5 Best Leather iPad Air Cases
5 Best Leather iPad Air Cases
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FYY Leather Case with Apple Pencil Holder
PU leather
Interior card slots
Built-in magnetic strip
icarercase Vintage Series Leather Folio Flip Magnetic Latch Kickstand Case
Сowhide Leather
Full degree protection
Precise Cutouts
Apple Smart Case for iPad Air
Auto Sleep/Wake
Foldable cover design
New S-Tech Black and Tan Apple iPad Air 2 Soft Leather
Auto Sleep/Wake
Front wallet pocket
Two raised rails
iPad Air 2 Vintage Brown BOOK Type Leather Case Flip Cover
PU leather
Auto Sleep/Wake
Hands-Free Stand Design

iPad Air tablets are quite popular so many leather craftsmen tend to make cases for them. I consider myself a sort of expert in this niche because I was making iPad cases of leather for sale and they had certain success among my regular clients. So, taking into account years of my experience and personal tests, I wrote this review about picking the best leather iPad Air cases.

Reasons to buy an iPad Air case made of genuine leather

I think that undoubtedly iPad Air cases should be made of genuine leather.

What are the advantages of such an accessory made of natural material? First of all, you should pay attention to the material’s durability. Natural leather is very wear-resistant, thanks to which a DIY or manufactured iPad case will last a long time, maintaining its original appearance.

A tablet case made of genuine leather will not lose its shape or burn out in the sun.

In addition, the leather case for iPads has the best possible damping capabilities. If you accidentally manage to drop the device on the floor, the leather cover will soften the impact force, distributing it evenly on its surface.

A leather cover can be fixed on the device in different ways: with the help of clips located on the accessory’s sides, or via a special buckle on the cover’s surface.

Another advantage of a genuine leather accessory is a nice, smooth texture. The natural structure of the material reduces the risk of your iPad slipping onto the floor which may cause damage (cracks, abrasions, dents, scratches).

The leather iPad Air case’s frame and lining also matter!

A case can be equipped with different types of frame serving as the foundation of the accessory, which supports its shape. There are several materials used for making the case’s frame:

  • polycarbonate;
  • metallic;

This type of frame is particularly strong, fixing the device firmly in the case. There are a few companies or craftsmen who produce the tablet cases and covers made of genuine leather in a hardened steel frame.

Also, pay attention to the case’s lining. Opt for the accessories that have nice soft linings made of suede or Velcro. It should be stitched well.

Different designs of leather iPad Air cases

The most convenient format is a leaflet case. If you want, this case can be quickly turned into stand-up support for an iPad. Thanks to the choice of viewing angle, you can enjoy your favorite movies and reading fascinating books, without a necessity for holding the device in hands. A leaflet case for an iPad tablet can be equipped with the Smart Cover function, which means that when you close a cover, the sleep mode is activated that saves energy of your tablet’s battery.

Top 3 best leather iPad Air cases, according to tests and research:

  1. FYY is made of PU leather, with interior card slots. It has a built-in magnetic strip;
  2. Icarercase is another great case made of cowhide leather, with the full-degree protection and precise cutouts;
  3. S-Tech is a case with the Smart Cover function that turns on/off the auto sleep or wake mode. It has a convenient front wallet pocket and 2 raised rails;

As usual, I’ve attached the video tutorial about making a saddleback leather iPad Air 2 case. I read all comments and try to consider the opinion and requests made by every regular reader of this website. I encourage you to subscribe and leave feedback about iPad Air cases made of genuine leather. I post new reviews regularly, so, please, subscribe and follow the updates!

Video Tutorial: Saddleback Leather iPad Air 2 case

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