10 Best Leather Work Gloves
10 Best Leather Work Gloves
4.7 (94.74%) 19 vote[s]
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Made in the USA
Keep the dirt out
Hemmed cuff
OZERO Working Glove
Made in the USA
Genuine grain cowhide
Shrink Resistant
Vellux Lined Gloves
Made in the USA
Keep the dirt out
Hemmed cuff
Wells Lamont Gloves
100% grain cowhide
Elastic wrist
Driver Work Glove
100% Genuine Leather
100% Polyester
Pull On closure
HydraHyde Gloves
Water-resistant leather
Adjustable wrist
Carhartt Work Gloves
100% Genuine Leather
100% Polyester
Pull On closure
Cowhide Work Gloves
Comfortable & flexible
High-quality genuine
Quality Warranty
Olson deepak gloves
100% Genuine Leather
Lightweight and soft
Sweat-absorbent well
CLC Work Gloves
100% Genuine Leather
Custom Leathercraft
Split cowhide leather

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather Work Gloves

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69.93% of users selected Buffalo Leather Gloves, 11% selected OZERO Working Glove, 2.93% selected Vellux Lined Gloves, 8.07% selected Wells Lamont Gloves and 8.07% selected Driver Work Glove. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

We’ve put the most revered leather work gloves to the test. We’ve discovered a collection of gloves that deserve more than a round of applause. We give two thumbs-up to these hardworking hand coverings. Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, or avid DIYer, you’ll find finger-waving freedom in the following options. Now, let’s stop the silly puns and dig into our workplace favorites.

American-Made Buffalo Leather Gloves – Editor’s Choice

Buffalo Leather Work GlovesThese gorgeous leather work gloves are made from pure American bison hide. The leather is gathered at the wrists to prevent dirt and debris from entering. What’s more, they boast keystone thumbs and hemmed cuffs.

These gloves enable you to maintain maximum flexibility without exposing your skin. There’s no lining, just a soft, flexible leather exterior.

Pros Cons
Made in America Expensive
Bison leather
Chocolate brown exterior
Keystone thumb
Hemmed cuff
Unlined leather

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves – Best Cowhide Work Gloves

OZERO Working GloveThese next gloves are made from premium American-made cowhide. The leather is thick, soft, and flexible. What’s more, it is resistant to abrasions, punctures, pulls, and tears. The wrist is gathered around a stretchy elastic.

What’s more, there is a leather patch over the palm for extra protection. The addition of a keystone thumb and Gunn cut make this glove more comfortable and flexible. On top of that, the gloves are liner-free for improved movement and better sweat absorption.

Pros Cons
Full-grain cowhide leather Thickness varies between sets
Sewn in elastic wrist
Gunn cut and keystone thumb
Unlined leather
Made in America
1 to 1.2 millimeters thick
Palm patch

American Made Buffalo Leather Vellux Lined Work Gloves – Best Lined Work Gloves

Vellux Lined GlovesWhile raw leather has its perks, plush liners help workers fend off cold temperatures. That’s why we cannot live without these Vellux-lined buffalo leather work gloves. These gloves have all the essential elements of a desirable work glove, including keystone thumbs, hemmed cuffs, and gathered elastic wristbands.

They feel fabulous on your hands and offer enough flexibility for precision jobs.

Pros Cons
Vellux liner Not suitable for warm weather
Ideal for cold leather
Keystone thumb
Hemmed cuff
Gathered at the wrist
Made in America
Genuine bison leather
Maximum dexterity

Wells Lamont Premium Leather Work Gloves – Most Budget-Friendly Work Glove

Wells Lamont GlovesYou can score a pair of these premium cowhide gloves for just over $10. Don’t let the low price deter you; these gloves are suitable for a range of intense activities. They feature a puncture-resistant exterior with padded palm covers. The design includes a Gunn cut and a keystone thumb.

There’s no lining to limit the movement of your fingers. Just pop your hands in and let the elastic wristband do the rest of the work.

Pros Cons
Made from genuine cowhide Only available in large and extra-large
Soft, sweat-absorbing interior
Gunn cut
Keystone thumb
Flexible fingers
Palm pad
Low price

Carhartt Men’s Insulated System 5 Driver Work Glove – Best Insulated Leather Driving Gloves

Wells Lamont GlovesThese System 5 driving gloves offer warmth and comfort for long stints behind the steering wheel. Whether you’re an Uber driver or a delivery man, you will be able to appreciate the improved look and feel of these finger protectors.

An elastic band serves as a pull-on closure that keeps dirt, debris, and cold air out of the gloves’ crevices. What’s more, Thinsulate insulation keeps your fingers warm on cold winter days.

Pros Cons
Insulated for winter temperatures Sizes run small
Thinsulate lining Tag sticks out
Reputable brand
Genuine black leather exterior
Rugged eterior
Elastic wrist

Men’s HydraHyde Leather Work Gloves – Best Waterproof Leather Work Gloves

Men's HydraHyde Leather Work GlovesDo you have a job that is both tedious and wet? If so, then these HydraHyde leather work gloves may be a good fit for you. They are made from water-resistant with a durable sewn-on cuff and wrist closure. We love that these gloves come in accurate sizes. If anything, they run a bit big.

While the waterproofing element tends to wear off after a while, it can be reinforced with a bit of mink oil or other leather conditioners. Overall, these gloves will keep your hands in good repair.

Pros Cons
Waterproof leather Leaks after a short period
Suitable for a wide range of jobs Sharp logo
Adjustable wrist band
Leather wrist patch
Roomy fit

Carhartt Men’s System 5 Work Glove with Safety Cuff – Best Safety Cuff

Carhartt Men's Grain Leather Work GloveHere we have a hearty men’s work glove that’s built for the most intense situations. The shell is constructed from premium cow leather. As if that piece were not sturdy enough, it is also reinforced with a combination of synthetic leather and genuine cowhide palm and knuckle patches.

The gloves also have a durable safety cuff that helps to prevent superficial wrist injuries. We found these gloves to be perfect for yard work and construction. They give the Carhartt name a good reputation.

Pros Cons
Genuine leather Contains some synthetic materials
Polyester lining
Pull-on closure
Can be hand washed
Cotton duck
Synthetic leather palm
Suede cowhide palm patches
System 5 leather knuckle protection

Leather Cowhide Work Gloves – Best Palm Patches

Cowhide Work GlovesWe love the look and feel of these genuine full-grain cowhide gloves. The hide is incredibly soft and flexible. Nevertheless, the gloves can resist deep punctures and abrasions. We’d recommend these gloves for everything from DIY projects to industrial jobs.

The gloves’ Gunn cuts and keystone thumbs enable workers to preserve their natural flexibility. Of course, the icing on the cake is the premium cowhide palm patch. This patch is located right where you need it. It ensures that the softest, most vulnerable part of your hand is protected at all times.

Pros Cons
Made from genuine cowhide
Abrasion and puncture resistant
Reinforced palm
Gunn cut and keystone thumb
Many uses
Unconditional warranty
Accurate sizes

OLSON DEEPAK Sheepskin Leather Gloves – Best Sheepskin Gloves

Cowhide Work GlovesWhy dabble in run-of-the-mill cowhides when you could have your very own pair of sheepskin leather gloves? These sheepskin work gloves are thin, flexible, and soft. While it takes a bit of time to break the gloves in properly, they virtually meld themselves to your hands after a few wears.

We’d recommend using these for outdoor tasks, construction projects, and the likes. They are guaranteed to fend off blisters and sores. So, toss a pair in your work bag and call it day!

Pros Cons
Genuine sheepskin Thin
0.7 to 0.8 millimeters thick
Super soft and flexible
Absorbs sweat
Snug fit
Available in several sizes
Elastic wrist
90-day return policy

CLC Custom Leathercraft 2055L Split Cowhide Work Gloves – Least Expensive Work Gloves

CLC Work GlovesThese may not be the most durable leather gloves on our list, but they are the least expensive. If you’re doing light gardening or housework, you cannot go wrong with an $8 pair of these split cowhide work gloves. They’re soft, reasonably flexible, and roomy.

A keystone thumb ensures that you have plenty of flexibility and gripping power. What’s more, the gloves’ elastic wrist prevents dirt and debris from gathering inside it. You can even hand wash them when they get too filthy. In our humble opinion, every homeowner should have a pair or two of these on hand.

Pros Cons
Split cowhide leather Wear out easily
Shirred wrist Imported
Leather binding
Keystone thumb

Buyer’s Guide

Never take shortcuts when selecting work gloves. These safety accessories protect some of your most valuable assets. Leather is the ultimate workplace material. It’s aesthetically pleasing, practical, and strong. Just think, men survived for millions of years with nothing but leather to protect them from the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a stone wall, doing yard work, or performing farm chores. Leather work gloves offer unrivaled protection.


Don’t settle on the first pair of leather gloves you come across. Consider your material options. Premium leather gloves are made from full-grain leathers and animal hides. The leather may come from a cow, sheep, or bison.

You may be able to determine the quality of leather by its country of origin Places such as Europe and the United States have stricter leather processing requirements.

What’s more, some leathers, such as full-grain, are more durable and water-resistant. When choosing a work glove, always opt for the strongest leather option that falls within your spending limits.

Pay attention to how your glove leather was processed. Most leathers go through an intense tanning process that involves chemicals. Some of these chemicals are toxic. As such, choose a leather that is sourced and tanned safely and sustainably.

Bison leather, calfskin, and sheepskin are just a few popular alternatives to traditional cowhide. Many people seek out unique leathers because of their aesthetics, texture, or durability.


Some of the most overlooked elements of leather gloves are their seams. Nevertheless, the most durable glove is of little use if it falls apart at the joints. If you need a glove that can withstand harsh movements, abrasions, and punctures, opt for leather with double seams. If you’re working around fires or intense heat, a fire-resistant material may be necessary. If your work puts you in moist conditions, tight, waterproof seams are a must.


Another important leather glove consideration is cut. Most workers prefer the feel of traditional Gunn cut gloves. Gunn cut gloves feature wide, overarching palms and seamless backs. The middle fingers are made from two separate pieces of leather. This design provides workers with ample flexibility. This freedom is particularly important when it comes to full-grain leathers.

It’s also important to pay attention to the design of the thumbs. Whenever possible, opt for a work glove with a keystone thumb. Keystone thumbs are sewn on to the mainframe of gloves. As such, they offer workers maximum flexibility when they need it most.


Some workplaces require extra protections. If you work in an industry that is especially taxing, be on the lookout for palm and knuckle reinforcements. Some manufacturers use additional layers of leather. Meanwhile, others add pieces of synthetic padding. Padding reinforces the most susceptible parts of the hands.


Some leather work gloves boast linings. These may be used to insulate or comfort the hands. If you intend to use your leather work gloves in cold weather, a plush yet flexible lining will serve you well. Lining may also be used to provide an additional protective layer in case of cuts or punctures. While leather is incredibly durable, it is not completely impervious.

Waterproof and heat-resistant liners may also be added to the exterior of leather gloves.

Additional Elements to Look For

While comfort and aesthetics are pivotal, protection is the number one consideration when it comes to leather work gloves. We recommend looking for gloves with protective cuffs that extend beyond the base of the hands. We’re talking about gloves that provide full-on wrist and forearm protection. You won’t regret it. If you’re working in extreme conditions, a safety cuff may also be essential to your well being. A safety cuff enables wearers to remove their gloves without the use of an additional extremity.

While you’re at it, be on the lookout for gloves with an adequate closure system. In most cases, a built-in elastic band and bunched leather will prevent dirt and debris from entering our glove. However, and adjustable, lockable strap may be necessary for more extreme conditions.

Video Tutorial: Making a Leather Work Gloves

Final Thoughts

It’s been a pleasure reviewing the top leather work gloves. These premium leather hand covers serve to protect and reinforce your fingers during hardcore work sessions. If you’re having trouble choosing just one, give the American-made buffalo leather work gloves a try. These soft, supple sheaths will leave your fingers feeling well-protected yet free to move.

Of course, the American-made cowhide work gloves are yet another dependable option for individuals on a tight budget. In truth, you really cannot go wrong by choosing one of the options above! Enjoy the rich aesthetics and valuable protection provided by any of these animal hide accessories!

Hello, my name is Steve and I’m an author of the blog “Leather Toolkits“. The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. Let your hobby grow into something more and make this world brighter! Hope, in this blog you will find answers to all of your questions.

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  1. The OZERO Working Gloves are personally my favorite gloves to bring to work. I currently work in construction and have had a pair ever since I begun. I must say that they last great and I haven’t had an issue with them in over a year. I definitely recommend checking them out!

    1. Hello, Kenneth! Thanks for the comment. Good choice!

    2. I agree Kenneth the OZERO Working Gloves have been my favorite for years! They’re the perfect solution for the working man. I also have had them for a while now, and there is no sign of any wear and tear.

  2. Honestly Steve, your blog has helped me in so many ways. It’s a great source of reliable recommendations, but I must say I have more leather products than I’ve ever had before. Thanks for all the time and effort that goes into these posts.

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