifle. Basically, this is a strap to carry a firearm. You just slip the strap on the shoulder and use it when you are going to shoot. 

Consider choosing a stabilizing rifle sling with shoulder pads for additional support and comfort. Most two-point rifle straps belong to the type of the “speed” or “tactical” sling. Such slings have a loop on the front or back of the rifle. This loop can be easily adjusted. 

When the shooter adjusts his shooting position, the elbow or support arm is placed into this loop. It hooks the loop of the sling. The loop pulls the rifle to the left or right side of the shooter. In such a way, the gun is stabilized better. Speed rifle slings are great for assuming any firing positions as quickly as possible.

Many two-point slings come with a support-side loop. With such a sling, the shooter can assume a kneeling or sitting position for additional support. 

What is a 2-point sling?

If you need to buy a two-point sling made of leather for your rifle, you can easily recognize it. Such a sling looks like a carry strap. But unlike the strap, it is mounted on the rifle’s side. Also, it has a quick adjustment mechanism. 

The thing is that two-point slings are usually mounted on the bottom of the rifle (the standard point) and the sides or the top of it. In such a way, you can carry the rifle in the “hunter style” (one shoulder, muzzle up). Another popular style is tactical (across the body). 

Hunters prefer using a two-point rifle sling. It is the simplest and most affordable sling type. They are usually wider than military slings. Hunter rifle slings have shock-absorbing inserts and compartments for magazines. Airsoft fans also pick two-point slings. 

Modern rifle slings should meet all quality requirements. Such rifle straps must be durable and comfortable to wear. Then such a sling for a rifle will last a long time.

How long should a rifle sling be?

The sling’s length varies, according to the rifle type:

  • Hunting rifles – use adjustable 36-inch slings. To brace for shots you may pick a 45-inch sling;
  • Shotguns – use 45-inch slings;
  • AR/AK style rifles – use 50-inch slings for low carry technique, use a 45-inch sling for “tactical” carry;

What is a hasty sling?

There are a few designs of leather rifle slings. Usually, these designs focus on speed-sling techniques. But many hunters use the “hasty sling”. It is a simple technique when you need to shake a carry strap around the support arm. The hasty sling protects the strap from going below the rifle while holding on target. 

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  3. Ordered the VVV Group Real Leather rifle sling because I like how it looks and feels and I know it’s going to be great. How? A friend has one and it both looks stylish and can fit my rifle nicely. Cheers!

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