5 Best Leather Ballet Flats
5 Best Leather Ballet Flats
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Lucky Brand
Lucky Brand Women
Flexible TPR outsole
Synthetic sole
Fabric or leather upper
Xielong Women
Rubber sole
With breathable arch
Nine West
Nine West Women
100% Leather
Cow Fur
Synthetic sole
Eldof Women
Patent Leather Pumps
Rubber sole
Heel Hight 1 cm
Lucky Brand
Kunsto Women
Rubber sole
Soft leather insole

My youngest daughter is really into ballet so I buy her the required clothes and gear from time to time. Ballet flats are her favorite footwear these days and not just for practice. Thanks to my wife, I found out that ballet flats are quite popular among women of all ages for everyday wear, in spring and summer. Also, now I know that some craftsmen who work with leather make ballet flats of natural and synthetic cowhide skin.

Women’s ballet shoes are versatile. Externally, these are closed soft shoes on a flat sole or small heel, designed for everyday use.

There are different types of ballets flats:

  1. Classic flats are laconic models with minimal decor or its complete absence in black and white or pastel colors. Classical ballet flats are comfortable, made from soft materials. They present a neutral style;
  2. Premium ballet shoes are generously decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins, the most extravagant models have cat or mouse ears. You can wear them with dresses, gowns, trouser suits, skirts, and sundresses;
  3. You can go anywhere in sports ballet flats, they have a well-bending sole and soft upperparts. They keep feet from sweating or getting cold;

How to choose ballet flats made of genuine leather?

When choosing ballet flats, first of all, look at the material of the top and the sole’s flexibility. Most often, such shoes are made of soft leather, sometimes craftsmen choose suede or synthetic leather. The best option is to buy ballet flats made of leather. This material has excellent wear resistance and durability properties.

Look for leather ballet flats that do not soar in hot weather (especially the models with perforated inserts) and, at the same time, they can warm your feet in cold evenings. In addition, they tend to fit the legs, exactly repeating the shape of the feet.

The only drawback of genuine leather ballet flats is their price. However, you can ask a craftsman to make such flats or try making them on your own.

The sole structure is important. The main requirement for the sole is flexibility and durability. Most often, it is made of polyurethane – elastic, durable material with good shock-absorbing properties. Do not choose ballet flats with too flat soles – otherwise, you will feel all pebbles on the road.

The size matters. It is important to choose the right size for ballet flats: a leather pair should fully fit the feet (the leather can stretch). In such a way, you can avoid the risk of ballet flats flying off your feet. When choosing the ballet shoes in an online store, measure the insole length of the most comfortable shoes that you wear, and buy the pair with an identical insole length.

Leather-Toolkits.Com chose the top 5 best leather ballet flats:

  1. Lucky Brand shoes have flexible TPR outsoles made of synthetic material. The upper part is made of leather;
  2. Xielong flats are made of leather, with rubber soles and breathable arches;
  3. Nine West manufactures awesome 100% leather shoes along with cow fur and synthetic soles;
  4. Eldof flats have a heel height of 1 cm, with rubber soles;
  5. Lucky Brand manufactures leather flats with rubber soles and soft leather insoles;

Interesting Video: Chanel black ballet flats

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  1. Well done Steve for such a nice leather ballet flat review! I like black as well as brown as these have always been my favorites naturally.

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