5 Best Leather Golf Bags
5 Best Leather Golf Bags
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Piel Leather Golf Bag
Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag
Handmade in Colombia
Full grain leather
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain 2018
Аour full-length dividers
Umbrella holder
Adjustable shoulder strap
Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain Golf Leather Cart Bag
100% premium leather
Four pockets
Adjustable shoulder strap
Stand Bag
Sun Mountain Golf Leather Stand Bag
Includes a nylon rainhood
Five pockets
Сarbon fiber legs
TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bags
Padded shoulder strap
4 zipper pocket
Umbrella holder

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52.1% of users selected Piel Leather Golf Bag, 15.57% selected Sun Mountain, 4.79% selected Sun Mountain Black, 14.97% selected Stand Bag and 12.57% selected TOURBON. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A high-quality golf bag that is both waterproof and durable can make your life easier and more organized when you are on a golf course.

Leather golf bags make a useful gift for any players among friends and family at any time of year. But if you are challenged to buy the best bag for its price, the following review might help. A leather bag will become an irreplaceable accessory for any golfer. For instance, having it can make a lot of difference if you are playing in hot or cold weather.

Reasons to buy a leather golf bag:

  • Durability – a leather golf bag can serve you for many years;
  • Style – there are available classic and vintage designs, or more up-to-date styles;
  • Convenience – a golf bag has dividers to prevent the clubs from tangling inside;
  • Safety – the expensive golf gear will be protected from any damage;

Piel 9” Leather Deluxe – the best lightweight bag!

Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf BagProfessional golfers can transport their clubs in a stylish 9-inch natural leather bag by Piel. It is a handmade Colombian bag made of full-grain leather. The design is beneficial – it is a six-way polyethylene tube construction with 3-way full-length shaft dividers.

It has a fur lining soft to the touch. This bag is available in many colors.

Pros Cons
One-size bag Pricey
Lightweight – it weighs only 1 pound The leather has natural marks and spots
Smooth surface
Comes with a matching leather hood that can be detached
Great shoulder support

Besides the major compartments, this Piel leather golf bag has a 2-way ball pocket, large belly pocket, a small top pocket and an umbrella slot. It is a one-size, black-colored bag for transporting any clubs.

Sun Mountain Cart Bag – the best water-resistant golf bag!

Sun Mountain 2018This cart bag is a part of the new Canvas/Leather Collection by Sun Mountain. Besides a cart bag, you may buy a stand bag and matching headcovers. All pieces of the collections are made of premium leather and water-resistant DWR-coated materials. This 8-pound, 9-inch bag is great to carry different clubs.

Pros Cons
Budget-friendly Bulky
Includes a leather rainhood
Comfy handles
4 leather-wrapped full-length dividers
4 pockets (including a belly pocket)
Two-way zippers on the accessory pockets
Nice light cream color
Retro style

This cart bag can hold up to 14 clubs. The bag has unique lift-assist handles at the bottom and top to get it out of the golf cart.

Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag – the best for retro style!

Sun Mountain Golf Leather Cart BagSun Mountain golf cart bags are really affordable for beginners. It is hard to resist this stylish retro bag with a nice finish. Also, it has 4 full-length dividers preventing the clubs from tangling. A great gift for any person who likes golf.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Partially waterproof
100% premium cowhide leather
Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying
Lift-assist handles for a comfortable grip
4 velour-lined pockets (including a belly pocket)
Sealed seams
YKK zippers

Another Sun Mountain 9-inch cart bag is much lighter than most golf bags – it weighs only 5 pounds. Besides a few pockets, it includes a leather towel loop and an umbrella holder. This cart bag is promoted as an all-weather bag but, in fact, it is partially water-resistant.

Sun Mountain Stand Bag – the best for capacity!

Sun Mountain Golf Leather Stand BagBesides stylish and lightweight cart bags, Sum Mountain produces great stand bags. This roomy bag has 4 legs that can stand in any terrain. One of the main features is 9 dividers to keep the clubs in order. Thanks to the unique design, this bag will stand out in any green.

Pros Cons
4 retractable legs made of genuine carbon fiber The plastic top
Velour-lined pockets A rainhood is not included by default
Lift-assist handles at the bottom and top
A single adjustable shoulder strap
A leather hip pad

The Sun Mountain stand bag has 5 pockets including 3 accessory pockets, 1 clothing pocket and 2 large pockets inside. Also, it includes a leather towel loop and umbrella holder.

TOURBON Vintage Golf Bag – the best price!

TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry BagsIf you prefer to carry bags to stand/cart bags, the Tourbon Vintage golf bag can be a great choice. It is weather-resistant luggage made for outdoor activities. The bag has a rigid divider system. For the best price in the U.S. market, you may get a golf carry bag made of high-quality leather. It will be a great gift for any golfer.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Can fit only standard clubs
Many pockets It has only 2 dividers
Adjustable single shoulder strap with a pad for extra comfort
Convenient side handles
Club covers are made of top-notch canvas

The Tourbon carry bag can transport a full set of golf clubs. This budget-friendly travel case can serve as a golf bag. It includes many pockets: 1 major pocket, 4 zipper pockets and small pockets for keys or wallet. You may convent one pocket into a club cover. In addition to the carry bag, you will get a golf tee holder for 5 pieces and an umbrella holder.

The Buyer’s Guide

You can choose from so many great golf bags. But not all of them will be good for you. In some cases, lightweight and compact leather golf bags are much better than heavy bags. For instance, if the golf course where you practice is small, you don’t need to invest in a large bag. Check the recommendations about how to choose a golf bag.


There are 3 major types of leather golf bags:

  • Carry bags. If you don’t have plans to bring all your clubs to the course, a compact carry bag might be a great choice. Carry bags are the most lightweight bags for players. Despite the compact size, carry bags have enough storage to carry a few favorite clubs and balls. Most carry bags are carried on the shoulder. That is why they come with soft padding for the shoulder. In such a way, you will receive additional support when moving from one hole to another. The bag helps to prevent back pain;
  • Cart bags – used by golfers who drive carts on the golf course. Such bags are more massive and larger, they have more compartments and pockets. You will be able to pack a whole set of clubs, spare golf balls and tee. Golf cart bags are typically made of sturdy leather materials. Most of them have straps so you could wear them on the shoulder. If you seek good storage, cart bags can become very handy;
  • Staff bags are the largest and most durable bags. Thanks to staff bags, you may take the whole golf kit along. Professional golfers prefer using this type of bag because it can store numerous items. Most staff bags are expensive and they are made of top-notch leather materials. But they are also very heavy;


If you plan to use a golf bag for years and think of it as an investment, do not buy the bags made of cheap or faux leather. Purchase the leather bag made of sturdy leather material. The material of the golf bag should be strong to remain with you for years. Nylon, fabrics complemented with metal or plastic hardware are the common types for budget-friendly golf bags. However, if you are looking for a comfortable bag, consider natural leather as the major material.

Waterproof materials are also important if you like playing on a course, despite the weather conditions. Besides, waterproof golf bags can keep your electronic gadgets and clothes safe. The water-resistant feature will make the bag cost higher. If you don’t need this feature, you may save a few bucks. You may buy a cheap rainhood for your bag if it is not water-resistant.


Most of the top-rated golf bags are lightweight carry bags. They are small and portable. For instance, Callaway and Piel golf carry bags are extremely lightweight. The weight should be evenly distributed to prevent any shoulder or back traumas. Some vertical bags have detachable legs and the tripod stand. Also, weight distribution makes sure that the bag does not topple over and the items will be secured.

The average weight of the golf bag that includes 14 clubs may reach 30 pounds. Empty bags should weigh no more than 4 pounds. The number of accessories you pack in your golf bag adds the weight. If you prefer to walk a lot, use a carry or stand bag.


An ideal golf bag should have ergonomic straps to prevent your neck or back from getting hurt. Both carry and cart bags have strap options available with them. You should check the bag’s strap – it should have good padding for your shoulder. Thanks to such padding, your back won’t get hurt and you will be able to carry your golf clubs without taking a break.

Consider buying a bag that is good for both right and left-side carry. The ergonomic design means that the straps must be contoured. They must be easy to adjust. Cheap leather golf bags provide a single strap working like the dual strap. But such straps can make your movements limited. The strap should fit your height. 2-point connections on the strap are available in numerous bags – they are used for the strap’s adjustment.


Usually, a leather golf bag has 2 inner pockets, 1 big belly pocket and inner pockets with zippers. You can carry more accessories in a golf bag thanks to the pockets:

  • Umbrella
  • Bug spray
  • Tees
  • Gloves
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Gadgets

Expensive golf bags typically have many pockets – some of them can be waterproof. If you don’t have another smaller bag to place your mobile phone, charger or headphones inside, you might need to buy a golf cart with many pockets and compartments.

Club sliders and dividers

Club sliders or dividers inside a leather golf bag will help to keep the things organized, so you could place a full set of clubs. Usually, standard golf bags include 4-way dividers. Some models include up to 14-way dividers/sliders. Lightweight bags have one or two dividers.

How to carry a leather golf bag properly?

If you bought a carry bag instead of a large cart bag, you might want to learn how to carry it without hurting your back or neck:

  • Place the bag on the ground;
  • If you’re left-handed, put the bag on the right shoulder. If you are right-handed, place the strap on the left shoulder;
  • Grab the strap joint that connects the bag and raise the bag to your shoulder level. The thickest part of the belt with padding should lie on the shoulder.
  • Use the hand that is closer to the bag to push the clubs to the farthest part of the bag;
  • While walking, keep your hand on the heads of the clubs to prevent them from hitting each other. Or you buy the covers for clubheads;
  • With your other hand, you can balance the weight at the bottom of the golf bag;
  • The bag should hang directly behind your back;

How To Load Leather Golf Bag

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to get your woods. You have a set of golf clubs, you have your woods, you have your irons, and you have your putters. So the woods are typically going to be longer, right? So you take your woods out, take, pull out your wood, and then you’re going to put it typically if you’re carrying your bag, you want it furthest away from where you carry. So this would be the area that’s closest to where you’re carrying the bag. So you want to put your woods furthest away because you don’t want those knocking you in your head.

Second, we’re going to put in our irons. You don’t have to necessarily put them right next to the woods. You can put it over there if you want to, but my preference is to put them right next to that.

But next, and we’re not done. We have several different other things to do. We have different compartments right here. One of the accessories you have is gloves. And then also you have golf balls. Put them in the bag.

Video Tutorial: JRT Custom Golf Bags

Final thoughts

Buying a perfect golf bag is not exactly rocket science if you consider all the above-mentioned requirements. There are many top-rated ultra-light bags available for sale. Experts and professional athletes give recommendations about the brand’s leather golf bags. You can find out how to use them on the golf course.

Each model has unique features. Make your checklist of such features and purchase the leather golf bag that fully meets the requirements. Review every brand and model and only then make a final decision.

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  1. 99% of the time I ride a cart, so I got a cart bag. Its awesome, loads of storage and very sturdy. If I’m walking I have a leather carry bag that’s lightweight (ish) but has less pockets for storage. TBH, I think anyone with a tour bag that’s a non tour player looks like a tool. They’re also huge.

    1. Hello, Hank! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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