5 Best Leather Cat Collars
5 Best Leather Cat Collars
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CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar
Fit 9"-11" cat
Elastic strap
KOOLTAIL Velvet Safety Elastic Belt Rhinestones Crystal Jeweled Cat Collars
8-10.5" adjustable size
Velvet PU leather
PUPTECK 2 PCS Soft Leather Cat Kitten Collar-Orange
From 8.7"- 10.6"
PU leather
Kitty Planet
Kitty Planet Outlaw Black Studded Leather Safety Cat Collar
For an 9 - 12" neck
Safety Breakaway Design
Black leather + studs
BRONZEDOG Cat Collar with Bell Safety Rolled Leather Collars
For an 8" - 10" neck
Genuine leather
Elastic strap

Buyer’s Guide

The two most important things to consider when you’re picking a collar for your kitten is its functionality and whether or not it’s safe. Safety is something people forget when they’re choosing a collar. One of the things that cats need is a quick-release collar, so if they’re going inside and outside and climbing things if they should climb something and get stuck, that collar should release. Otherwise, your kitten is at risk for hanging it itself, and nobody wants to find that.

The other thing a cat needs on their collar is a tag. What’s the point of having a collar if you don’t have your name and your phone number on it? So many cats get brought into our hospital, and they have a collar, which is great, but we have no way to contact their owners once we find them. And who knows if they ever get picked up at the shelter. So, if you’re going to put a collar on your cat, please, please put a tag on it.

The other thing you want to make sure is that the collar fits because if it goes on their head and comes right off, there’s no point. If you’re thinking about other collars for your cat, such as a flea collar, there are a lot of varieties out there, a lot of different brands, based on where you live, a lot of flea collars don’t actually work. You can go ahead and try it. It may depend on your region of the country on whether or not it’s going to be effective, and they don’t work so hot. Plus, if your cat’s out climbing trees, no flea collar is going to be a quick release.

Video Tutorial: From cat collar to kitten collar, with breakaway buckle

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