5 Best Razor Strops
5 Best Razor Strops
4.7 (93.85%) 26 vote[s]
RED DEER Razor Strop
Dimensions: 200 x 2 inches
Material: Leather
Made In: USA
GBS Leather Strop
Dimensions: 23.5 x 2.5 inches
Material: Leather
Material: Made In: USA
Fromm Illinois Razor Strop
Dimensions: 23 x 2.5 inches
Material: Leather, Suede
Made In: Pakistan, USA
Dimensions: 20 x 2 inches
Material: Leather, Suede
Made In: Pakistan
Dimensions: 27 x 3 inches
Material: Leather
Made In: USA

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Have you ever used disposable razors before? If so, you’ve probably grown tired of continuously having to purchase them. Straight razors are a permanent alternative, but require the proper accessories for them to stay sharp. Razor strops are useful for this and serve to prevent the edges of the blade from becoming dull. Reviewed further are five of the best razor strops you’ll find online, chosen for their strength and material quality.

1. RED DEER Straight Razor Strop – Best Strop For Straight Razors (Editor’s Choice)

RED DEER Straight Razor StropThe Red Deer is much stronger than your typical strop. Few strokes are needed to sharpen one side of a blade, and you’ll find them done within minutes. The hooks at the tip are very helpful and fully braces them (both strops) from moving around too much as you work.

This strop is recommended for people who primarily want to sharpen straight razors.

Pros Cons
A hook is placed on the tip of the strop, which can be placed on a door handle or other sturdy object during sharpening Only one side of each strop is light enough to polish
Safe to use with most knives that average five inches or less, including straight razors
No compound or polisher needed to use the strop straight out of the box

2. GBS High Quality Leather Strop – Best Strop For Knives (People’s Choice)

GBS High Quality Leather StropThe GBS High-Quality Leather Strop is great for people that like to take their time when sharpening. It’s also well suited for people that need a strop that’ll last for years without wearing down. Upon using it for the first time, you won’t find any “bad spots” or uneven places in the leather.

There are no instructions though, so use this video for a brief tutorial.

Pros Cons
The two strops that featured are significantly different in length, making them suitable for most cutting tools and utensils No instructions are provided with the strop
No imperfections to be found on both sides of the leather; good stitching Must be cleaned and prepared with conditioner prior to sharpening
When used with a conditioner, blades will come out sharp with few strokes necessary

3. Fromm Illinois Razor Strop – Best Strop For Beginners

Fromm Illinois Razor StropThe Fromm Illinois Razor Strop Has all the right features for beginners to sharpen a razor or knife with little confusion. There’s no need to go out and buy more accessories here; what you have it all you need. While you could do so, the construction is good enough to get through multiple strokes in an efficient manner.

Pros Cons
Good for beginners, the strops are ready to use immediately Although long lasting, pieces of leather could come off if scraped with too much force
Durable construction that won’t become damaged too quickly with straight razors Not suitable to use on flat surfaces
Strong hooks keep everything stable when working at a suspended angle

4. BARBER STROP Straight Razor Sharpener – Best Strop For Texture

BARBER STROP Straight Razor SharpenerThe Barber Strop Straight Razor Sharpener deserves credit for one often looked over feature, which is the instruction manual. It’s detailed, brief, and should be enough to have you sharpening your knives and razors very fast. If there is a negative, it would be with the packaging, which could risk the material getting bruises on the trip to your home.

Still, it’s a good strop that will work just as well as any other.

Pros Cons
Detailed instructions are given in a manual that comes with the product Due questionable packaging, slight risk of discoloration and/or imperfections in the product when delivered
The face is made from suede, a good alternative to leather
Good grainy texture that won’t lengthen sharpening time

5. Parker’s Handmade Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop – Best Strop For Fast Sharpening

Parker's Handmade Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor StropThe Parker’s Handmade Red Latigo is the final leather strop with a powerful surface for effort-free sharpening. It’s pretty thick in between, and quite long. In just one stroke, you could have one face of your blade completed. This tool is suggested for anyone that likes to used strops quickly.

Pros Cons
Made with an even surface that has no nicks Due to its thickness and coarse surface, sharpening can become very loud
The leather is thick and resembles antique strop belts from years past
Long enough to complete a full stroke in one go

Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever used a strop before? It’s an easy job to do, but does requires some level of understanding, or order to not damage the strap too quickly. And while they may seem basic and easy to manage, there are high and low quality strops, of which can sometimes be difficult to discern. The following FAQ will help you find a strop that’s sure to last a long time, so take notes if you’re new to manual knife sharpening.

Understanding Strops

Stropping is probably the single most important component of learning how to use a cut-throat razor because the good stropping technique will enable you to maintain the edge of your razor for many, many months, some people even think years. Also, if you strop before every shave, you’ll maintain the keenness of your edge so you’ll have good quality shaves, as long as you strop correctly.

The key to stropping correctly and smoothly is how you flip the razor when you’re on the actual strop itself. You have to roll the razor between your thumb and forefinger like so like you might roll a pencil between the two fingers, and that’s the key to stropping on leather.

Start with the spine of the razor on the leather. Gently lower, so the edge and the spine are both on the razor, like so. Gently push away from you up the strop. When you get toward the end, flip by rolling the razor between your thumb and forefinger, always keeping the razor on the leather, and then lower it down gently and pull it back, and then flip by rolling, keeping the spine on the leather at all times, gently down, back up. Make sure the whole edge and the spine of the razor lay flat on the surface of the strop at all times.

Don’t worry about speed at this particular point. Speed will come with time and practice. The most important thing is to make sure that you, number one, roll the razor on its spine at the end of each lap so that the edge comes into the air, and number two, during each lap you do not lift the spine of the razor off. If you lift the spine of the razor off the strop as your stropping, you’ll what we call roll the edge, which usually requires taking the razor to the sharpening stones to fix. So, be very careful with those two aspects, and that’s essentially how you strop a razor.

Are Strops Ready to use Immediately?

For the most part, yes. Strops are generally sold ready to be used as soon as they’re taken out of their packaging, although it might be a good idea to apply a conditioner to some brands. Some users also like to make the surface a bit more coarse by using sandpaper along with the leather, but this isn’t needed.

What Materials are Strops Made Out Of?

Strops are usually made from either leather or suede. Some models may incorporate synthetic materials into the mix. If you notice one that has the latter, don’t shy away from it though, as a blend of all three can sometimes last much longer than ordinary leather. Yet it’s mostly dependent on how you use the strop, to begin with.

How am I Supposed to Use a Strop?

If your primary use will be for a straight razor, simply place the strop on a sturdy device, such as a doorknob (if there’s a hook for it), place the blade perpendicular to the leather side, then gently but firmly stroke up and down. There’ are more techniques that you could follow, so be sure to check online or read the product’s instruction manual if you can.

How Long will my Strop Last?

Most strops are generally good from anywhere between six months to a year. Some brands may last much longer, especially if you’re careful with your strokes. The greatest cause of wear on a strop is the blade itself, which can create marks and gradually scratch of its material over time.

What are the Benefits to Using Strops?

By far, the greatest benefit is money saved. For people using straight razors, no longer will you have to rely on disposable razors to groom your hair. Women can use them as well, and the blade will remain sharp enough to reduce the likelihood of getting a nick from a jagged edge. You can also sharpen up all the knives in your kitchen. In short, the life of your cutting and grooming tools will be extended with a razor strop, tenfold.

Razor Straps FAQ

Is a straight razor the best shave?

Straight shaving will have a positive influence on your emotional, physical, and economic well-being whilst reducing your environmental effects. You resolve to take back ownership of your shave by resolving to become a straight shaver, converting a loathsome task into a pleasant, inspiring routine.

A few reasons why you should stick to the “straight razor shave” method: 

  • Better for skin. Gentle exfoliation may be perfect for skin wellbeing, like the sort you get by straight shaving without treating a shaving brush. Exfoliation eliminates the uppermost skin cells and facilitates the development of fresh cells, the creation of collagen and increased circulation;
  • Better for your budget. A well-cared-after straight razor can offer shaves for a lifetime and save you every year hundreds of dollars. Some benefits are very evident, such as never having to purchase refills or travel ever again to the blade shop. But in less evident respects, straight shaving even saves you money. This decreases the amount of waste you make, which in turn reduces your bill for waste disposal;
  • Better for the environment. A zero-waste approach is straight shaving. It’s the perfect shaving form for the setting with nothing to shop or throw away;
  • Better for control over your shaving experience. The straight razor is completely adjustable, whereas other razors are made one-size-fits-most. Without needing to adjust items or pay extra, the technique, angle and pressure may be changed for the perfect shave, and being able to take control of your straight razor helps you to know for sure that before any shave it is clean and sharp;

What makes a good strop?

A fast draw, a sticky draw, both seem to offer the razor identical outcomes. Stropping may make drawing seem right on, or uncomfortable. It’s yet another one of those things of choice. Obviously, without bumps or splits, you want a good smooth piece of cloth, a light chamfer on the corners, and great standard hardware.

The bulk of leather strops vary from cordovan to oil-tanned horsehide. It is fine if the leather strop is clean and wide. Ignore the obvious garbage, just aim for one that’s long enough to match you and big enough. For example, Tony Miller offers some of the best leather razor strops. 

Why do barbers use straight razors?

A sharp blade is clearly superior. Three less sharp blades are always inferior to one dull blade. 2 days last on certain straight razor shaves. On top of that, this can reduce the risks of wounds, missing areas, and discomfort when dragging a blade over skinless.

Some barbers utilize plastic straight edge razors as opposed to conventional straight razors regardless of health codes. He or she will give you a cool moist towel to cover the pores and then spray on a manly smelling aftershave when the barber is finished removing the beard. That’s why it is called a “straight razor shave”.

Should you oil a leather strop?

For the most part, as you rub it over the leather many times before each shave, a typical leather strop does not really require anything like the natural oils from your palm. Some oil can profit from vintage strops, especially if it has been neglected for a while. Rub a bit of neatsfoot oil into the strop if you want to improve the pull. You can apply more if your strop is especially dry; if it is too sticky, merely wipe off the waste with a clean cotton cloth.

How do barbers sharpen their razors?

Barbers can usually keep the razor between the handle and the blade on the part, only using your fingertips. Roll the razor over the back until the fingers hit the end of the belt and force it back into the hook. The experts hold the strop blade smooth. The other half of the tip is sharpened by this. They apply quick, short strokes, and execute around 10-15 times this motion.

Can you use a leather belt as a strop?

A belt of natural leather should fit just right. It will work like cotton/linen and potentially sharpen the edge a little bit if one side of this belt is rugged, and the smooth side will hold the edge silky smooth on a regular basis.

A rustic belt made of a single strip of durable leather with one polished side and one rawhide side is easier to choose, making a fine (if quite rough) strop. Only somewhere anchor one side and draw it taut, or spread it over a piece of wood or whatever.

Strops are most commonly made of rubber, even if some materials are used. Both suede and soft leather are used, technically defined as the flesh or grain sides.

Which side of the strop should you use first?

There are two sides of leather, the grain (smooth) and the flesh (rough) part. Stropping is the final preparation with a sharp edge and the shape of the stroke should be as clean and flat as practicable, prepared with a fine abrasive coating.

Can mineral oil be picked to condition natural leather?

If the talk is about leather boots, strops or sofa, mineral oil can’t be called the safest choice. The mineral oil is considered to be dry, allowing it to hurt, discolor, and soften the leather over time.

Do not use goods containing petroleum or mineral oils, since they are very dry and can inflict leather loss over time.

Look for items that contain high-quality natural oils, such as mink oil, instead. But don’t overdo it: for limited usage, leather conditioners are intended.

Yes, although baby oil is a very light lubricant, it’s just really great for leather softening and can over-soften the leather in most situations if it’s too saturated or added to an old leather object.

You may also condition the leather with coconut oil if you don’t have flaxseed oil; it is hypoallergenic and won’t damage easily. Utilizing vinegar/water or an ounce of dish soap in cold water, rinse the leather first. With a clean cotton cloth, wipe the strop after the maintenance.


If you enjoyed the article, take a moment to go over the Comparison Table and Buyer’s Guide, if you haven’t already. They provide important information that can make your search for the strops above much easier. But if you continue to have trouble narrowing down the strops evaluated, the Red Deer and GBS High-Quality Leather Strop both a must buy. And that’s no criticism for the rest of the three that were reviewed, so settle on one of them if they offer something that the previous does not. Whichever you end up with, get ready make your cutting tools last much longer than before.

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. One of the better reviews about strops. I didn’t realize you could strop using everyday items and newspaper. I will try this and see what kind of results I get!

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  3. I’m in the market for a razor strop. How important is it to condition them before use? I see you mentioned that it’s a good idea but how necessary is it really?

  4. My boyfriend is training to be a barber so I thought a razor strop would be the perfect gift. Right now he has zero tools or accessories but he had his eyes on a cool razor and the Parker strop would be the perfect companion.

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