5 Best Leather Ski Gloves
5 Best Leather Ski Gloves
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Tough Outdoors
The Slugger Ski & Snowboard Glove
Touch compatible
Synthetic leather
MCTi Ski Gloves Winter Waterproof
Windproof and Waterproof
3D curved fingers
OZERO Winter Ski Snow Gloves Mitten Windproof
Windproof and Waterproof
Cowhide Leather
Hestra Mens Ski Fall Line Winter Cold Weather Leather Glove
Polyester lining
Velcro Closure
Cowhide Leather
Hestra Ski Army
Hestra Ski Gloves
Windproof and Waterproof

Buyer’s Guide

How To Wash Leather Ski Gloves

We often get the question, how to wash my gloves? Actually, can I wash them? If yes, which detergent should I use? In this review, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to. Never wash leather gloves or gloves with leather parts.

You can use a specific leather cream and a spray for the inside of the gloves. You can wash gloves without leather parts, but it’s important to take a few things into account. Always use a specific detergent. Regular detergents can damage the coating and they can also affect the breathability and what a repellent ability. Make sure there are no detergent or fabric softener residues in the washing machine. We advise to run the washing machine when empty on one cycle first, so you know it’s clean inside.

You can hand wash your gloves or use the machine, but place them in the mesh bag first. Don’t turn them inside out. Wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees and the gentlest cycle. Once washed, hang them from the fingertips or put them upright down on a tower and drying rack to dry. This way, the water doesn’t collect inside the fingers. If you wash a glass regularly, you also need to impregnate them again.

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  1. The liner comes out on the BD mainly for drying. Removable liners sometimes/not always get stuck to wet hands and twisted or pulled inside out a bit. I’ve read reviews that the BD’s do that a bit but have not tried them myself. I’ve used the Marmot’s extensively on a snowmobile in Alaska. Mostly easy trail riding. The Marmots are a great, durable glove, offer decent dexterity for a cold weather glove and warm except for in super cold weather…-35 etc. (I also have hand warmer grips and wind guards). I like the non-removable liner because I have to stop and take my hands in and out of the gloves a lot. Don’t want to deal with a liner potentially coming out or getting twisted. If it gets to cold I throw thin liner inside and it helps but it seems clear the BD’s are warmer. 1) Deciding factors…how warm do you want the glove? 2) Want a removable liner?

    1. Hello, Bill! Great info, thanks for sharing, and I agree 100 percent about the convenience of not having a liner – I mostly use the marmots while snowmobiling for this fact, and that my hands haven’t been cold enough to need anything warmer.

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