5 Best Leather Golf Bags
5 Best Leather Golf Bags
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Piel Leather Golf Bag
Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag
Handmade in Colombia
Full grain leather
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain 2018
Аour full-length dividers
Umbrella holder
Adjustable shoulder strap
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain Golf Leather Cart Bag
100% premium leather
Four pockets
Adjustable shoulder strap
Stand Bag
Sun Mountain Golf Leather Stand Bag
Includes a nylon rainhood
Five pockets
Сarbon fiber legs
TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bags
Padded shoulder strap
4 zipper pocket
Umbrella holder

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How To Load Leather Golf Bag

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to get your woods. You have a set of golf clubs, you have your woods, you have your irons, and you have your putters. So the woods are typically going to be longer, right? So you take your woods out, take, pull out your wood, and then you’re going to put it typically if you’re carrying your bag, you want it furthest away from where you carry. So this would be the area that’s closest to where you’re carrying the bag. So you want to put your woods furthest away because you don’t want those knocking you in your head.

Second, we’re going to put in our irons. You don’t have to necessarily put them right next to the woods. You can put it over there if you want to, but my preference is to put them right next to that.

But next, and we’re not done. We have several different other things to do. We have different compartments right here. One of the accessories you have is gloves. And then also you have golf balls. Put them in the bag.

Video Tutorial: JRT Custom Golf Bags

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  1. 99% of the time I ride a cart, so I got a cart bag. Its awesome, loads of storage and very sturdy. If I’m walking I have a leather carry bag that’s lightweight (ish) but has less pockets for storage. TBH, I think anyone with a tour bag that’s a non tour player looks like a tool. They’re also huge.

    1. Hello, Hank! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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