5 Best Leather Hiking Boots
5 Best Leather Hiking Boots
5 (100%) 11 vote[s]
Timberland Men Boots
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Columbia Men Boots
Leather, Mesh,Suede
Rubber sole
Merrell Moab 2
Merrell Men Boots
100% Suede Leather/Mesh
Synthetic sole
Molded nylon arch shank
KEEN Targhee II Mid
Nubuck Leather
Rubber sole
Columbia Women Boots
Leather, Nylon, Rubber
Rubber sole

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Hiking Boots

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71.43% of users selected Timberland, 14.29% selected Columbia Suede/Mesh, 7.14% selected Merrell Moab 2, 7.14% selected KEEN Targhee II Mid and 0% selected Columbia Nylon/Rubber. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

You’ll need to slide your feet into a pair of the best hiking boots in town if you’re trying to traverse an impossible mountain or just hit the trails this year. That may mean a fresh pair of Keen hiking boots or a fine selection of Columbia hiking boots for those wanting to go to the extreme. Anyway, good boots will keep the toes and feet off the pressure, leaving you a bit less vulnerable to foot pain and cramping.

In addition, good waterproofing can keep you comfortable, dry and healthy, all while enjoying outdoor trips. You might not be a world-beating explorer, but there’s no excuse why you can’t take advantage of the little comfort help that the best men’s hiking boots give.

Reasons to buy leather hiking boots:

  • Comfortable to wear for a few hours;
  • Premium quality that will last for years;
  • Soft and durable at the same time;
  • Water-resistant or even fully waterproof;
  • Lightweight;


Check out the best leather hiking boots according to the comparison table and buying guide in this review. 

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Boot – the best for the break-in period!

Timberland Mens White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle BootAround the ankle, this Timberland product is secure and well-padded. You will snug this boot up on the foot with four lower and two upper eyelets; neither of these eyelets, though, have a positive lock, which restricts the ability to change the fit.

Since a waterproof lining is missing in this product, it breathes very well for a complete leather boot.

The broad sole on the forefoot provides a great foundation. The securely padded collar feels fine, but the ankle does nothing to stabilize it. At the same speed, the somewhat close Hi-Tec Altitude offers improved ankle stabilization and foot support. This boot has a wide heel, and in uneven terrain, it is quite secure.

One of the powerful points of this hiking boot is outstanding grip on damp ground. Timberland’s patented rubber is soft and ages quicker.


  • No break-in period;
  • Stable;
  • Sealed seams;
  • Waterproof upper material;
  • Available in men’s and women’s models;
  • Free exchange for the correct size;


  • Not recommended for long walks;
  • Run small;

For those who hike regularly, and need a sturdy leather boot for work, planting, or gardening, this is a perfect option.

Columbia Men’s Newton Rige Plus Ii Boot – the best for the weight!

Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking BootFor long-lasting support, excellent cushioning, and high-energy return, the Newton Ridge Plus II boots provide lightweight, sturdy midsoles, as well as an improved traction rubber sole for slip-free travel on rugged terrain.

If you’re searching for a decent boot that comes in a pretty wide range of sizes (7-17), then this pair should be tried. In terms of fabric, they appear to have put in a little bit of both. For breathability, you have the warmth and safety of full grain leather, blended in with light suede.

For the exterior of the shoe, waterproofing is all very good. The laces tie tightly and if finished properly, do not slip about. The soles are adhesive and can handle gravel, dust, water and all other trail debris.


  • Available in many colors;
  • Mesh tongue for better breathability;
  • Good fit;
  • Variety of men’s sizes;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Sturdy rubber soles;
  • Warm;


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty uses;
  • The heel issues;

Such boots effortlessly blend toughness and comfort while being lightweight and flexible footwear at the same time. To avoid sliding, the improved traction outsole works really hard to tread grip in any environment. For impact absorption and high-energy return, the signature lightweight midsole offers long-lasting support and excellent cushioning.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Boot – the best for the flexibility!

Merrell Mens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking BootThe Merrell’s Moab II boots sound rooted but are fairly thin, quite convenient, and at $100 are one of the best prices on the market. With a padded collar and tongue, a sturdy footbed, and enough versatility to lead you straight to the trail, it’s completely comfortable right out of the pack.

As the miles add up the extra cushioning gives the shoe a personalized feel that potentially adds to the outstanding comfort during long trail days.

For the Merrell Moab 2, one of the most significant improvements is the inclusion of two silicon bands incorporated into the upper material that extends along the inside and outside of the foot lengthwise. These bands are meant to have more structure and decrease the chance of turning an ankle.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Breathable mesh lining;
  • Foam tongue for keeping moisture out;
  • Rubber toe caps for protection;
  • Flexible;
  • Lightweight;
  • Refined insoles;
  • Ankle protection;


  • Hard to clean;
  • Not fully waterproof;
  • Not good for technical terrain;

The main customers of the Moab 2 are day hikers, and the shoe promises moderate comfort and assistance as a result. With a few months of usage, the Moab can hold up pretty well in terms of durability. The mesh along the upper material is a possible drawback to consider.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Boot– the best for the traction!

KEEN Mens Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking BootThe Keen waterproof hiking boot provides your feet with four-wheel-drive efficiency. It’s built to hold the feet dry to make them breathe and bite through the terrain with the aggressive outsole. Ankle support is added by the mid-cut height.

For a comfortable ride, the ESS shank offers torsional stabilization, while the mid-cut height improves the protection of the ankle across canyons and over mountain tops.

This boot covers the foot in comfortable comfort, from the cushy dual-density insole to the ankle collar. The rigid protective rubber in the front prevents the risk of stubbed toes, and without creating pain or foot exhaustion, the thick sole with shank insert treats rocky terrain and jagged rocks.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Waterproof;
  • High-traction grip;
  • Good ankle support;
  • Regular and wide fit;


  • Heavy;
  • Average stability;
  • Poor breathability;
  • Lacks durability;

The Targhee II Mid can be a solid option if you don’t own a lot of money to spare and want to head out on the trails. When traversing all sorts of ground, you should be sure, as the patented outsole of Keen offers exceptional transactions on almost any form of rock.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Boot– the best for the price!

Columbia Womens Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot,The Newton Ridge Plus Amped boots for women by Columbia are one of the most common pairs of hiking boots for women and extremely comfortable. They are constructed with a fashionable mixture of mesh and leather that has been made completely waterproof until being given a stylish suede finish.

In a high-quality mid-range hiking boot, they give everything you might wish for a convenient and lightweight build, waterproof and breathable finish, nice outsoles for rubber grip and a supportive midsole.


  • Affordable;
  • Comfortable;
  • Secure fit;
  • Adjustable lace-up closure;
  • Many colors and sizes;
  • Waterproof;


  • Heavy;</li
  • Lacks breathability;</li
  • The underfoot support could be better;</li >

These boots are suitable for outdoor lovers who enjoy hiking all year long, be it in rain, snow, or sunlight. They fall in easily and are perfect for or if you’re transitioning into hiking for shorter hikes. They come at an outstanding price as well.

Buyer’s Guide

Types of leather hiking boots:

  • Low-cut boots have more flexible midsoles. They are mostly recommended for day hikers;
  • Day hiking boots may do just fine for the short trips. Their break-in time is average but still such boots are inexpensive and durable;
  • Backpacking boots are recommended for heavy loads and long trips. Mostly, these are expensive and high-cut boots;


Materials do matter because they affect the boots’ breathability, waterproofness and durability. When it comes to leather hiking boots, it is essential to pay attention to such materials: 

  • Full-grain leather is durable and water-resistant;
  • Suede looks stylish and nice but lacks waterproofness;
  • Nubuck leather resembles suede. This material is well-known for flexibility and sturdy construction. It needs a break-in period;
  • Split-grain cowhide leather combined with nylon mesh delivers lightweight boots. However, it is less resistant to water and tear;
  • Vegan leather is good for the user who doesn’t want to wear any boots made with animal ingredients. Mostly, vegan leather is polyester. It is lighter than real leather but less durable;


Hiking boots are much more durable and heavy, unlike running shoes or footwear. Lightweight shoes are ideal for mobility, stability and comfort which are the main factors for hikers. It’s doubtful that for less than 3.5 pounds you’ll get a sturdy pair of men’s hiking boots, and there are several explanations for this. The additional insulation, padding and cross-stitching used in the hiking boot design and development will increase the weight of the finished product, but these elements are necessary.

For day trips and quick carrying, lightweight hiking boots are fine, whereas mid-weight choices are great for hiking and camping trips. The heavier, the better for the real, multi-day distance hikers among us. You will require some weight and stamina on your hand whether you’re coming into the rugged ground or hauling a big load.


Where running shoes are highly dependent on the stability and bounce cushioning, hiking boots need structure and safety cushioning. It may be risky to run or hike on uneven or rough ground, sometimes contributing to ankle accidents and worries. On a walk, the last concern you want is to injure yourself and have to be evacuated from a dangerous situation. With a significant amount of protection and cushioning, it helps to search for a nice pair of hiking boots.

Fit and size

It’s a matchmaking method to pick the best hiking footwear. You need to synchronize your perfect hiking boots with how and where you’re hiking. However before you tie the knot, you have to be sure they’re a perfect fit, too.

Everywhere, hiking boots can match snug, close nowhere and give room to wiggle your toes. At the end of the day after the feet swell) and with the socks you plan to wear, try them on.

Know your boot size. With a specially calibrated fit device/app, it is best to get your foot’s length, width and arch length evaluated. Foot volume, as another key to a good fit, must be evaluated at a store by a specialist.

Through the brand’s sizing maps, you may even test your foot length in order to find your height. Later, double-check the duration by removing the insoles from the boots and standing on them the amount of space between the tallest toe and the end of the insole should be a thumb.

At the end of the day, try on sneakers. During the day’s events, the feet usually swell a little and would be at their greatest then. This allows you to stop purchasing boots that are so tight.

Tips for users of leather hiking boots: 

  • Socks do matter. The thickness of the familiar socks should match your use of hiking boots. When on the trail, it is better to stick to synthetic socks rather than cotton. Because cotton socks may cause you to blister faster;
  • Before a long trip, spend time in the new boots;
  • When buying online, choose the brand that you’ve already worn. Because respectable brands use the same foot models over time and the fit stays similar to the size;
  • The lacing system also matters. If you feel uncomfortable, lace the boots in a different way;

How To Choose The Right Leather Hiking Boots

The first thing is environmental. What kind of conditions will you be hiking in? Are you going to the desert? Are you going to the mountains? Do you need good toe protection? Do you need protection from cold water, cold weather? Do you need protection from rain and snow? Is it going to be hot? Are your feet going to be really sweaty? All of these things go into the decision.

And then another factor in the decision-making process is how much weight in planning on carrying? So if you’re carrying a heavy load, you want to minimize the risk of an ankle injury by wearing a higher ankle supported boot. The Timberland boots are an excellent boot that you can wear in a lot of different places, including the Jordan trail and beyond. And this was an excellent pair of boots for a warm climate, but there are lots of good points to breathe through here. So that was super awesome.

If you are going in and out of the water, you need to be taking something lightweight like a trail runner. It drains water, instead of being a big boot that’s going to be wet and just hold onto that water for long periods, and you’re going to just be lugging around heavy wet boots. So if you’re doing a river corridor or something like that, choosing a lightweight trail runner is an awesome option.

You have almost no toe protection. You have almost no ankle support. The good thing is is that it’s breathable, your feet feel nice and free, but if you’re ever doing more than say five or six miles, something like this or akin or something similar in the sandal realm of the world is just not going to be that great for your feet. It leaves you exposed and you’re more likely to have, if not an injury, a blister, at least a hotspot or something like that.

There are of course many brands out there and many different styles of the boot, and what you like is ultimately up to you. The biggest thing is going to be comforted, what is going to be good not only at mile one on the trail but what’s going to be good at mile 15, mile 30, mile 50 because hiking and backpacking are accumulative so what may be fine in the trailhead is not good later on. So you want to be taking the precautions to protect your feet no matter what.

And also, if you are getting into some four-season or winter backpacking, it’s really important to have some insulation in your footwear.

So if you’re a novice backpacker and you’re going to the store, whatever it is, your local backpacking store, RAI or something like that, one of the things that is important to do in your decision for the footwear that you do, not only do you need to feel what’s comfortable in the store, you need to actually take them out and test them. So before you actually go on a backpacking trip, recommended putting in at least five miles straight with a pack on, with some weight on your feet and actually see what it’s like, because it’s definitely different when you’re carrying a heavy load, and you’ve gotten a lot of miles in than when you’ve just walked around two aisles of the store.

Video Tutorial: How To Oil Leather Hiking Boots

Final thoughts

Consider the size, weight and materials of all the parts before buying leather hiking boots. This guide aims at helping you to find the best pair for your mountain trips and travel. Most of all, you should feel comfortable in your boots.

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  1. You haven’t tried leather hiking boots until you have tried Columbia. Rubber sole that is comfortable and durable like no other, waterproof so you can go fishing and the whole thing looks great. With proper care, they can last for years and years to come.

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