V-Tex Leatherette
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Who doesn’t want to appear fresh and modern on the outside of their Volkswagen, so what about the inside? If you want your vehicle to look stunning inside out, take advantage of these handy tips and tricks about how to keep the interior of your Volkswagen clean and in perfect condition.

A Volkswagen’s leather seating is typically made of a specific kind of leather compound that was made specifically with Volkswagen drivers in mind. The look and sound of leather exude V-Tex leatherette thus having more durability and needing less maintenance at a fraction of the price of genuine leather. The leatherette seating may be washed easily as spills can’t absorb as quickly into the cloth.

V-Tex is a form of synthetic leather and gets its name from the leatherette seats. Without the extra price tag, V-Tex seats offer some of the finest quality of leather. Many car owners choose V-Tex fabric with virtually the same look as leather and the feel of the combination with fabric/leather materials.

Also, V-Tex leather is built for quick washing. Stains on fabric seating are easy to obtain, and it’s more challenging to try to clean them until they’ve dried. Cleaning crumbs or a slight splash of ketchup from the leather seats is far smoother.

V-Tex leatherette vs leather

Is synthetic leather as V-tex safer for the environment, if compared to genuine leather? To put it simply, no, since synthetic leather can be classified as environmentally sustainable, but the manufacturing methods used are not so environmentally friendly.

Leatherette seats last less because fake leather is very difficult to fix, unlike natural leather seats. Natural leather can be quickly restored several times without damaging the leather at all, increasing its existence with perfect protection.

As leatherette is known, plastic seats are a much colder type of vinyl covering, not as soft and glamorous as real leather. V-Tex may suffer from rotting, rendering it impossible to perform maintenance, ensuring seats must be patched more often than authentic leather seats.

Despite all these factors, V-Tex is a type of synthetic leather with certain qualities that are not present when it comes to natural leather. Those who love their leatherette seats, can enjoy the soft to the touch fabric. Most customers claim they don’t have to worry about choosing between V-Tex leatherette and genuine leather because both options are quite useful in different situations. 

No surprise, the good scent that always accompanies leather is difficult to reproduce, and those drivers who really know the look and feel of leather can prefer genuine leather seats. However, some can love the low-cost alternative offered by the V-Tex leatherette. Leatherette, however, appears to be more sturdy and needs less maintenance, while leather that is well cared for may also provide a long and stable existence. In fact, everything comes down to personal choice. Thankfully, in order to satisfy the desires and budgets of all VW drivers, Volkswagen provides all choices in different vehicles. 


In several trims of a number of Volkswagen models, such as the 2016 Jetta and 2016 Tiguan, you may find standard V-Tex leatherette. For example, in your 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, few items are as associated with automobile comfort as the V-Tex leatherette interior.

Also, you may find this material in classic 2017 Volkswagen vehicles:

  • Beetle (including Convertible);
  • Golf Alltrack;
  • Jetta;
  • Golf;
  • Passat;
  • CC;
  • E-Golf;
  • Tiguan;
  • Touareg;
  • Golf SportWagen;

The Volkswagen lineup for 2017 is based on creating genuine value. At the expense of an inexpensive sedan, the V-Tex leatherette seating helps provide car shoppers with the perks of a luxury-style interior.

The first trim to have leatherette seating is the R-Line Jetta interior, but it includes a special treatment once again. The Jetta R-line has an interior of titan black and storm gray that is engaging, sleek, and severe.

The Volkswagen V-Tex leatherette captures the texture of leather without the expense and renders it a great addition to the 2019 Jetta R-Line with a little more versatility.

Benefits of V-Tex:

  • Easy to clean;
  • Quite sturdy;
  • Looks like a premium leather material;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Tear-resistant;

When the kids spill grape juice in the back seat, V-Tex upholstery is more convenient than fabric and is simpler to disinfect. You can appreciate a luxury look with the leather interior in your VW and sound that combines with a good leather scent. A higher resale value is an external leather benefit that is counterbalanced by additional repair criteria and a higher dealer price.

Volkswagen V-Tex, a man-made synthetic leather material, offers the look and sound of luxury leather without the extra cost. You will discover a sturdy interior that can survive hours of punishment from your children when you choose the 2018 Volkswagen Golf with V-Tex upholstery. With a quality look and sound that is impossible to discern from rubber, add this versatility and you can appreciate the best of all worlds. For a more accessible price tag, the ideal middle ground for cotton and leather is the V-Tex leatherette.

Not only does this material look unbelievably identical to natural leather, but it is far more affordable as well. Because of this, in many of the trim choices, most VW automobiles have this seating material as a standard upholstery option. V-Tex leatherette looks like a premium leather type, but without the premium price. Most vehicle owners can’t even tell the difference between V-Tex and natural leather seats. 

The V-Tex material is an exceptionally high-quality material that is only produced with superior craftsmanship. This leatherette is not only high-quality but still stands up exceptionally well for wearing and scratching, much more than leather. V-Tex isn’t going to wear as quickly and it’s therefore much better to maintain and keep tidy. The material actually appears better and is simpler to hold tidy relative to fabric seating.

Care and maintenance

Here is how you should clean V-Tex seats in your VW car: 

  • Pick and dip the soft rag in the soapy water. Make sure to suck out the towel’s extra moisture;
  • Clean the seats carefully, taking special caution to get into the holes and surfaces that are tough to access;
  • Dunk the rag in clean water after you’ve washed it with soapy water;
  • Squeeze and repeat the procedure to get rid of any soap odor;
  • Take a fresh cloth piece to rinse the wet places and get the work finished;
  • To maintain the nice smell and look, make sure to use special leather care agents including 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer per 6 months;

What you should not do when taking care of V-Tex leatherette upholstery: 

  • On your seats, avoid the usage of a rough bristled brush because it will scratch the leatherette material;
  • Never use sharp objects inside the car, as the leather may be punctured by instruments such as pocket knives or pens. Permanent damage is possible;
  • Don’t cause your leatherette seats to fade from the UV light. To maintain the sunrays impacting the learner’s seat, use a sunshade while parking outdoors;

Final thoughts

The quality and feel of V-Tex leatherette seating more resemble cloth than genuine leather, which is a positive thing for many people. With the inclusion of V-Tex leatherette seating choices at lower trim packages, Volkswagen proceeds to provide SUV customers with a greater degree of comfort at a more reasonable price.

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