5 Best Leather Golf Grips
5 Best Leather Golf Grips
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Grip Master Black
GRIP MASTER The The Kidd Leather Grip
Medium/Soft Touch
Hand made
Medium/High tackiness
Grip Master Blue
 GRIP MASTER The The Master Cowhide Leather Grip
Medium/Soft Touch
Hand made
Medium/High tackiness
Grip Master Black
 GRIP MASTER The Tour Classic Wrap Grip
Cowhide Leather
Medium/Firm Touch
Medium/High tackiness
Champkey Monster Snake Leather Golf Putter Grips - Pure Handmade Leather Golf Grips
Genuine Leather
Material enhances the grip
Grip Size:Midsize
Golf Pride
Set of 8 - Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G
Enhanced Tackiness
Soft Material
Set of 8

Buyer’s Guide

First up, the Pistol, has a notch in the back of the grip, under your non-dominant hand, that places your non-dominant hand on a different plane than your dominant hand. Well, what does that mean? That means it allows your hands to naturally flow open, closed. So if you have an open, closed putting stroke with slight to extreme arc, this is the perfect grip for you.

Our second putter grip, the Paddle, is like the non-taper round grips on the market today, except it has a slight amount of taper and a small flat section on top for you to put your thumbs. It allows your hands to flow straight back, straight through. That’s our two putter grip shapes, the Pistol, and the Paddle. So if you have any kind of arc in your putter stroke, use the Pistol, and if you have a slight arc to no arc in your putter stroke, use the Paddle.

Video Tutorial: BestGrips Grip Installation

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  1. Just bought a set of clubs with Winn grips and they”re tacky. In fact, I might try the next 9 holes without a glove. With the grips Richard was showing being as grippy as they are, one would have to be careful where you put your club down at. I use the club separators in my bag. Looking forward to the next post. Good day!

    1. Hello, Edward! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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