5 Best Leather Hiking Boots
5 Best Leather Hiking Boots
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Timberland Men Boots
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Columbia Men Boots
Leather, Mesh,Suede
Rubber sole
Merrell Moab 2
Merrell Men Boots
100% Suede Leather/Mesh
Synthetic sole
Molded nylon arch shank
KEEN Targhee II Mid
Nubuck Leather
Rubber sole
Columbia Women Boots
Leather, Nylon, Rubber
Rubber sole

Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Right Leather Hiking Boots

The first thing is environmental. What kind of conditions will you be hiking in? Are you going to the desert? Are you going to the mountains? Do you need good toe protection? Do you need protection from cold water, cold weather? Do you need protection from rain and snow? Is it going to be hot? Are your feet going to be really sweaty? All of these things go into the decision.

And then another factor in the decision-making process is how much weight in planning on carrying? So if you’re carrying a heavy load, you want to minimize the risk of an ankle injury by wearing a higher ankle supported boot. The Timberland boots are an excellent boot that you can wear in a lot of different places, including the Jordan trail and beyond. And this was an excellent pair of boots for a warm climate, but there are lots of good points to breathe through here. So that was super awesome.

If you are going in and out of the water, you need to be taking something lightweight like a trail runner. It drains water, instead of being a big boot that’s going to be wet and just hold onto that water for long periods, and you’re going to just be lugging around heavy wet boots. So if you’re doing a river corridor or something like that, choosing a lightweight trail runner is an awesome option.

You have almost no toe protection. You have almost no ankle support. The good thing is is that it’s breathable, your feet feel nice and free, but if you’re ever doing more than say five or six miles, something like this or akin or something similar in the sandal realm of the world is just not going to be that great for your feet. It leaves you exposed and you’re more likely to have, if not an injury, a blister, at least a hotspot or something like that.

There are of course many brands out there and many different styles of the boot, and what you like is ultimately up to you. The biggest thing is going to be comforted, what is going to be good not only at mile one on the trail but what’s going to be good at mile 15, mile 30, mile 50 because hiking and backpacking are accumulative so what may be fine in the trailhead is not good later on. So you want to be taking the precautions to protect your feet no matter what.

And also, if you are getting into some four-season or winter backpacking, it’s really important to have some insulation in your footwear.

So if you’re a novice backpacker and you’re going to the store, whatever it is, your local backpacking store, RAI or something like that, one of the things that is important to do in your decision for the footwear that you do, not only do you need to feel what’s comfortable in the store, you need to actually take them out and test them. So before you actually go on a backpacking trip, recommended putting in at least five miles straight with a pack on, with some weight on your feet and actually see what it’s like, because it’s definitely different when you’re carrying a heavy load, and you’ve gotten a lot of miles in than when you’ve just walked around two aisles of the store.

Video Tutorial: How To Oil Leather Hiking Boots

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