5 Best Leather Cat Collars
5 Best Leather Cat Collars
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CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar
Fit 9"-11" cat
Elastic strap
KOOLTAIL Velvet Safety Elastic Belt Rhinestones Crystal Jeweled Cat Collars
8-10.5" adjustable size
Velvet PU leather
PUPTECK 2 PCS Soft Leather Cat Kitten Collar-Orange
From 8.7"- 10.6"
PU leather
Kitty Planet
Kitty Planet Outlaw Black Studded Leather Safety Cat Collar
For an 9 - 12" neck
Safety Breakaway Design
Black leather + studs
BRONZEDOG Cat Collar with Bell Safety Rolled Leather Collars
For an 8" - 10" neck
Genuine leather
Elastic strap

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How many cats have you noticed with collars? Not all owners believe that a cat should have belongings. A cat living in a house should shout from afar that it has an owner and that it is domestic. Some cat breeders believe that only dogs need a collar. We believe you buy a collar for animals only because you can fasten a leash to it and walk the dog on the street. And if you have a cat, then you don’t need to walk it, she can handle it herself. And some cats live in an apartment and see the street only through the window. They do not need such an accessory as a collar. Many owners are mistaken in this, because cats, like dogs, need such an attribute as a leather collar.

Collars serve several important functions. Undoubtedly, the first to use this for beauty and to show that the animal has a master. Collars are also distinguished by their functionality. We use some for medicinal purposes, to hide the address, and much more.

Finding a good collar is difficult. First, you need to understand why you are buying such an accessory.

Why does a cat need a collar?

Cats are susceptible to danger, they are shy. If you buy a walking collar, you can rest easy. The cat will not run away or get lost. If this happens and your pet gets lost, then the collar will help. There are many models of leather collars in which it provides a keychain or a capsule with an address of residence.

The decision to buy a leather collar for a cat may arise because:

  • Aggressive animals become softer and more obedient when wearing a collar;
  • The collar can have a capsule or keychain with an address;
  • The collar can have a search tracker;
  • The collar can protect the cat from parasites.

But how to understand which collar to buy and what to look for when choosing one model we have already mentioned. Make your choice as carefully as possible. This is where a review of the 5 best leather collars for cats will help you.

CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar –the best for cats with 9-11 inch circumference

CollarDirect Leather Cat CollarA handmade cat collar is made of genuine leather. It has an elastic strap and a bell for cats. The color of the bell may vary.

The collar provides the pet with comfort to wear and at the same time emphasizes its style. The owner can choose one of 12 collar colors.


  • Practical and unpretentious in care;
  • Made of high-quality genuine leather – soft, durable, and comfortable to wear;
  • Collar total length of 12 “;
  • 12 colors are available;
  • These leather collars for both adult cats and kittens.


  • The bell can annoy. 

It is equipped with durable carbon-coated metal hardware for longer collar life. This cat collar has a classic design and deep rich color help to highlight the character of the pet and its style. With a bell, thanks to which you can easily find the cat and have an idea of ​​where it is. They equipped the cat collar with an elastic strap to increase the safety of the pet during active games in the trees or at home among the furniture.

KOOLTAIL Purple Velvet Safety Elastic Belt Rhinestones Crystal Jeweled Cat Collars with Bell – the best for crystal design

KOOLTAIL Velvet Safety Elastic Belt Rhinestones Crystal Jeweled Cat CollarsThe collar should be as comfortable as possible for your pet and take into account all of its characteristics. This is exactly what the velveteen PU leather collar with rhinestones is.

It is suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes because it has an 8-10.5″ adjustable size. It combines convenience and ease of use due to elastic and bell. Even if your pet loves to climb trees, you will not be scared if he gets caught on a branch.


  • Crystal design;
  • Simplicity and convenience;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Elastic and bell;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Reasonable price.


  • The hair of the animal in the neck area can become tangled;
  • Not suitable for those who don’t like bell noise.

A high-quality metal fastener and elastic band allow you to adjust the length of the accessory as accurately as possible for each pet individually. A ringing bell, iridescent rhinestones, and bright colors will give your pet its style and personality.

PUPTECK 2 PCS Soft Leather Cat Kitten Collar – the best for universal size

PUPTECK 2 PCS Soft Leather Cat Kitten Collar-Orange

Some leather cat collar sizes are suitable for both small and large cats and small and medium-sized dogs. This stylish collar is made of soft genuine leather. High-quality leather and durable carbon-coated hardware guarantee a long service life.

These fittings are very wear-resistant and durable; their warranty period is more than 20 years. The collar is safe during active games on the trees. This product is available in six colors: black and khaki, orange and purple, pink, and blue.


  • Metal fittings
  • High-quality genuine leather
  • All collars are rich in color
  • Collar available in 2XS size
  • Reasonable price
  • Pack of two. There are two collars of a different type.


  • There is no elastic strap.

A leather collar for cats is characterized by a long service life, strength, and safety for animal health. You can be completely confident in its reliability. This accessory can be used for daily walking of the cat along with a leash or tape measure. It also could be as an accessory for daily carrying if your pet does not leave your house or apartment. 

Kitty Planet Outlaw Black Studded Leather Safety Cat Collar – the best for safety design

Kitty Planet Outlaw Black Studded Leather Safety Cat CollarThe collar with studs belongs to the line of leather ammunition made of high-quality genuine leather, soft and elastic. Thanks to these properties, it fits comfortably on the cat’s neck, does not rub the skin, and does not crush the coat.

This collar has a stylish and expensive appearance. High-quality metal fittings do not rust or deform during use.


  • Safety design;
  • Metal studs;
  • Reasonable price
  • Hot and touch style.


  • The number of colors is limited.

Despite the softness, the leather is strong enough, and the design of the products is reliable. The collar is decorated with metal rivets and looks very stylish. Metal fittings are of high quality and reliable. The clasp perfectly fixes the collar around the pet’s neck.

BRONZEDOG Cat Collar with Bell – the best for elastic strap

BRONZEDOG Cat Collar with Bell Safety Rolled Leather CollarsThis cat collar is made of soft genuine leather. It looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry but is durable and moisture resistant. The collar is very practical and reliable, so it is perfect for everyday use.

Genuine leather is environmentally friendly and durable, and with careful use, it can serve for a long time. It is equipped with a durable fastener for length adjustment. The built-in elastic strap makes the collar safe for the cat – if a curious posse manages to catch on the collar, he can easily get out of it.

This leather collar model is available in six vibrant colors so that you can choose a collar in which your pet will be almost irresistible.


  • Beautiful, stylish, and safe;
  • Durable, wear-resistant, and comfortable;
  • Made of soft genuine leather;
  • Reasonable price
  • Equipped with a beautiful bell;
  • Has a quality clasp;
  • Easily adjustable in length.


  • The bell is not loud but can be annoying if the pet is too active.

This is a classic leather cat collar for everyday wear. Such a product made of leather is a good choice for calm cats. It is also beneficial for rolled genuine leather, carbon plated metal buckle, bright jingle bell on carbon plated metal D-ring. This accessory is also suitable for long-haired cats, as it is made of leather. The material from which the collar is made does not stick to the hair of the animal and does not cling to them. The rolled leather is fairly narrow so your pet’s hair won’t get matted under the collar.

Buyer’s Guide


Security. When buying a collar, think about safety first. A cat is not a dog and will not walk constantly under your supervision. Cats love to climb trees, fences, bushes. The collar must be elastic. If your cat gets caught on something, the collar should stretch in a certain place and allow her to free herself. Do not buy collars without this elastic insert because the animal may suffocate.


Most cat collars that can be purchased are in standard sizes. Select the collar so that its fastener has a length adjustment system. These collars are easy to adjust to fit your pet’s neck. If you decide to buy a collar without such a system, then before going to the store, take a measuring tape and take measurements yourself. Do not forget that the animal will grow up and the size of its neck will increase, so leave a little extra so that you can unbutton the fastener later.


A beautiful collar must be safe, combine quality material and functionality. A collar with soft edges will be much more comfortable. He will not rub the animal’s neck. If you take a collar with sharp edges, then wounds may appear on the neck, the hair will crumple into lumps or even fall out.


This is worth paying attention to because now collars can be made of synthetic and natural materials. Of course, natural materials are best. Your pet may have an allergic reaction to synthetics and materials containing plastics. Among the most comfortable, we recommend choosing leather collars for cats. Such material as leather is worn very well, it does not crack for a long time and does not rub the skin of the animal. Genuine leather has water-resistant qualities, the wool under it will not stray into lumps.

Buckle design

When buying a collar, see how easy it is to open and close the lock. The lock should be easy to use and not cause discomfort to your pet.

Video Tutorial: From cat collar to kitten collar, with breakaway buckle

Final Verdict

We buy a collar not only to make the cat look attractive and well-groomed. They make modern collars multifunctional. They add a tracker for tracking an animal, a special anti-suffocation system, and also impregnate with protective substances from parasites. There are a lot of models and materials from which they make collars, and sometimes it is very difficult to make the right choice. If your animal walks uncontrollably down the street, then he just needs this accessory. If you decide among all the models to choose the one that is sewn from genuine leather or leatherette, then do not spare money to buy and do not buy a fake.

Steve Coltharp
Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. Had a leather cat collar from CollarDirect and it recently gave up so I need to get another one. I’m happy with this brand but was also looking around to see what other ones I can find and get. Right now, I think I’ll stay with my CollarDirect as it’s the most simple and nice looking.

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