5 Best Leather iPad Mini Cases
5 Best Leather iPad Mini Cases
4.3 (86.67%) 12 vote[s]
Fintie iPad Mini/Mini 2 / Mini 3 Case
PU Leather
Auto Sleep/Wake Feature
Smart holder for stylus/pen
JETech Case for Apple iPad Mini
Made with PU+PC
Auto Sleep/Wake Feature
Slim/light design
Ztotop iPad Mini 1/2/3 Case
Synthetic leather
Auto Sleep/Wake Feature
Functional Elastic Strap
iPad Mini Case, Mini 2 & 3 Case
Synthetic leather
Auto Sleep/Wake Feature
Adjustable angles
iPad Mini Case, Mini 2/3 Case
Synthetic leather
Magnetic Closure Design
4 card holders

Choose the Best Leather iPad Mini Case

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Leather iPad Mini Cases

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77.19% of users selected Fintie, 12.28% selected JETech, 3.51% selected Ztotop, 3.51% selected Dteck and 3.51% selected Dteck Blue. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

I did research, and according to the opinion of many experts, the first accessory usually bought by the owners of iPad Mini tablets is a case or cover. A top-notch accessory can help to protect your gadget from scratches and damage, but may also add to its functionality and decorate the look.

How to pick an iPad Mini case?

And here comes the most important question: how to choose a quality case for iPad Mini gadgets, the price of which will not be huge? In the following review, I’d like to name 3 things to look for in a case for iPad Mini tablets:

  • Quality;
  • Many functions;
  • Style and design;

First and foremost, each case, regardless of its additional functions and look, must protect the gadget from mechanical damage. Therefore, the case should fully fit the iPad Mini tablet in size – the case should fit tightly around the device, but not squeeze at the sides, and not fall out.

All holes in a case must match the connectors on the device – headphones, speaker, charger, power button and volume control. If any of these points do not work, look for another case. Now you know how to pick up a case for iPad online, without any professional guidance.

Benefits of buying iPad Mini cases made of genuine leather

Leather cases for iPad are the most common, as they have a few undeniable advantages. First of all, it offers a nice look. Accessories made of leather look dignified and emphasize the status of the owner. Secondly, both genuine and synthetic leather types are very wear-resistant material. A leather case will be an indispensable assistant for any tablet for a very long time.

Leather is good for making any models – pads, and coasters, classic covers, and smart accessories.

I would recommend buying classic cases looking like book covers. On part of such an accessory is attached to the back cover of the device, and the second part serves as a screen cover. Such an iPad Mini cover is usually equipped with magnetic closures, which not only allow for a tighter fit to the display but also help to support the desired height and tilt. This type of covers is easy to use, does not weigh the gadget and does not thicken it, and at the same time reliably protects. Not surprisingly, it is the most popular case type among iPad Mini owners.

Personal picks of 5 leather iPad Mini cases:

  1. Fintie case is made of PU leather, with the smart option of auto sleep/wake functions;
  2. JETech is a very durable iPad case made of PU+PC leather combination;
  3. Ztotop is a great pick if you search for cheap and smart cases made of synthetic leather. It also has a functional elastic strap;
  4. Dteck is another synthetic leather accessory, with adjustable angles and auto sleep/wake features;
  5. Dteck offers another cheap but durable case with a convenient magnetic closure design;

I hope that this review will be enough for you to decide on the model of an iPad Mini case of leather. But, if you still have questions about how to choose a case for your iPad Mini leather case – leave a request and I will do my best to help you with your choice on any leather accessories and tools.

Interesting Video: iPad Mini Case – Bear Motion

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  1. I have a Finter leather ipad mini case and I like it very much. I think it will last a long time and love the feel of it. My wife on the other hand has a Dteck made from synthetic leather. It’s her choice and she loves it. It’s not bad but for me Finter is unbeatable.

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