5 Best Leather Sleeper Sofas
5 Best Leather Sleeper Sofas
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DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed
Multifunctional piece
Best Choice
Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed
Faux Leather
Converts into a Bed
Rivet Top-Grain Leather Sofa
Top-grain Leather
Solid hardwood frame
Rivet Kaden Mid-Century Modern Adjustable Headrest Leather Loveseat Sofa
Grain Leather
A headrest adjustset
Walsunny Modern Faux Leather Couch, Futon Sofa
Artificial Leather
Converts into a Bed

This review is dedicated to picking the best leather sleeper sofas of supreme quality. My wife and I did thorough research and found a few nice models in this category. The results of our tests and research were compiled into this review for Leather-Toolkits.Com. Make sure to read our recommendations before buying a nice leather sleeper sofa.

Benefits of a leather sleeper sofa

In addition to solid appearance, leather upholstery for sleeper sofas has numerous practical qualities. Benefits of using sleeper sofas made of genuine leather:

  • the durability of such upholstery (its service life is twice as long as synthetic materials, and all thanks to its density and natural origins);
  • there is no static charge on the surface (leather does not electrify, does not react to synthetic fabrics);
  • pleasant tactile sensations (natural leather has a soft, supple surface where roughness or smoothness are mixed);

Personally, I’d like sitting on a leather sofa because its surface breathes. The microclimate is getting better with such a couch in a bedroom or living room. This kind of furniture offers the surface that it is not too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Besides, leather sofas are hypoallergenic and completely safe for kids and pets. Also, leather won’t gather dust or animal dander, making it a perfect choice for people with any breathing problems.

You can keep the leather aroma in a room for a very long period. You may polish a sleeper sofa made of genuine leather with special products or oils that give a thin, pleasant scent to the furniture. Eventually, the room will be soaked with this noble scent, rather than a musty, stale upholstery of old fabric couches.

Criteria of the best leather for sleeper sofas

Make sure to check the premium quality of leather sleeper sofas:

  • Quality leather does not warp. Try to sit down for a few minutes on a sofa and then stand up quickly. Good leather won’t stretch instantly;
  • Check if the leather upholstery breathes. Put a hand to it. Premium leather heats up quickly with the hand’s heat. Low-quality material will remain cold;
  • Dense sutures are an indicator of the leather quality. The sutures should be even and dense, without overlapping. Stitches should be almost invisible. If the holes from the needle job are noticeable, the material can be stretched in these places or damaged;

Top 5 best leather sleeper sofas: personal preferences

  1. DHP couch is made of polyurethane, a.k.a. faux leather. It is a really multifunctional piece;
  2. Best Choice offers a nice faux leather sleeper sofa that may be converted into a bed;
  3. Rivet sleeper sofa is made of natural top-grain leather. It has a solid hardwood frame and impressive size;
  4. Rivet is another grain leather sofa with a headrest adjustment set;
  5. Walsunny produces awesome, middle-sized sleeper sofas converting into a bed. Artificial leather is the major material;

In addition, I’d like to recommend watching an interesting video about the best designs of leather sleeper sofas. Also, I encourage you to subscribe – you will get notifications about new reviews and updates. Make sure to leave comments and your opinion about the content on Leather-Toolkits.com.

Interesting Video: The Most Comfortable Leather Sleeper Sofa Design Ideas

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