5 Best Leather iPad Pro Cases
5 Best Leather iPad Pro Cases
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ProCase iPad Pro 12.9 2017/2015 Case
Premium Leather
Magnetic Closure
Full access to all Features
ZtotopCase for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2017/2015
Synthetic leather
Auto wake & sleep feature
Multiple slots
Apple Leather Smart Cover (for iPad Pro 10.5-inch) - Black
Fine Leather
Different Positions
Automatically wakes iPad
iPad Pro 12.9 Case 2018 Genuine Leather
Corner protection
New S-Tech Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Black
Sleep/Wake Feature Case
Document wallet
Stylus Pen Loop

My old case for the iPad Pro tablet became a complete wreck. That is why I had two choices – to make a new case of leather myself or buy a DIY cover for an iPad Pro tablet from other talented craftsmen. Anyway, a few things must be considered when you pick leather for tablet and smartphone cases.

Pros of using leather iPad Pro cases

A leather tablet case is a really necessary accessory that will reliably protect the screen from scratches and damage. You can carry it everywhere with you, not being afraid of an iPad Pro to become dirty or damaged. With such a case you won’t mix the tablet with other things in a big bag and add extra pressure to the screen.

Soft velvet-like leather, stylish laconic design, universal coloring, and a convenient clasp – such a leather iPad Pro case can be a great gift for the fans of gadgets and fashion accessories, respectable business people and elegant business women.

Important advice: never take an accessory or leather for a DIY case that is for some reason already scratched. It may seem to you that this scratch is insignificant and will not bother you but this can be a sign of bad or synthetic leather.

What leather iPad Pro cases I recommend:

  • ProCase is a great premium leather accessory, with a magnetic closure and smart features;
  • ZtotopCase item is made of synthetic leather, with Auto-wake and sleep mode;
  • CUVR is a cowhide leather case, with Auto-sleep function and corner protection;
  • S-Tech is a very stylish leather case for iPad Pro tablet, with the special document wallet and stylus pen loop;

Pick a leather cover for your iPad Pro tablet that can perfectly protect the device from most types of damage. If a case has metal plates, it may protect the device from possible scratches when transporting it in a bag.

Never buy a cover a few millimeters smaller than your tablet’s parameters. Even a couple of millimeters can cause further deformation of leather iPad Pro cases. Moreover, there is nothing worse than deformed natural leather.

Also, remember that any genuine leather case requires a shoe polish product. The main thing is not to apply and leave it, but to clean with it. A colorless cream is the best pick for taking care after genuine leather cases for iPad Pro tablets.

Video Tutorial: How It’s Made iPad Pro Leather Case Review

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  1. The first step everyone should consider after buying an iPad is to buy the leather iPad pro case. Additionally, you can follow the given video if you are interested in making one for yourself.

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