5 Best Leather iPhone X Cases
5 Best Leather iPhone X Cases
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iPhone X Red Leather Case – Premium Leather iPhone X Case
Premium Vegan Leather
360° full cover
Good with Wireless Charge
Apple iPhone X
for iPhone Xs Brown Leather Case, for iPhone X Case
Synthetic leather
X/XS cases
Ultra Slim Fit
Apple iPhone X Leather Case
European Leather
Machined aluminum buttons
Microfiber Lining
iPhone X Leather Case, Jisoncase for Apple iPhone X Genuine Leather
Natural Leather
Not Bulky
Microfiber Lining
Maxboost Wallet Case Designed for Apple iPhone Xs (2018)/ iPhone X (2017)
PU Leather
3 card slots
Magnetic Lock Design

iPhone X is a very popular gadget these days, despite the release of a newer device by Apple. So, people tend to use iPhone X smartphones because of their elegant design and back panel made of glass. To emphasize its stylish look and protect from dirt/scratches, owners of these smartphones choose iPhone X cases and covers. One of my friends is a leather craftsman who makes such covers for different smartphones. He gave me a few hints and expert advice about choosing leather iPhone X cases.

Benefits of picking leather iPhone X cases:

  • It’s easy to care for natural leather: you just need to wipe the cover with a cloth sometimes to get rid of dust;
  • Style. They do not argue about tastes, but leather always looks graceful;
  • Tactile sensations are incredible – touching soft leather is nice;

A good leather iPhone X case is a stylish, comfortable and beautiful accessory. In addition, genuine leather is ideal for keeping the smartphone safe. It is quite durable. A leather case may protect any portable gadget from high humidity.

Top 3 best leather iPhone X cases, according to the expert opinion:

  • CIVPOWER case is made of premium vegan leather. It is a 360-degree full cover, with the wireless charge option;
  • Natural leather JISONCASE cases are not bulky at all. It has a nice microfiber lining;
  • Maxboost covers and cases have 3 slots, with a magnetic lock design. They are made of PU leather;

How to take care after leather iPhone X cases?

Taking care after leather cases for iPhone X smartphones is very simple. It is enough to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth so that it does not dust or become dirty. It is better to remove stains or spills from leather cases immediately. In no case you should wash or wet the natural leather – it may get cracks that are impossible to remove.

What makes a premium leather iPhone X case?

When choosing a leather iPhone case, you should pay attention to the material’s quality. Genuine leather has many features to look for.

So, for example, poorly made leather cases tend to peel off, and if you rub poorly colored material with a damp handkerchief, the paint will remain on it. In addition, if you damp the natural leather with water, it absorbs liquid and darkens, but poor quality material has the same color.

Then simply take a case and hold it a bit – genuine leather covers will become warm from holding with bare hands. While faux leather cases won’t heat up from warmth.

Also, when choosing a cover, you should pay close attention to the quality of seams. A high-quality iPhone X leather case should have the stitches that are the same along the entire frame. The thickness and quality of threads should fully correspond to the thickness of leather and its appearance.

Video Tutorial: Apple iPhone X Leather Case – Review

I hope my recommendations will be useful to you. Choose the best leather iPhone X cases and share the images in the comments below this review. From time to time, I update and add new reviews, so you may subscribe to this website.

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