10 Best Leather Passport Holders
10 Best Leather Passport Holders
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GDTK Passport Holder
GDTK Leather Passport Holder Cover
Premium synthetic leather
4 Card/1 Air Ticket Slots
Magnetic closure
Shvigel Leather Passport Cover
3.7x0.2x5.2 inches
Grain leather
Durable stitching
Passport Holder Cover Wallet
5.8x0.6x4.2 inches
4 Card/1 Air Ticket Slots
RFID Blocking
Leather RFID Blocking US Passport Holde
5.5x4x0.35 Inches
4 card /1 money pockets
RFID Blocking
Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder
Grain leather
Designed 7 slots
RFID Blocking
RFID Blocking Wallet
Wallet Passport Holder
8x4.5x0.6 inches
Has 4 credit card slots
RFID Blocking
Travel Navigator
RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder
ID window
6 credit card slots
RFID Blocking
Famavala Holder
Famavala RFID Blocking Case Cover Holder Wallet
Premium Vegan Leather
4 credit card slots
RFID Blocking
Casmonal Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID
High-quality leather
Five Card Slots
RFID Blocking
Leather Passport Cover - Passport Holder
5.8x4.4x0.7 inches
Full grain leather

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66.67% of users selected GDTK Passport Holder, 8.33% selected Shvigel, 0% selected PASCACOO, 8.33% selected Villini and 16.67% selected Travelambo. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Keeping your passport secure and in good shape is important, whether you’re flying or stalking it at your house. A leather passport cover is going to get the job finished, with a little class and the flourish that a premium piece of leather offers.

Natural leather covers will shield your passport and documents from regular wear and tear as well as help to make it more immune to harm from spills and rainy weather.

A nice-looking cover provides a special touch as well. You may pick from hundreds of different styles to compliment your current luggage to make sure your passport is still simple to locate.

At the end of the day, a decent passport cover often serves as a useful, compact wallet in which you can store your credit cards and money, as well as your ticket.

Some passport holders also come complete with an RFID-blocking technology that helps secure the cards from skimmers trying to catch the data fraudulently.

The following guide includes the pros and cons of top 5 leather passport holders. Make sure to read the buying guide and check the specs of each product in the comparison table. Hopefully, all these tips can be good for the customers who’ve never used leather passport covers.

GDTK Leather Passport Holder Cover– the best for quick access!

GDTK Leather Passport Holder CoverThe GDTK leather passport holder works as both a holder/organizer for credit/business cards and a wallet. Having an advanced RFID tech, it can block RFID signals from cards running at a pace of 13.56 MHz.

Holding the price in mind, it has good quality. Embossing even looks luxury. The bearer of a passport is the right size to carry in your passport, ID, driver’s license and a variety of credit cards.


  • RFID protection;
  • 7 compartments;
  • Lightweight;
  • Quick and convenient access to passport, cards and wallet;
  • Easy to close;
  • Has a ball pen;


  • Not black but dark purple;
  • Made of cheap materials;
  • Easy to scratch;
  • A bit tight;

If you’re a regular traveler or just heading out on your first global journey, pick this cover that fits any style and deliver a great security feature.

Shvigel Leather Passport Cover – the best for quality!

Shvigel Leather Passport CoverThis Shvigel cover should not require any more space than your passport. But with this leather cover, you can place it in a bag or pocket and realize it’s secure. The vintage look of the classic U.S. passport cover is one of the best perks. Great embossing of the seal. This holder is packed in a sturdy cloth cover with a preview of leather on it. So, it might quickly become a nice present.

The interior has wide pockets for the front and back of the passport. Although the leather is heavy, the case doesn’t add a lot of weight to the passport. The cover can serve you for many years thanks to the consistency of the leather and the well-stitched seams.

Tips for users: open the holder and all sides have a vertical sleeve to slip on the front and back sections of your passport for firm keeping.


  • Vintage style;
  • Made of thick genuine leather;
  • 3-year warranty;
  • Unisex;
  • Good stitches;
  • Budget-friendly;


  • A tight fit for the first time;
  • Won’t hold more than one credit card, ID and a passport;

This product is sold in many colors to fit your preference. It’s pricey and competent. The cover was specially designed to reduce the wear and tear on your passport. It suits like a glove, too. It’s good enough to obtain a visa, but it’s loose enough to enable it to close properly.

PASCACOO Passport Holder Cover Wallet– the best for security!

Passport Holder Cover WalletThe diversity of its colors is only one thing that will inspire you. Even this leather passport wallet is up to 30 tones, great for a large family. Made of premium, high-quality eco-friendly leather, you can experience softness and warmth thanks to the added sponge.

This passport cover/wallet set includes a variety of outstanding 3D embossing images, such as skeleton, horseback riding or red-hot smoke.

You can place your passport wallet in your bag, clip it in your hand or pull your suitcase rod and realize it’s secure. This holder is fitted with a powerful RFID blocking mechanism that allows private details to be lost.

It is fitted with a metal pin that is used to press a dot to unlock an iPhone slot or other cell phones to adjust the SIM card while you fly overseas.


  • Good RFID protection;
  • Spacious;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • 3D embossing is nice;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Made of eco-friendly material;
  • Many compartments;


  • Flimsy;
  • Can discolor quickly;
  • Hard to close;
  • Not water-resistant;

Within, there is also more space for 4 additional credit cards and a mid-size sleeve for larger things such as boarding passes or cash and, of course, a wider sleeve to match the U.S. passport. The sewing is professional and the leather smells and feels real.

Villini Leather US Passport Holder Cover– the best for style!

Leather RFID Blocking US Passport HoldeThe Villini holder has proven to be a highly popular passport cover with the RFID wallet-blocking segment. It keeps your travel documentation secure.

The creative team took the choice and displayed the USA Coat Of Arms and the Brooklyn Bridge on the front side of this keeper, which will still remind you of any trip you take across your country wherever you are.


  • Classic vintage style;
  • 3D embossing;
  • Glossy finish;
  • 5 compartments;
  • RFID protection;
  • 3-year warranty;
  • Genuine leather;
  • Good stitching;


  • Requires regular maintenance;
  • Strong leather odor;

The wallet is made of 1.7 mm thick leather and there is a rather appealing range of 9 shades to select from, namely light blue, pink, purple and black. Obviously, there’s not a lot of moving parts in a wallet, so there’s no reason to set it up or obey any complex directions.

Travelambo Rfid Blocking Passport Holder– the best for functionality!

Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport HolderThis Travelambo holder is made of high-quality polyurethane, a soft yet sturdy substance. It’s a nice-looking, lightweight cover to take anywhere with you. The brand offers a broad variety of colors to satisfy your tastes and render your wallet excellent.

It has 4 card slots (which you can double with a little back and forth). The two main vertical pockets fit into the folded currency or passport. But they are very thin. The wide vertical pocket on the right is built to provide a slip on the back of your passport for easier visibility and smooth operation.

There is an extra horizontal pocket for smaller paper products and also for money – which must be folded.


  • 12 various compartments for money, passports, cards, etc.;
  • RFID protection;
  • Soft to the touch;
  • Durable;
  • Handmade;
  • Spacious;


  • Colors may look different than claimed;
  • Too big to fit in a pocket;

Besides weaving, which is achieved with the help of a skilled sewing machine, this product is handmade by skillful craftsmen with the usual tools: a cutting knife, scissors and a mallet.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of leather passport holders

Passport holders vary from basic styles that simply secure external passport covers to broad travel wallets that may carry credit cards, ID cards, other travel and business papers. Travelers will also find unique RFID holders to avoid remote theft of credit card and passport documents. The major types of leather passport holders include:

  • Protective covers. Made of PVC plastic content, these holders cover only the back and front of U.S. passports. The inside sections are still vulnerable to damage, particularly if you need to remove a passport frequently;
  • Basic covers. Many of these passports come in the shape of book jackets and are constructed of acrylic, vinyl or cloth. Much like the security video, it preserves only the front and back of the passport. They are, though, better and accessible in a number of colors and styles;
  • Document holders and organizers. Such cases are great for professional passengers since they are big enough to accommodate many papers. Top-notch leather types are typically used in their manufacturing, but less costly models are often available. They look trendy and come in a large array of finishes, tones and colors;
  • Travel wallets. Travel organizers are common among many travelers as they have ample space and pockets to hold not only U.S. passports but also other documents. They can flip open like magazines, but they’re often accessible with zippers;


Passport holders are accessible in a number of fabrics and materials, and you need to choose the one that better fits your needs and budget. Plastic holders are going to wear and tear really well. Besides, they’re water-resistant, meaning you don’t have to get tired of the wet weather or the moisture on your palms.

For instance, there are flexible PVC vinyl ID holders and leather holders for those who choose to get some comfort of their own. In addition, good-quality leather holders are long-lasting and sturdy. There are also goods of anti-slash or water-resistant properties. So, pick the holder you believe is going to offer you the best options in the terms of durability and look.

If you buy a cheap leather cover, it’s likely to be flimsy and wear off really quickly, leading you to lose more than what you’ve been negotiating for.


The holder of a passport should be big enough to accommodate all of your papers, but not too big to attract the eye of the robbers and pickpockets and feel awkward to bring around. In addition, you ought to understand the needs. Buy a tiny holder if you only need a visa. However, if you need to bear more than one passport and other papers, you will need extra space in the holder.

Carry method

If you’re concerned about fraud, look for a product that’s built to be worn tightly around your neck or your hips (to make it harder for pickpockets to get to). If you want one that is more streamlined, there are a number of wallet-style choices.

For those looking for a fashion-forward passport carrier, search for one made of natural leather. If you prioritize protection, make sure to select a material that feels smooth against the skin. Other covers are waterproof, which is perfect if you foresee a lot of storms. In certain instances, we embrace RFID-resistant fabrics that avoid the automated manipulation of electronic data contained in U.S. passports and credit cards.


Safety features are yet another important thing to consider, particularly in countries where crime rates are large. The anti-theft RFID functionality can help you remain safe from identity theft whilst the anti-slash fabric stops pickpockets from attempting to slash the contents of the keeper.

Many passport holders have RFID security. Why is it necessary? After 2007, U.S. passports were provided with a chip that contains personal details such as your contact address and a photo of your passport website. This is probably enough to render a fake ID with your profile on it. It’s worth the investment in a passport holder providing RFID security.

Passport cases with an RFID feature can hold your financial and personal details safe.

Final thoughts 

The review intended to show that faux and genuine leather passport covers can become the best assistants on the road when you need to hold your passport and keep credit cards, IDs and tickets organized. Buy top-notch and secure holders that will last longer than one trip. 

I often use a passport and ID during my trips all around the world (vacations, business meetings, etc.). That is why I try to keep my documents as safe as possible. To take care of the reliable protection of your documents, you may need to buy a passport cover. Surely, my choice is always connected to leather goods. So, I’ve decided to post the review of some of the best leather passport holders.

Today buyers have a great opportunity to purchase a separate cover of top-notch quality. Many leather craftsmen make awesome holders for passports, cards, and IDs. Leather holders tend to be durable, they will perfectly cope with main functions, complement the owner’s style and appearance.

Advantages of the genuine leather material for passport holders

If you consider buying a passport holder made of genuine leather, a traditional pick will serve for many years. Benefits of using leather passport covers:

  • Leather can be easily bent, so, it won’t crack at the most inappropriate moment;
  • Finished leather products look attractive and elegant;
  • Genuine leather is so soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • Durability and extended service for many years;
  • It is easy to dye – in other words, the leather may have a variety of shades;

Top 5 best leather passport holders, according to Leather-Toolkits.com:

  • GDTK Passport Holder is a premium cover made of synthetic leather. It has a nice magnetic closure and can fit up to 4 cards and 1 air ticket, so it is perfect for frequent trips by plane;
  • Shvigel is a rather compact holder made of grain leather. I like its durable stitching and nice look;
  • PASCACOO is a bit larger passport cover made of raw animal skin, it can also keep 4 cards and 1 air ticket slots;
  • Villini leather holder includes a money pocket and RFID blocking;
  • Travelambo is another cover made of grain leather. It has 7 slots and RFID blocking wallet;

I would also recommend paying attention to such U.S. brands and manufacturers who offer awesome leather passport holders: Travel Navigator, Famavala Holder, Casmonal, POROMO.

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Passport Holder

The majority of this website’s audience are craftsmen who are into DIY projects. So, I also attached the video tutorial with awesome guidelines if you need to make a leather passport cover from scratch. I will also anticipate your comments below this review. Thanks for reading my blog and reviews!

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. I bought a leather passport holder a few years back when I was traveling regularly. I never considered making one myself though and want to give it a try as part of my next leather-based project! I especially appreciate passport holders with an ID window, credit card slots, and RFID blocking. Perhaps I can incorporate those features into mine?

    1. Hello, Lynn! You can watch video tutorial, it will help you.

  2. When traveling a leather passport is a great idea to keep all of your valuables safe and sound. I purchased one of these a couple of years back and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I still use it to this date when I travel.

    1. Hello, Shawn! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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